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Baby Comp Weekly 11.06.13

Baby Comp Weekly 11.06.13

With another glorious family fun packed weekend, and our first barbeque of the year it didn’t feel such a hardship to return to work this week.

There’s loads of fantastic competitions on the blog scene at the moment and here are a select few to get you started.

Win a copy of Cloud Babies Wide Awake DVD from Mama Geek Blog – Closes 01.07.13

Win a Pair of Nike Free 5.0+ Running Trainers from Chelsea Mamma Blog – Closes 01.07.13

Win a Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser with Melissa Breckon – Closes 13.06.13

Win Two Funky Giraffe Bandana Bibs with Preston Precious – Closes 19.06.13

Win a GOSH Summer Essentials Make-up Pack from All Baby Advice – Closes 08.07.13

Win some Will Hill Books from Emma in Bromley Blog – Closes 22.06.13

Of course if you find any competitions or are running any competitions of your own then please feel free to add them, bearing in mind that this is a family orientated blog.

Good Luck x

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Baby Comp Weekly 04.06.13

Baby Comp Weekly

The weather is a hot topic again this week. We’ve had another fantastic weekend of eating, drinking and catching up with friends. We went to a local Festival on Saturday which was great, so raring to go for another week of work until the weekend again.

Here’s some great competitions that we found. Knock urself out!

Win a Boob Nursing Bra with Mellow Mummy – Closes 15.06.13

Win some Baby and Mummy Goodies from BlueStripes over at My Mill’s Baby – Closes 28.06.13

Win Sainsbury’s Bread Mixes from Cats Yellow Days – Closes 24.06.13

Win a Mister Maker DVD from Mama Geek Blog – Closes 10.06.13

Win a Set of 7 Crawlerz Romper Suits (Looking very Funky) from the Little Lily Pad – Closes 14.06.13

Win a Cloud Babies DVD from Mummy Fever – Closes 11.06.13

Win a Kids Spy Kit from Playing by the Book – Closes 10.06.13

Win a Disney Pixar Monsters University Book from the Mum Blog – Closes 10.06.13

Win a Pizza Making Party with Pizza Express with Mellow Mummy – Closes 10.06.13

Win a £25 Sainsbury’s Voucher from Charlie Moo’s – Closes 05.06.13

Feel free to add your own Blog Competitions, making sure that you add a closing date.

Good Luck x

Baby Comp Weekly 28.05.13

Baby Comp Weekly 28.05.13

I hope everyone had a great Bank Holiday Weekend. We had a great time catching up with friends and the sunshine was extremely welcome.There’s loads of great competitions around at the moment (I might even run a few of my own in the coming weeks). Here’s a few that I thought were definitely worth a mention.

Win a Smart Trike Dream 4 in 1 from All Baby Advice – Closes 08.06.13

Win a Slice of Cake Delivered to your Door every Week for 2 months from A Mummy Too – Closes 31.05.13

Win Two Personalised Books from Love2Read just in time for Father’s Day from Kiddy Charts – Closes 07.06.13

Win a Pair of Cheeky Shoes from Sunny Day Today Mama – Closes 03.06.13

Win a Print from KJD Fairytale Creations with Love Being a Mummy – Closes 02.06.13

Win a Mister Maker DVD from Mummy Fever – Closes 03.06.13

Win a Babasac Sleeping Bag from Working Berlin Mum – Closes 06.06.13

Win some APIVITA Face Masks and Scrubs from Beauty Swot – Closes 02.06.13

This is a Fab prize. I would really love to take my two year old daughter to the Lollibop Festival and here’s a chance to Win Tickets over at The Mini Mes and Me Blog – Closes 27.06.13

Don’t forget of course that you can add your own competitions to the linky list or send us an email to or tweet me at @babynotincluded and I will add it for you.

Funky Baby Clothes –

Baby Comp Weekly 21.05.13

Baby Comp Weekly 21.05.13

Well isn’t it nice to finally have some nice weather. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been able to spend some quality time together outdoors which has made a lovely change. We even managed to have a drink in a local pub garden and left the house without a coat.

Here’s a few of the many competitions that we’ve happened across over the past week.

1. Win a Personalised Peppa Pig Book from All Baby Advice(Our daughter was given one of these for her 2nd birthday and it’s lovely) – Closes 11.06.13

2. Win a Pair of Cheeky Shoes from A New Addition Blog – Closes 31.05.13

3. Win some Baking Goodies from One Dad 3 Girls – Closes 07.06.13

4. Win a Three Month Supply of Ribena Plus from Kiddy Charts – Closes 27.05.13

5. Win a copy of Annabel Karmel’s Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes from Mummy Can I Have – Closes 20.06.13

6. Win a Copy of the Shining Girls from Emma in Bromley Blog – Closes 27.05.13

7. Win a Senses Organic Starter Kit from A Greener Life for Us – Closes 04.06.13

Don’t forget to add your own blog competitions so that everyone else can enjoy and enter them.

Keep an eye on the site as new products appear online, and of course there’s our weekly #whatwillyougivemewednesday auction on our Facebook page where all bidding starts at 1p (8pm – 10pm every Wednesday evening). – Funky Clothing for Babies and Toddlers.

Baby Comp Weekly 14.05.13

Baby Comp Weekly

My patience is at an all time low at the moment. Toothache started about a week ago, and after a visit to the dentist I have an infection and am in need of a root canal and crown which terrifies me, but worse still is that I have to wait until 7th June before I can have the treatment done. I’m currently taking antibiotics which are making me feel awful and am dosing up on painkillers without much help.

I thought I would change things slightly. I’m going to list maybe 10 – 15 competitions that catch my eye and also add a linky tool so that you can add your own.

1. Win a Visionary Soap Gift Set from Side Street Style – Closes 20.05.13

2. Win a copy of Sooty The Children’s Birthday Party DVD from Mummy Feaver – Closes 20.05.13

3. Win a Doodle Bag from Mumpreneur UK – Closes 17.05.13.

4. Win a Neal’s Yard Gift Set from The Life of Laurie – Closes 17.05.13.

5. Win a Personalised Set of Cufflinks perfect for Father’s Day from Mummy Alarm – Closes 16.05.13

6. Win a Royal Baby Gift Set from The Mum Blog – Closes 22.05.13

7. Win a Munchkin Spill Proof Cup from Boo, Roo and Tiger Too – Closes 02.06.13

8. Win a Merci Maman Personalised NEON Charm Bracelet from Love From Mummy – Closes 24.05.13

9. Win a Kiddy Evolution Pro Group 0+ Carseat from Mellow Mummy – Closes 31.05.13

10. Win an OXO Feeding and Weaning Set from A Mummy Too – Closes 31.05.13

11. Win a Bottle of Maternicare Stretchmark Cream from Lucy’s Mad House – Closes 31.05.13

12. Win a Toddle Bike with Coombe Mill – Closes 22.05.13

13. Win some Picpack Magnets from Snowing Indoors – Closes 16.05.13


If you have any competitions running and would like them to be added either tweet me @babynotincluded or send me a mail Alternatively you could add them to the linky list below.

Good Luck x

If grabbing a bargain floats your boat then do pop over to our Facebook Page for our #whatwillyougivemewednesday auction. All bids start at 1p. It’s a lot of fun. Every Wednesday from 8pm – 10pm – Hope to see you there!


Baby Comp Weekly 30.04.13

Baby Comp Weekly 30.04.13

Our biggest baby was 14 yesterday. I know everyone says it, but I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by. It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that he was a tiny baby and now he’s a hair flicky spotty faced teenager and some!! He even managed to crack a rare smile 🙂

The competitions are  flowing fast and free at the moment so here are a few of the ‘good-uns’.

1. Win some Aqua Dragons from Lucy’s Madhouse – Closes 15.05.13

2. Play-Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh Doh – Who doesn’t love Playdoh. There’s a chance to win a load over at One Dad Three Girls Blog – Closes 31.05.13

3. Win a Ben Sherman Gift Set  from The Diary of a Jewellery Lover  Blog – Closes 31.05.13.

4. Win a Pair of Cheeky Shoes from Naked Mum – Closes 10.05.13

If you’re running any child or parenting related competitions please feel free to add them to the list or give me a shout at @babynotincluded and I will add them

Have you heard about our #whatwillyougivemewednesday Auction on our Facebook Page? We’re a friendly bunch and it’s quite a lot of fun. If you’re a new mum or mum-to-be or maybe you have some pregnant friends then come and join us for some great baby bargains. Bidding starts at 1p (yes, you read right). Pop over some time!

Good luck with the comps and don’t forget to add any that you find yourselves x


Baby Comp Weekly 23.04.13

Baby Comp Weekly 23.04.13

This past week has rushed past. In fact I think April has almost been and gone in the blink of an eye.

It’s our eldest’s fourteenth birthday on Monday so we’ve been scouring the internet for a decent TV for his bedroom. I won’t tell you just on the off chance that he was to read the blog, but it is all in place and can’t wait to give it to him on Monday.

We have some gorgeous New Beanie Style Hats arriving this week which I will let you know about over the coming days. I’m sure you will love them as much as we do, and excitingly we’re going to be the first stockist of these new hats. Yippee!

So here’s what we found for you……..

Win a Family Ticket to Madam Tussauds in Blackpool with Mum of Three Boys.

Win a Pair of Start-rite Shoes from Loved by Parents.

Win a Tidy Books Bunky Bed Buddy from Working Berlin Mum.

Win Organic Monkey Goodies from The Mummy Blogger.


As always, Good Luck x

Baby Comp Weekly 16.04.13

Baby Comp Weekly 16.04.13

Today I went back to my day job after two lovely weeks off with the kids. We’ve had a lovely time and have done lots of things together and caught up with some great friends. Our last day yesterday was a bright sunny day, and we went back to toddler group in the morning, came home and made some lunch together, and then we played ‘dance teacher’ which essentially is Isabelle bossing me around the lounge barking at me to wave my arms and stand on one leg, and twirling. As she was such a good girl we did our post office trip and then went to the sweet shop followed by a trip to the park. All in all it was a good ending to the two weeks that I’ve had off and BANG back to reality.

I told Isabelle that I would be going back to work today to which she replied “it’s ok Mummy, Daddy can go to work and you can stay at home and play with me!” – I would love nothing more!

The kids are back at school so we can all get back to normal, and what better way than to get our hands on a Belgium Chocolate Hamper over at The Mum Blog.

Win a Pair of Adidas Boost Trainers over at Chelsea Mamma Blog.

Good Luck as always, and I hope you’re all settling into your normal (whatever that is) routine x

Don forget to pop over to our Facebook Page on Wednesday evening 8pm – 10pm for #whatwillyougivemewednesday – our weekly auction. All bidding starts at 1p!!


Baby Comp Weekly 09.04.13

Baby Comp Weekly 09.04.13

We’ve been having a little bit of a break from the website with the Easter School Holidays to do some fun stuff with the kids, but competitions have been a plop plop plopping into our inbox so here are a few of the good ones!

It’s Real Nappy Week next from 15th – 21st April and lots of Cloth Nappy Retailers including  The Natural Nursery have teamed up and created the chance to Win a lot of cloth, the Grand Prize being the chance to Win £500 of Nappies and accessories. If you haven’t tried cloth or are undecided, have a look around as they are Fantastic these days, Save money and look totally adorable. So why not give the Clothopoly game a go!

Win a Cusson’s Mum and Me Bump Back from Daft Mamma.

Win Dreamgenii Pink Owls Cotbed Quilt and Pillowcase Set from Boo, Roo and Tigger Too Blog.

As always, Good Luck and Please let us know if you find or are running any baby/parenting competitions that we can add to the list x


Baby Comp Weekly 26.03.13

With the Easter Holiday’s just around the corner and a Fabby Baby Event to plan for over the next couple of week’s we’re extremely busy and very excited. We’re trying out some Baby Gift Boxes at the Fayre at the weekend to see how they go down and will hopefully be adding them to the site as of next week (unless of course we sell out).

The competitions are coming in thick and fast at the moment and we have some juicy ones for you including the chance to Win some Aveeno Emollient products from All Baby Advice and a Sanctuary Spa 30 Day Youth Revolution Kit from Beauty Swot as we all need a bit of pampering from time to time.

Win a Copy of  A Modern Military Mother over at Crew cut and Newt.

Win a Copy of The Sooty Magic Show from One Dad 3 Girls Blog.

As always, Good Luck and don’t forget to let us know if you have any on your blogs.