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Innovative Practical Baby Stuff from Koo-di

Innovative Practical Baby Stuff from Koo-di.

During pregnancy and beyond as parents we’re bombarded with ‘must have buys’.

Koo-di’s range of Baby Products are both practical and stylish and invaluable to parents from the range of Baby Choos Teether Bib to the Bath Thermometer.

Baby Choos Teether Bib available in Pink Spot and Blue Stars. Super absorbent Baby Bib with silicone teether. Fully reversible and adjustable in size. Only £7.99.

Creeper Crawlers Grip Suit

Creeper Crawlers Grip Suits – Available in Cream, Blue and Pink and totally awesome for crawling/shuffling/rolling and dragging babies, particularly if you have laminate or wood flooring. £18.99 and available in sizes ranging from 6 months – 24 months.

Koo-di Bath Tap Protector

Koo-di Bath Tap Protector – Protect your baby or toddler from scalding themselves with this squishy bath tap protector which will fit most single and mixer taps. The colour changes to indicate the heat and it also protects from bumps and bangs.

Koo-di Bath Thermometer – Pop this in the water and it indicates if the water is too hot if the word ‘hot’ appears.

Keep your bathroom tidy with the Bath Toy Caddie from Koo-di. Just scoop them up, the water drains out of the bottom and the caddie can be attached to the tiles with handy suckers.

Koo-di Squirty Bath Mat – A fun bath mat which fits to the bath with suckers with built in heat sensor spots. Press the spots for squirty fun to make bath time even more fun.

Koo-di Parent Kneeling Bath Mat

And last but not least. Koo-di Parent Kneeling Bath Mat – Ohh this is a godsend with nappy changing, playing and bathing takes a toll on knees. This soft non-slip mat makes bath time more comfortable for Mummy or Daddy!

All available at 


Keep the bathroom tidy

Snoodie – The Original Baby Dribble Snood

Snoodie – The Original Baby Dribble Snood

Hands up if you had/have a dribbly baby? You need a Snoodie! 

My hand is firmly in the air. My daughter suffered badly with prolonged teething so dribble bibs and bandana’s were definitely a must have for us. 

Introducing the Snoodie from Mama Designs Ltd which is a snug but comfortable fit for baby with adjustable poppers and inner absorbent layer to absorb dribble and draw it away from babies skin. 

Of course it goes without saying the the Dribble Snoodie is available in a range of yummy colours and prints. 

For the full Snoodie Collection pop over to the site. 

Or check out the Full Range of Mama Designs Products made by a Stylish Mummy for Mummy’s like you. 

Lisa x 

Last Chance to Buy!

I thought I’d do a little round up of the products that are nearing the end making it your last chance to buy. So here we go…

Zutano Zoo Crew Hat Zutano Zoo Crew Hat 12 – 18 months.

Also in the Zutano Hat range it’s your last chance to buy a Sugar Blossom Hat, Circus Print Hat and the Paisley Hat. I love these Beanie Style Baby Hats with vibrant colours and prints.

Orchid Bugzz Bee Poncho

Orchid Bugzz Bee Poncho 3 – 6 years

Zutano Gum Drops Baby Socks

Zutano Gumdrops Socks 0 – 6 months

Babble Bib Polka Dot Dribble Bib

Polka Dot Red Babble Bib. One Size

As well as the Polka Dot Babble Bib it’s your last chance to buy a Zutano Bugaboo Bib, Zutano Paisley Bib, Zutano Zoo Crew Bib and a gorgous Sophie 4 Sophie Green & Yellow Bib.

Zutano Onesie in Paisley designZutano Paisley Onesie 0 – 6 months

Lamaze Jacques the Peacock

Lamaze Jacques the Peacock

Gumigem teething necklace

Gumigem Teething Necklace – The Van Outen

So don’t delay. Buy before they’re Gone….Gone……Gone!

Here they are…….Babble Bibs

Babble Bibs

Sorry for the delay in getting our fab new range of Babble Bibs online. We have a teething baby and therefore not much sleep is to be had over here at the Baby Not Included household. The addition of the Babble Bibs are purely selfish, as I’d been on the look out for some bandana style bibs for Isabelle to wear to avoid the wet patches down the front of her clothes due to the amount of drool she produces. That’s when I came across Babble Bibs!

Babble Bibs

These funky bibs are handmade here in the UK from soft jersey cotton on the front and absorbant micro-fleece on the back.

They have two sets of nickel-free poppers so that you can adjust the size to fit your baby, and are designed to fit from approximately four months to three years.

They come in a selection of colours and designs so that you can find a style that suits your baby. Here you can see Isabelle rocking the Red Stars Bib!

Babble Bibs

For the full collection of colours and prints we have, Click Here



Coming soon……..

The most favorite part of my job is looking for  new products to have on the site. It’s hard to know sometimes what you want. Do you want run-of-the-mill same as everyone else stuff, do you want funky, do you want quirky, designer labels?

What would you like to see on the site?

I’d love to know. Mail me at

To kick-start this year we have some gorgeous bandana bibs. The addition of these is purely selfish as our little lady is four months old tomorrow and can dribble for England.

Doesn’t she look cute? I mean what do you think of the bib?

BabbleBib’s will be available on the site in the coming days. Incidentally this isn’t our only selfish purchase for the site. Here’s little miss sporting one of our gorgeous hand-knitted cardigans on Christmas Day.

Kinky Bibs Featured on

I always get a warm feeling when I see my products featured on another site. A bit like when your baby does something new for the first time.

Click on the image to read the full post. Click Here to get your hands on your very own Kinky Bib!

Kinky Bibs by Sophie 4 Sophie

I’ve been waiting eagerly to get my hands on some of these gorgeous bibs by Sophie 4 Sophie.

All of the Sophie 4 Sophie range is made to order so you start off trawling through all the luscious fabrics, which is really hard to do as they are all so nice. You make your choice, and then Natalie sets off like the eager beaver that she is to produce them.

When they arrived, it was just like when the dresses arrived. They were so much nicer in the ‘flesh’. I hope you like the prints that I’ve chosen. My favorite I think would have to be the Potatoes bib.

The bibs are made with funky fabric protected by a clear layer of  PVC. There’s a soft layer of jersey cotton underneath to make it soft against baby’s skin. Each bib is bound with brightly coloured binding and has easy to use ties.

The bibs are wipe clean or hand clean. What more could you want!

Click here for the full range.

New prints by Zutano

I’m really pleased with the new prints and designs by Zutano. This range of clothing is a particular favorite of mine as everything is bright and fresh looking, but its stuff that you can mix and match which is great for little ones.

Big Dot Chocolate Bib

What have we added?

We’ve added a selection of Bibs, Onesies, Baby Blankets, Socks, T-shirts and hats. The above bib is Big Dot Chocolate which I think is my favorite.

There is also:

Bugaboo BlanketThe Bugaboo Blanket – This cotton blanket is 100% cotton and is fully reversible with one side of little friendly bugs and the other stripey. Also available in this print are bibs and t-shirts.

Paisley OnesieLovely Paisley is a very girly print and is available in Hats, Bibs and Blankets.

There is more to come and will let you know as soon as they are available on site.

For the full Zutano collection Click Here