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It’s the End of the Road!

It’s the End of the Road!

Many of you will know that alongside the blog I run an online shop selling Funky Baby Clothes.

My journey started in May 2007 so very nearly ten years ago.

I started with £250 in my business account, set up my very first make yourself website and secured my first wholesaler.

And waited for the magic to happen.

Waited for the millions of customers to come flooding my way to buy my carefully selected items.

Ha ha how green was I thinking that it was that simple.

I joined my first forum and virtually mingled with likeminded people and gained much insight into the online buying/selling world.

It’s far from being an easy option, but the online community and the support that came with it kept my passion alive.

Each customer that bought from me and sent messages about the items that they bought from me gave me ever growing confidence.

I’m far from being a natural saleswoman but I loved the items that I sold and carefully selected items that I would buy and dress my own children in, making sure that it was good quality and practical for dressing a new baby in.

Over the years I’ve attended shows and local markets to which Chris has chauffeured me to. I would say ungrumbling but there was lots of grumbling.

I’ve made mistakes aplenty but I enjoyed what I did.

It never felt like work.

After lots of thinking time I’ve decided to close the doors on the online shop, but it’s not goodbye.

This blog which was originally started to compliment and boost traffic to my website has become the thing that I love.

Sharing the crafts and cooking that I do at home as well as the days out in the South West is what I like to do.

I knew it was the right decision to close the shop when it started to get in the way of my blogging and the traffic started to plummet as I wasn’t really paying attention any more.

To all of you that have bought from me over the years I would like to say a mahoosive Thank You and hope that you stick with me on my blogging journey.

Keep an eye on the Facebook Page as I will be starting a Closing Down Sale so there will be lots of bargains to be had.

I feel sad but excited of what will come next.

Lisa x


Jelly Babe Organics are off!

Jelly Babe Organics are off to New York.

Caroline, the founder of Jelly Babe Organics is off over the water so grab some gorgeous Organic Cotton Babywear at reduced prices whilst you can!


Reasons to buy Organic Cotton Babywear

Babies skin is thinner than an adults skin making it more absorbant for pesticides and chemicals used in conventional cotton growing.

Organically grown cotton can be washed up to 100 times before the quality is affected compared to conventionally grown cotton which may start to breakdown once it has been washed 10 – 20 times.

As Organic Cotton does not contain any pesticides it is thought to be much better for babies who are prone to skin conditions such as eczema.

Better for the environment.

Whilst the cost of organic clothing may be higher at purchase, the longevity of the clothing means saving in the long run.

If that isn’t enough reasons to buy Organic Babywear then check out the reduced prices of our Jelly Babe Organics range!




We wish the Jelly Babe Organics gang a fond farewell, but in the meantime come and grab a bargain.

Lisa x


£5.00 Hat sale at

£5.00 Hat Sale for a limited time only

How’s your summer so far? Looking for the perfect hat to keep your little one’s head protected whilst looking totally stylish then have a look at our £5.00 Hat Sale.


The sun has made a few appearances over the last few weeks, but nothing to write home about so far. However, on sunny days it is advisable to keep precious little heads covered to prevent sun burn and sun stroke.

The wide brimmed hats also give eyes and ears added protection as well as looking super cute.

Many of our Summer Hats are reversible and can be worn in and out of the water, perfect for beach days out with UV filters making them the perfect choice for your baby or toddler.

As well as the Summer Hats we have a selection of Slouchy Beanie Hats left from Rattletat and some beautiful Newborn Hats from GoumiKids.

I’m not going to tell you the end date of this offer so you’d better pop over to the site sharpish so that you don’t miss out.

Don’t forget to tell your friends about this offer so that they can get in on the action.

Lisa x

Healthy Kids Snacks – Blueberry Yoghurt Bites

Healthy Kids Snacks – Blueberry Yoghurt Bites


Blueberry Yoghurt Bites.

With a  five year old and a seventeen year old we have to keep the fridge and cupboards full of ready to eat snacks. They both get bored of the same stuff day in day out so after a quick look around Pinterest I found a recipe for Blueberry Yoghurt Bites.

What you need:

Blueberries – you can use as few or as many as you want to make
Natural Greek Yoghurt (I’ve used Honey & Apricot and Strawberry)

You need to:

Wash the blueberries. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper (making sure that it will fit flat in your freezer). Using a cocktail stick to pick up a blueberry, dip in the yoghurt to that the blueberry is completely covered in yoghurt and then put on the baking tray.


Once you’ve dipped all the blueberries, but the tray into the freezer and leave to freeze for a couple of hours.


You should try them this Bank Holiday weekend. My two have decided that they both LOVE them. Next time we’re going to try blueberries as well as raspberries and strawberries.


For our full Family Recipe Collection – Pop over and take a look.

Lisa x



It’s our 9th Birthday Today

It’s our 9th Birthday Today.


It’s our 9th Birthday today!!

On one hand I’m super excited that I’ve racked up this many years and on the other hand I’m disappointed that my ‘lil biz’ has not quite reached the heights that I expected all those years ago when I had the big dream of taking on the world lol.

Laughing aside it’s been quite a journey of making the biggest mistakes (it’s true that you learn from your mistakes) to doing things that would never have been possible otherwise. I’ve (virtually) met some fantastic people and fellow business owners that have been along for the ride with me and love the ‘Biz Fam’ that I’ve gained over this time.

So to celebrate this milestone and to say Thank You for keeping us going I’m offering 15% Off Everything on Site until Tuesday 10th May. Just add Birthday9 in the Discount box at the checkout.

As an Independent Retailer we do rely on YOU guys to keep us going and so if you like what you see, share with your friends and family, leave us a review on the products that you’ve bought and engage with us on our Facebook Page.

We love to hear from you and hope that you enjoy your shopping experience with us.

One of my favourite jobs is buying new stock, but as we all know babies grow at an extortionate rate so we’ve popped a little vote type box so you can let us know what age your littles are at so that we can buy age appropriate stock next time round.

I’m going to stop talking now, but just to say Thank You again.


As well as the discount we have some great competitions on the go:

Win a set of At the Seaside Flashcards

Win £20.00 to spend at

Win a Soggs Socks Box Set

Win a Squidge & Pip Baby Sensory Teething Toy

Love you guys

Lisa x

Win £20 to Spend at

Win £20 to spend at

a Rafflecopter giveaway

To further celebrate our 9th Business Birthday here is the chance to Win £20 to spend on whatever you want at

We have a great range of items from Funky Slogan Rompers to Soft Handmade Leather Baby Shoes all of which make great New Baby Gifts.

We still have a few pairs of Olive & Moss Stripy Trousers which are perfect for toddling about on the beach with plenty of wriggle room and made from 100% Cotton for comfort.

We also have a range of gifts for New Mums including the Ruby & GINGER Original Nappy Purse, perfect for times when you need to nip out with baby in tow and our range of Teething Necklaces are stylish for Mum and great for a teething baby.

Lamaze is a fantastic brand of Baby Sensory Toys, all of which feature teething aids in all sorts of shapes and colours with multiple features including squeaks, crinkles, textures, bells and bright colours with a range of characters and shapes. Most of these are suitable from birth and feature the hanging ring, perfect for hanging on the pram to keep baby amused.

Still not sure then have a browse of our SALE page where there are many great items to be had at up to 30% off the original price.

Happy Shopping at

Win a Soggs Box Set

Win a Soggs Box Set from


a Rafflecopter giveaway

For your chance to Win a Set of Soggs Sock Boxes fill in the Rafflecopter form above.

The Sogg’s range make a Unique New Baby Gift and with the bright colours and prints can be given to either a baby girl or a baby boy. As well as the Stars Set, we have Stripes and Cow Print.

When I was pregnant I really wanted somebody to buy my a Nappy Cake, but sadly I didn’t receive one (they would have had to have picked up the vibes telepathically as I never voiced my yearning).

So what was the most unusual or unique gift you were given when your new baby arrived? 

More competitions at ThePrizeFinder

Chocolate Cola Cake Recipe

I thought I would share this Chocolate Cola Cake recipe that I made for my sons seventeenth birthday on Friday.

Chocolate Cola Cake Recipeq

The Cake

375g Self-raising Flour
450g Golden Caster Sugar
4 1/2 tablespoons Cocoa Powder
2 Pinches Bicarbonate of Soda
375g Butter
375mls Coke
190ml Milk
3 Eggs
1 1/2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract

The Filling

150g Icing Sugar
50g Butter
20g Cocoa Powder
20ml Milk
Few Squares of Chocolate

The Topping

100g Butter
2 tbsp Coke
2 tbsp Cocoa Powder
200g Icing Sugar

Heat the oven to 180C/Gas4.

Sift the flour, cocoa and bicarbonate of soda into a bowl and add the sugar. Melt the butter and cola drink gently in a pan then add to the dry ingredients, together with the milk, eggs and vanilla.

Mix gently but thoroughly and divide into two 8 inch greased round cake tins. Bake for about 40 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake comes out clean. Remove from the oven and leave to cool.

Whilst the cakes are cooling make the filling by melting the butter and chocolate. Sift the icing sugar and cocoa power and add to the butter and chocolate. Add in the milk and mix to a creamy consistency.

Spread the filling onto one of the cakes and top with the other sponge.

Make the topping by putting the butter, cola drink and cocoa into a pan and melt slowly. Bring the mixture to the boil and then pour onto the icing sugar. Beat until smooth and pour over the cake while still warm. Cool the cake in the tin.

For the coke bottle effect I used the Anti-Gravity Pouring Cake Kit from Lakeland and smoothing topping over the pole to make it look like coke pouring from the bottle and sprinkled Chocolate Popping Candy to make it look like bubbles. Use an empty coke bottle filled with a bit of brown tissue paper and add to the top using some of the chocolate topping to keep in place. I added cola bottles to the bottom of the cake to finish it off.

Chocolate Cola Cake Recipe

Enjoy x


Squidge & Pip Sensory Teething Toys

Squidge and Pip Baby Teethers

Squidge & Pip Sensory Teething Toys 

I LOVE getting New Products on the site, and was super excited to become one of the first stockists of the Brand New range of Sensory Baby Teething Toys – Squidge & Pip. 

Created by Mary, mother of two children with a view to providing a funky toy that blends contemporary design with function and of course, provide lots of fun and giggles.

The Squidge & Pip Teething Toys are a great shape, perfect for little hands with lots of nobbles, bobbles and textures for your baby to suck and chew on to relieve the pain of teething.

Squidge and Pip Baby TeethersHere they are Squidge (Green) and Pip (Yellow).

The teethers are BPA free and made from silicone so can be easily washed and sterilised to keep them safe, clean and germ free.

Each Teething toy comes with its own little carry pouch so you can pop it in your bag when out and about with baby.

Oh and did I mention that they are also made here in Britain!!

The packaging of the teethers is very cool – and I’m positive that a new Mum or Dad would welcome this as a New Baby Gift.

Squidge & Pip Sensory Teething Toy
These are now available both on our Website and on our brand spanking new #ShopSBS Shop.

Don’t miss out – Grab one of these today! – British Made Baby Teethers