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Win a copy of Lullaby Baby

How would you like to Win a copy of Lullaby Baby CD?

Lullaby Baby

Lullaby Baby is a collaboration between BAFTA award winning director and father of two, Dan Smith and UK based Singer-songwriter Martha Bean with a mixture of well known songs, Instrumentals and some new ones written by Martha Bean who is also the singer on the album.

Use the CD to create a calming environment as part of your bedtime routine

Isabelle is five now and although she is a very early riser, we have only really had an okay sleep pattern for nearly a year now.

Isabelle has been a terrible sleeper from the word go with many a night spent without a wink of sleep. We tried everything from rocking her, driving her around taking her out in her pram, but the second you put her down she would be awake and crying.

This wasn’t just at night, but during the day she didn’t like to be put down even for a second. Getting dressed to the sound of a screaming baby makes you move fast.

At the start I was more than happy to sit with her in my arms gazing into her eyes, but even the most adoring mum needs to have bathroom breaks, to eat and do other normal things without a baby in their arms.

I thought I’d solved my problem with the use of a baby sling, but I found this exacerbated my neck pain that I’d been suffering from for years previously.

My sanity was saved by humming!

As odd as it sounds it kept me level when I needed to put her down and she would scream so much that her little face would almost turn purple. I would hum songs that I liked or just the sound of the latest adverts. You may laugh but it kept me going.

As she got a little bit older (still very much a newborn) she was pacified by noises that I made and her eyes would follow me around the room. This was slightly easier, but she never gave me long.

As well as the humming keeping me sane, I think she became quite accustomed to the songs that I hummed and was more than content to stare up at me whilst I hummed away.

We moved on from humming to singing and she came to recognise simple songs such as Twinkle Twinkle and Row Row Row your Boat. As long as she could find me and hear me she would allow me to put her down just for a while to get things done such as prepare dinner or eat my lunch.

Most of the songs that I sung to her were songs I knew from my own childhood, and other newer ones were learnt from the Mother and Baby Groups that we attended.

Isabelle is five now and singing and listening to music plays a big part in her life. She loves to sing and dance, and loves to learn and listen to new songs, especially if they have actions with them.

We were sent a copy of Lullaby Baby to review and Isabelle was very eager to put the CD into her own CD player with microphone to sing along.  There were songs on the CD that we recognised straight away and a few that we hadn’t hear before. She was singing along merrily which I had recorded but on playing it back her microphone was omitting a pretty bad sound so I won’t subject you to that. I will try and catch her again, but she tends to show off in front of the camera which isn’t always so pleasant lol.

Isabelle had been a bit poorly and was off school a couple of weeks ago. We’d had a day of watching a bit of TV and her drifting in and out of sleep, but she needed to just lie down and rest so I put the CD on and she sat there and listened. She sang along a little bit, but then decided to curl up and hum along to the songs.

Here she is chillin and listening.

I think she really enjoyed it and it seemed to calm her down before bedtime which can be a testing time sometimes.

Lullaby Baby

We’ve listened to the CD quite a few times now and it’s really nice to put on when she’s doing something quiet like colouring or just before dinner.

This CD would have been great when she was a baby and I probably would have used it in the car as well.

You can download ‘Lullaby Baby’ on iTunes by searching for ‘Nursery Rhymes 123’ as well as other download sites.

Here’s a clip of ‘You are my Sunshine” on their YouTube channel or pop over to Spotify for a listen.

For your chance to Win a copy a copy of the Lullaby Baby CD fill in the Rafflecopter Form. Keep up to date by visiting or their Facebook Page.

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Good luck and don’t forget to pop over to for a spot of shopping x

*Please note that we were sent a copy of Lullaby Baby free of charge for the purpose of review. The writing of the post and opinion are that of my own. 

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