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#Blogmas – My Christmas Wish List

#Blogmas – My Christmas Wish List

When I’m asked what I want for Christmas I always feel a bit awkward, but there are a few things that I’ve been coveting so I thought I would write My Christmas Wish List.

My Christmas Wish List

Last year Chris bought me a Powder Beauty Drawer Box which I absolutely loved so I’m going to put something similar on my wish list for this year. This one from Glossy Box looks pretty awesome!

My Christmas Wish List

A ‘Team No Sleep’ Hoody from the Unmumsy Mums brand spanking new shop since pregnancy insomina has arrived early and then will come the baby! There are loads in the range, one of which all mums can relate to.

My Christmas Wish List

A new cosy dressing gown. Especially as much of my time at the moment is spent resting on the sofa when I get home from work and the rest of the time sleeping (trying) I fancy a new dressing gown. I like this Ted Baker Grey Dressing Gown from Debenhams. It’s the colour and the cosy-looking-ness of this one that I like.

My Christmas Wish List

Sticking along the comfort line, I would really like some lovely comfy (and stretchy) pyjamas. I really like these Peacock Pyjamas from Next which are not in the maternity range but they do have an elasticated waist to they will probably be fine.

My Christmas Wish List

I love a planner or notebooks so I’ve picked this Passion Planner which I’ve heard mentioned a few times around the blogging world which I would LOVE.

My Christmas Wish List

A Light Box –  I’ve wanted one of these for a while but just haven’t got round to buying one.

My Christmas Wish List

A New Bag – I can just see Chris rolling his eyes at the mere mention of another bag, but I don’t have anywhere as many as most women so there! I like this one which is an every day bag which would be suitable for work.

My Christmas Wish List

A pair of Maternity Skinny Jeans. I’m a little way off maternity clothes at the moment but the time will come when I need some stretchy clothes. I’m going to pick these Skinny Jeans from New Look since they will go with anything.

My Christmas Wish List

A New Coat with room for a bump. The coats that I currently have are all quite tight fitting so it won’t take long for my belly to be popping out.

My Christmas Wish List

Last on my list is a pair of new boots and I’ve spotted these ones that are totally lush and would go with my skinny jeans and the above coat whilst holding my new handbag. My Christmas Wish List

As you can see pretty much everything I’ve chosen is a practical item but they are things that I want.

What are you hoping to get this Christmas?



Christmas Decor Hacks

Christmas Decor Hacks

*This is a collaborative post

Christmas Decor Hacks

These are some fab tips, and there are loads more on the blog.

Why not take the quiz and find out How Christmassy you are. I am 69%!!

Find out what the Christmas trends for 2016 are. I wish I could be totally trendy and follow a colour scheme, but we don’t our Christmas tree and decorations are things that we’ve collected over the years.

Let us know your Christmas Decor Hacks to make Christmas that little bit easier.


Adult Christmas Advent Calendars

Adult Christmas Advent Calendars.

Adult Christmas Advent Calendars – As I did a round-up of some of the great Kids Advent Calendars on offer this year I thought it was only fair that I did one for us grown-ups. I’ve got my eye on one in particular but it’s a bit pricey so it’s unlikely that I’ll get it, but never mind.

Adult Christmas Advent Calendars

Adult Advent Calendars

A Yankee Candle Advent Calendar includes 23 tea lights and 1 votive candle with scents such as Christmas Cookie and Festive Cocktail.

Adult Advent Calendars

A Technic Mini Nail Varnish Advent Calendar which includes 24 different coloured mini nail varnishes every day.

Adult Advent Calendar

A Coffee Christmas Advent Calendar containing 24 different coffee’s for that special cup each day.

Adult Advent Calendars

For the tea drinkers out there this English Tea Shop Advent Calendar is great with a different tea for each of the 25 days.

Adult Advent Calendars

Christmas Beard Oil Advent Calendar for the bearded man in your life.

Adult Advent Calendars

A Sanctuary Spa Christmas Calendar which is packed full of pampering goodies such as bath soaks, detox masks and salt scrubs.

Adult Advent Calendars

Chase ’24 Days of Christmas Spirit’ Advent Calendar. Whilst this calendar is rather pricey I kinda like it. It contains 24 miniatures from Chase Distillery including Apple Vodka and Seville Orange Gin.

Adult Advent Calendars

The Body Shop Christmas Advent Calendar which includes a selection of make-up, beauty accessories and body treats.

Adult Advent Calendars

How fab is this Wine Christmas Advent Calendar. It comes with 24 mini bottles of wine in a selection of red, white and rose.

Adult Advent Calendars

To round up the list theres this Molton Brown Luxury Christmas Advent Calendar which includes loads of gorgeous goodies.

So that’s the list done. Pop over and check out the Kids Advent Calendar round-up as well. Sorry fella’s but I seem to have forgotten you guys but I got a little bit excited.

Let me know which one you went for!

Lisa x 

*Please note that this post may contain some affiliate links which I may receive a small payment from if you make a purchase.

Kids Advent calendars

Kids Advent Calendars

Kids Advent Calendars – Everyone loves an advent calendar, and things have seriously moved on since the once a day chocolate calendar with your favourite character on the front.

Last year we pinched an idea from Pinterest and did a Book Advent Calendar for Isabelle which you can read our blog post about, but essentially you wrap up twenty-four books and number each one and every day they unwrap a new book which could be the bedtime story for that day. I noticed that some people did Christmas themed books each day, but I really struggled to find enough so just chose books that I knew Isabelle would love. This went down really well with Isabelle, and to cut costs even further you could buy books from Charity Shops/ebay/selling pages.

The year before we bought a Playmobil Calendar where each day you get a new piece and at the end you complete some kind of scene. We had the King and Queen Fairy Set which was really lovely.

Here is a round-up of some of the fantastic chocolate alternatives to Kids Advent Calendars.

Kids Advent Calendars

Toot-Toot Animals Advent Calendar. Suitable from 12 months. I love this calendar as it’s tricky getting something suitable for ‘little little’ ones. Each day you get a new piece to complete a playset and the box turns into a Toot-Toot drivers road.

Kids Advent Calendars

Mega Bloks Despicable Me Minions Advent Calendar – This Calendar is suitable from age 5+ and has 221 pieces which I think is great value for money.

Kids Advent Calendars

Melissa & Doug Countdown to Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar. Suitable from 3 years +. This contains 24 magnetic wooden tree decorations and a Christmas Star which can be placed on the relevant number each day.

Kids Advent Calendars

Play-Doh Advent Calendar. Suitable from 3 years +. We lurve Play-Doh! This calendar includes five pots of play-doh, tow of which are sparkly ones and lots of cutting accessories and shapes.


Kids Advent Calendars

Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar. Suitable from age 6+ and comes with 24 LEGO Star Wars themed gifts including an exclusive holiday themed mini figure. There are also lots of other scenes from Playmobil that you can get, but I was purposely trying not to make this an ‘all about the girls’ round-up.

Kids Advent Calendars

Trolls Trollific Advent Calendar – I showed this one to Isabelle who had the widest eyes ever. Who doesn’t want a calendar packed full of lip glosses, hair clips and nail stickers.

Kids Advent Calendars

Thomas and Friends Mini’s Advent Calendar with 24 Thomas Mini’s and then the box turns into a track. Cute.

Kids Advent Calendars

Schleich Advent Calendar – A magical Fairy play experience.

Kids Advent Calendars

Barbie Advent Calendar. Suitable from 3 years +. Each door has a fashion accessory for Barbie (Doll not included) including shoes, handbags and headpieces.

Kids Advent Calendars

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar. Suitable from 3 years +. This calendar includes 8 Hot Wheels vehicles and 16 festive accessories.

Kids Advent Calendars

A Personalised Colour in Advent Calendar Poster is a lovely idea that all the family can get involved in.

Kids Advent Calendars

How lovely is this Meri Meri Nutcracker Charm Bracelet Advent Calendar. Each door contains a charm to add to the bracelet each day.


Kids Advent Calendar

Match Attax Advent Calendar contains 120 cards (24 packs) including a Gold Limited Edition Player. My son would have loved this when he was younger. I’m sure that we’ve got all his collectable cards and sticker books still somewhere.

Kids Advent Calendars

A Smiggle Advent Calendar. This is packed full of Smiggle goodies, and each calendar has an envelope attached that could contain a £250 voucher for a Smiggle Shopping Spree. Isabelle’s eyes were out on stalks as this is her absolute favourite shop at the moment.

Kids Advent Calendars

This Benross Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar has 25 drawers that you can fill with your own treats to suit your children and even comes with lights. The advantage of this is that you can re-use it year after year.

I’d love to know what Advent Calendar ideas you have for your children. Pop a comment below or head on over to our Facebook Page.

We all know that Advent Calendars aren’t just for kids. Have a look at our round-up of Adult Advent Calendars.


*Please note that this post contains affiliate links which means that I may receive a small payment if you make a purchase.



Happy Christmas from

Happy Christmas from

We’re home this year for the first time in ages.

How do you start your day on Christmas Day?

I normally lay awake any time from around 4.30am waiting to hear stirring from the kids rooms. I leave it until about 5.30 when I make my way noisily to the bathroom in the hope that Isabelle hears me in which case the whole house will then be awake.

It works a treat and then I pop down to put the coffee on so that grumpy daddy can be persuaded to get out of bed. Likewise with the teenager (replacing coffee with chocolate).

Present time is amazing fun not least because the dog goes absolutely bonkers for the wrapping paper and has great fun collecting it and taking it to his special corner. Great for us as it’s all in one place to clear away, even if it is a little bit shredded.

Normally we go to family after breakfast so this year will be very different adding cooking into the mix. Daddy is a whiz in the kitchen and my table laying skills are ace so dinner should be nice.

Having a dog now I think we’ll have to have a post Christmas dinner walk and then Isabelle is hoping to watch Stickman.

Whatever you do have a cracking day x

Happy Christmas from

Event – Friends Festive Family Fair

Friends Festive Family Fair, Central Library, Exeter

We had a really good time at the recent Magdalen Street Christmas Market (I should and will post about this soon) and so am looking forward to another event on Monday 14th December from 12pm – 3pm at Exeter Central Library.

This is going to be a fantastic event for Mums and Dads with their pre-school children. I’ve kept this event pretty quiet at home as my little girl would love to come and join in, and see  Poco Drom.

Christmas Fair Exeter Central Library

So if you are in the Exeter area then pop along and make sure you come and have a look at the lovely Baby Gifts, Lamaze Toys, Bibs, Onesies, Teethers and much more that we have.

For a full list of our upcoming events keep an eye on our Events Page. 


Fantastic Non-Toy Christmas Gifts for Children

Fantastic Non-Toy Christmas Gifts for Children

Fantastic Non-toy Christmas Gifts for Children. Hands up if after Christmas you could do with an extension just to fit in all the new Stuff that the kids get.

It’s lovely that friends and family natural want to buy something as a gift at Christmas time but does it always have to be a physical thing?

Here is a list of alternative Non-toy Gifts that you can buy or recommend for friends and family to buy for your little ones.

1. Cinema Gift Cards

These are ideal for older children and will give them something to look forward to do with their friends.

2. Classes

The possibilities are endless. This could be for swimming lessons, gymnastics, trampolining, ballet, football, cricket, badminton, tennis. I could go on…..


3. Concert or gig tickets

Surprise the teen with tickets to their favourite band.

4. Theme Park Tickets

These don’t have to just be for older children. These could be for the smalls for places like Peppa Pig World or Cbeebies Land and make a great family day out.

5. Sports Events Tickets

Do your children have a favourite football, rugby or cricket team. These are likely to go down a storm and could double us a joint father son present.


6. Books

You can never have too many books, especially for bedtime story reading. We love books and could probably open our own library, but we always welcome more.

7. Tickets for local activities

Petting zoos, Farms, Swimming, Indoor play areas, Crazy Golf and activity parks. Whatever activities your children are into these will be great when you don’t have any plans. Even better, you could buy an annual membership.


8. Clothes

Both of ours at 4 and 15 have an interest in clothes and are quite particular about what they wear. The 4 year old likes sparkles, pretties and skirts or dresses that are swishy and the 15 year old is particular about the brands that he wears. Makes an ideal gift for any age.

9. Paint your own Pottery

We have a lovely place near us where you can sign up for a class such as jewellery making, canvas painting or pottery painting. All the materials are included and you come away with your creation.

10. A Camera or Video Camera

All kids young and older would like this as a gift. My daughter has one which also has themes such as moustaches and big ears or backgrounds to the pictures taken. It’s fun to do as well.

11. Magazine subscriptions

This is an ideal present for everybody from pre-schoolers to your in-laws.

12. A watch

Help them to learn the time which is a useful and essential life skill as well as a great accessory.

13. A Journal or Diary

Not something that I’ve ever done, but I do have a bit of a thing for gorgeous notebooks.

14. Recipes and ingredients

Write or print out a recipe and put together the ingredients. You could even include some utensils or an apron.

15. Craft Supplies

The possibilities are endless with anything from chalk, paint, glitter, card, paper, coloured pipe cleaners. Collect loads of bits and bobs and put them  together as a bit of a craft treasure trove.

16. Musical instruments

Have the kids been begging to learn something. The cost of these dependent on the instrument can be pricey so would make an ideal gift.

17. itunes voucher

Are you forever paying for music or apps like us. A voucher of all amounts would be a great gift for a teenager.

18. Coupons

Put together your own little coupons with things written on them such as shopping trip, baking session, craft session for your little ones to cash in. Great for rainy days.

19. Movies

DVD’s are ideal for watching together. Wrap them with some cinema style snacks and snuggle down to watch together.

20. Money

Set up a bank account or give them the cash to do what they please with. Sometimes for older kids this could be to go towards something expensive such as the latest games console, phone or other bit of technology that takes their fancy.

If you have great non-toy Christmas gift ideas of your own, feel free to pop a comment.

Happy Shopping

Lisa x


Christmas Picks – Inch Blue Festive Feet

Christmas Picks from

How are you getting on with your Christmas Shopping?

We’re not doing too great so off to the Christmas Market tomorrow for some much needed inspiration.

If you have a pre-walkng or toddling baby our range of Inch Blue Festive Feet Shoes are Fantastic, and why not treat their feet to a pair of Festive Feet shoes. Our favourite are the Rudolph Red which ones would you choose?

Don’t delay! Last day for ordering is 12 noon on  Monday 15th December.. 

#blackfriday Offers from Fab Retailers

#blackfriday which originated in America is the day after Thanksgiving and is thought to be the official start of the Christmas Shopping Season due to it being a public holiday for many therefore capturing a bigger audience.

So on the Bandwagon we jump and #Blackfriday is the day that many retailers give fantastic discounts.

Here are some of the great offers that we have happened upon:

Baby & Childrenswear

20% Off Everything across our site including the Festive Feet Inch Blue Shoes Range – Just add blackfriday in the coupon box.

#Blackfriday offers from Babynotincluded

Sew Domesticated for gorgeous handmade baby clothes and custom made cloth nappies. FREE Postage & Packing on orders over £75.00 from Sew Domesticated as well as a special Christmas Shopping Event on Facebook starting at 8pm

Sew Domesticated

Little Goodey selling gorgeous handmade children’s clothes will be offering all sorts of Special Offers on Friday and for the remainder of the weekend. Head over to their page for more details….

Little Goodey

Toys & Gifts 

The Comfy Geek have some great offers on their Fab Cushion Covers, Stockings, Christmas Decorations and much more. Look at these!!

The Comfy Geek


Truly Madly Baby are having all sorts of offers on their site and facebook page.

Truly Madly Baby #blackfriday offers


Discounts on all sorts of goodies from Stocking Fillers to gorgeous Wooden Toys from The Bear and Miss Rabbit

#blackfriday offers from the Bear and Miss RabbitHomeware

Buy One Get One Free from Smart Creative ready made prints. Just enter coupon code BOGOFXMAS14  at the checkout.

Smart Creative #blackfriday offers

Yum Box are offering 20% Off there range of Lunch Boxes. Just add BLACKFRIDAY at the checkout.

Yum Box #blackfriday offers

Crafty Treasures

20% Off All Defarge Yarns over on their facebook page. I love this multicoloured one if anyone wants to make me a scarf.

Defarge yarns

Health & Beauty

Warwickshire Soaps are offering Shea Sensitivity, hint of Orange, Chocolate Mint and Lavender Dream Soaps for 99p per bar at only £2.80 P&P. Yum….

Warwickshire Soaps

 For Her

Nod & Wink have a Fantastic array of offers on over at their site on Underwear and Nightwear to Sports Bras.

Nod and Wink #Blackfriday offers


If I’ve missed your offer then please feel free to add it to the comments section or pop over to our Facebook Page and hopefully we can right this wrong.


#CraftyChristmas – Day 19 – Christmas Jewel Baubles

#CraftyChristmas – Christmas Jewel Baubles

To make these I was going to use plain glass baubles but decided to opt for clear plastic ones just in case any of them fall off the tree.

So to make these you will need:

Clear plastic/glass baubles


Craft Jewels



#CraftyChristmas - Get crafty this Christmas with

First of all I took off the tops and poured some fine glitter inside the bauble.

#CraftyChristmas - get crafty this Christmas with

After placing your jewels however it takes your fancy, glue them in place.

Once dry, string up your ribbon and add to your tree.

#CraftChristmas - Get Crafty this Christmas with

Simple but effective!