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#CraftyChristmas – Day 19 – Christmas Jewel Baubles

#CraftyChristmas – Christmas Jewel Baubles

To make these I was going to use plain glass baubles but decided to opt for clear plastic ones just in case any of them fall off the tree.

So to make these you will need:

Clear plastic/glass baubles


Craft Jewels



#CraftyChristmas - Get crafty this Christmas with

First of all I took off the tops and poured some fine glitter inside the bauble.

#CraftyChristmas - get crafty this Christmas with

After placing your jewels however it takes your fancy, glue them in place.

Once dry, string up your ribbon and add to your tree.

#CraftChristmas - Get Crafty this Christmas with

Simple but effective!


#CraftyChristmas – Day 10

#CraftyChristmas. We’re really getting into this crafting now, and Isabelle is throwing herself in wholeheartedly wanting to know what we’re going to do next.

I can’t quite remember where I got this idea from, but mentally stored it away as we had some coloured lollipop sticks in our craft box and wasn’t really sure what to do with them.

So today we’ve made a Lollipop Stick Christmas Star.

#CraftyChristmas - Lollipop Stick Christmas Star

You will need:

Coloured lollipop sticks which you can get in most craft shops.
Coloured craft jewels. We found some sticky-backed ones
String or Christmas ribbon
Strong glue

First of all add the jewels to the lollipop sticks making sure that you avoid the centre part of each stick where they will be joined together.

#CraftyChristmas  with

If using glue, wait for these to dry.

#CraftyChristmas  with

Using a strong glue, glue the sticks together to form your star shape. Not a job for the littles as I proved by sticking the star to my finger. It took quite a lot to get it off, nearly pulling the skin off my finger.

#CraftyChristmas  - Join us at for Crafts with the kids

Once this is dry, turn the star over and attach your string making a loop.

#CraftyChristmas  - Join in the fun with

As soon as the tree is up (I know, you’re way ahead of us) we will be adding our new addition.

#CraftyChristmas  - Join in the fun with


#CraftyChristmas – Day 6 – Handmade Christmas Cards

#CraftyChristmas – Handmade Christmas Cards

This is one of our favorite crafts in the lead up to Christmas and have made them each year both with our son and now with our daughter as well.


For these cards we found some holographic sellotape in our local craft shop and coloured lollipop sticks to make Christmas trees.


Using blank cards we put the lollipop stick in the middle to make the tree part, and then cutting strips in different lengths from big to small arranged them to make a tree shape.


Using stickers we added baubles and a star to the top.


These are quick no glue cards which look really pretty and family and friends love a handmade card.

#CraftyChristmas - Get Crafty this Christmas with

I made one and the other was made by Isabelle (age 3). Which one do you prefer?


#CraftyChristmas – Day 5 – Christmas Tree Pizz

#CraftyChristmas – Christmas Tree Pizza

To make these pizza’s you could cheat and use a ready made pizza base but we prefer to make our own. Here is the recipe for traditional dough base.

3 cups of strong plain flour
1 cup of water
1 teaspoon of fast action dried yeast
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon of sugar
1 tablespoon of olive oil

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and cover. Leave for half an hour to give the yeast a chance to work.

Get crafty this Christmas with

After this time, divide the dough into 4 pieces and flatten with your hands. I then hand cut christmas tree shapes and put onto a greased baking tray.

Get Crafty this Christmas with

Using a jar of pizza sauce (can be found in most supermarkets) or use tomato puree mixed with some dried oregano.

Get crafty this Christmas with

Then comes the fun bit of adding the toppings of your choice. I used a selction of peppers, sausage, chicken, salami, tomatoes and cheese. I let both of my kids decide what they wanted on their pizza. Put in the oven on gas mark 6 for approximately 20 minutes and they had them for dinner.

Get crafty this Christmas with

Get crafty this Christmas with
get Crafty this Christmas with

#CraftyChristmas – Day 4

#CraftyChristmas – Handmade Wrapping Paper.

This is perfect for making your gift extra special, particularly for Mummy’s, Daddy’s and Grandparents.

Crafty Christmas - Christmas Crafts every day for the kids

For this you can use either plain brown paper (the type used for packaging) or you can get a roll of white paper from most craft shops.

Join for Crafty Christmas for kids

We cut a good size piece of paper and used bluetak to attach it to table making the job easier.

Get Crafty this Christmas with

Using stamps (we found some sponge Christmas stamps in our local craft shop) and red paint. I let Isabelle loose with the stampers and armed with glitter she went to work to create a great piece of Christmas Wrapping Paper.

Get Crafty with the kids this Christmas with

We have stashed this away to use for Daddy’s Christmas present and will finish it off with some matching red ribbon.

Get crafty with the kids this Christmas with

Easy peasy!

Get crafty with the kids this Christmas with


#CraftyChristmas – Day 3


Pinterest has been a massive inspiration for lots of things, especially craft ideas to do with my three year old daughter. You can have a look at all the amazing craft ideas that we’ve come across on our Crafty Kids board whilst also keeping up to date with ‘What’s New’ on the site as well.

Whilst browsing recently I found this great idea for Christmas Cards.

Shivery Snow Paint Snowman Christmas Cards

What you will need:

1 cup of Shaving cream (we used the cheapest we could find)
1 cup of PVA glue
Glitter of your choice
Peppermint essence
Black Card
Orange Card
Blank cards and envelopes

Put the glue in the fridge for a while and then mix the glue and the shaving cream together.

crafty Christmas - day 3

Add in the glitter and peppermint essence (not essential). We used our favourite colours, purple and silver and mix again.

Crafty Christmas Day 3

Use the paint mixture to draw a snowman (use lots as this will give you a better effect). Using a bigger brush is easier as a smaller brush left marks on the snowman.

Crafty Christmas - Day 3

Cut out a hat shape from the black card and a carrot nose from the orange card. For the eyes  and buttons you could use buttons or cut out the shapes in the card. Alternatively we used little sequins to add some extra colour.

Crafty Christmas - Day 3

We added a few more blobs for snowballs.

Crafty Christmas -Day 3

Wait to dry and hey presto!!

Have a feel and let us know what you think!


Crafty Christmas – Day 2

Crafty Christmas

Today we’ve made Christmas Tree Bunting for you.

We used A5 coloured card (A4 folded in half) and folded the card in half. We drew half a Christmas Tree with the plant pot base and cut this out so that the tree was symmetrical on both sides.

We then cut these out. Make as many as you like depending on the space you have to string up the bunting.

Then the fun begins. I let my three year old daughter loose with a selection of Christmas stickers, cut-outs and glitter glue. You could of course be more extravagant and use any crafty bits that you have available.

Once complete and dried we hole punched the tops of the trees and hung them up with string. I think they look quite effective and Isabelle was thrilled.

Crafty Christmas with

Have a go yourselves and don’t forget to post a pic of any creations on our Facebook Page or email them to  and we will add them.



Crafty Christmas – Day 1

Crafty Christmas.

We were sent a Lucky Dip Craft Kit from Mrs Crafty B which I thought would be the perfect start to our Crafty Christmas.

Crafty Bs

The Lucky Dip Craft Kit is just that. Each kit has a selection of die cut shapes, ribbons and buttons made from upcycled materials and contains a card, envelope and a gift tag. The kits are put together with a random selection which can be used alongside your existing crafting materials. This is what our kit contained.

Isabelle at three years old thought it was so exciting to sort and look through the different shapes, buttons and pieces of ribbon. We did a quick pre-glue run-through of where we were going to put our selected shapes. There was far more in the kit than required which have been saved for another day. Then we got down to the gluing which is Isabelle’s most favourite bit at the moment. The more glue the better is her stance!

We made both a Christmas Card and a Gift Tag which we are still undecided who the lucky recipient is going to be yet.

Crafty B’s Craft Groups take place in and around the Cambridgeshire area for young and old to get crafty over a cuppa and a biscuit providing a welcoming and stimulating environment for all, promoting social interaction and contributing to social inclusion. In particular I love the thought of therapeutic crafting! The groups are self-funded and to keep the groups running you can purchase a Crafty B’s Lucky Dip Craft Kit at the great price of £3.50. Check out the Crafty B’s Blog or Facebook Page for more details. These would definitely make a great Christmas Gift or Stocking Filler.

The Crafty B’s Lucky Dip Craft Kit definitely get’s the thumbs up from us. What do you think?