Mila & Pheebs Kids Boxes

Mila & Pheebs Kids Box Review

One of the things that Isabelle and I like to do together is arts and crafts. There isn’t a day that goes by without Isabelle drawing a picture, colouring or making something.

Arts and crafts is our go to thing to do when we haven’t got anything planned or it’s pouring down with rain.

Mila & Pheebs Stationery & Activity Box Review


Mila & Pheebs Stationery and Activity Kids Box

Isabelle has inherited my love of stationery, and like me loves pens, notebooks, folders, clipboards and little pots of paperclips that we may never use.

When we were asked to review a Mila & Pheebs Stationery and Activity box we were very excited.

You can subscribe to Mila & Pheebs so that each month your child gets a surprise themed box through the post addressed to themselves with lots of lovely goodies inside. Even better, the box fits through the letterbox so theres no chance of missing the postie and having to collect it from somewhere.

One of the other things that Isabelle is obsessed with at the moment is kids Youtube videos. She usually watches surprise boxes being opened which are mostly American Girls opening ‘blind bags’ which contain all kinds of Disney Princesses, Shopkins or other such things.

Recently she’s started to talk in an American accent, and I’ve caught her loads of times pretending to make her own videos so I thought I’d give her a chance to have her 15 minutes of fave and let her introduce what came in the Mila & Pheebs box so over to Belle!

I’m a huge fan of kits like this which can easily be packed away to do on a journey, taken to Grandparents house or brought out for rainy days.

Each box is packed full of all you would need to complete the task and has several different things in the box to do.

We got:

  • A pencil with a donkey rubber topper
  • A really cute cow rubber which comes apart (including detachable nose)
  • Colouring-in sheets
  • A horse hand puppet kit
  • Animal shaped crayons (Isabelle called these rubbers in the video)
  • Farm Animal foam stickers
  • A maze and wordsearch sheet
  • A piggy notepad with pigs to colour in
  • Plain cards and envelopes
  • Sheep decoration kit
  • A felt chicken paperclip (might have pinched that)
  • Glittery farm animal stickers

So as you can see, you get a lot for your money.

Mila and Pheebs Review

You can subscribe to the boxes which you will receive each month, and each month has a different theme. You can also unsubscribe at any time for times when you may be away. There is also an option to buy a one off which would make a lovely gift.

We had great fun making the horse which we did on a day after school when the weather was a bit pants and Isabelle fancied something fun to do. I was quite intrigued watching her with her concentration face on, determined to do the sewing part from beginning to end.

Mila and Pheebs Review


Mila and Pheebs Review

The Mila & Pheebs Stationery and Activity Box gets the thumbs up from us!

AND if you like what you’ve seen/read then you can get 10% OFF your first subscription by adding ‘babynotincluded’ until 31st March – would make a fab Easter Egg alternative.

Lisa x

*We were sent a Mila & Pheebs Stationery and Activity box free of charge for the purpose of review. All thoughts and opinions are 80% Isabelle’s and 20% mine.

Bidvine – Local Helping Hands!

Have you heard of Bidvine ?

•This is a collaborative post.

Bidvine is a great online service for finding professional help in all aspects of your life, from a plumber to a personal trainer.  There are over 800 services available covering the whole of the UK. 


The site which is also available as a mobile app is simple to use. When you first go to the site,  you simply put in the service that you are looking for along with your postcode. You are then asked some very simple questions so that you can be matched to the most relevant people in your area. 

So I gave it a go.

I thought that I would test this by searching for  Pet Boarding as we’re going away later in the year so will be looking for somebody to look after our lovely Charlie. 

These are the questions that we were asked. 

How many pets require boarding? 1 

What type of pets do you have?  Dog 

How long is the required boarding period? A week 

Do you require any related services?

Making sure they’re fed
Grooming services
Administering medication
I’m not sure

Where can the service be delivered?

The service pro travels to me

I travel to the service pro up to: This is where you add in the miles that you are willing to travel for the services. 

When do you need Pet Boarding?

There is a drop down menu asking on the timescale which you can choose from being urgent to requesting a specific date which is what we would chose for Pet Boarding. 

Anything else the Pet Boarding Service Provider needs to know?

You can add in any additional details or requirements if needed. 

How would you like to receive bids? 

You can opt to have a phone call with offers or text messages

Then the request is submitted. 

This works on the basis that the Bidvine database will match you with  professionals offering all sorts of services matching  your requirements. You will then be contacted either by  phone call or text with offers which you can accept or reject. 

I was contacted within 20 minutes of submitting my request which I thought was amazingly quick.

What did I think?

This is really simple to do, and you can sign up for a Bidvine account by logging in with your Facebook or google account or by creating one using your email and a password. 

I’ve had a good old poke around the site, and there’s all sorts of services on there including Flat Pack Furniture Assembling to Stress Management Coaching. It’s really simple to do and using the app, can be used with ease as and when things crop up. 

What’s better is that most of us like to use people who have been recommended, so for any jobs that are completed you will be asked to review the services, and in turn you can read other peoples reviews which will help you make the right choice for whatever you choose. 

I’ve downloaded the App as it’s always handy to have in case of an emergency. I have a list of odd jobs as long (actually longer than) my arm which try as he might, Chris just isn’t Bob the Builder! 



#Serenz Allergy Relief Review

#Serenz Allergy Relief Review



*Sniff Sniff*




#Serenz Allergy Relief

This is the sound to our life during allergy season.

I must confess that I don’t have much sympathy for Daddy’s plight with Hayfever, and get really annoyed with him with the constant sneezing and sniffing. Oh and don’t get me started on the moaning.

He’s just started a new job and has been to quite a few houses that have cats, which has only made things worse.

He’s tried tablets, sprays, eating local honey, homeopathic remedies, decongestants and probably a few other things that I can’t remember.

At my day job people drop like flies to hay fever so it causes quite a lot of disruption.

When we were asked to try #Serenz Allergy Relief I was really quite excited that we have a solution both to ease Daddy of this really annoying illness, but also to free the rest of us of this burden.


#serenz allergy relief

So how does #Serenz work?

#Serenz is a handheld device which you can keep easily in your bag which uses carbon dioxide to gently cleanse the nasal passages to relieve taller symptoms of nasal congestion, itchy, runny noses and sneezes.

When you first open the product you have to activate the device by using the blue key (which comes with it). Once this is done you can use the as and when you experience allergy symptoms.

It’s very simple to use by placing the nosepiece into the nose making sure there is a tight seal between your nose and the nosepiece so the gas does not escape.

You have to make sure that you either hold your breath or breathe through your nose during use which is 10 seconds per nostril, pushing the button during this time continuously.

What did we think?

The instructions were very clear and the product was very easy to use. When we read the instructions before using, we were slightly cautious as one of the precautions is that it is normal to experience a temporary nasal stinging or smarting sensation and/or watering eyes, but it did say that this was not harmful and would not last long. As most allergy sufferers would agree, it gets to the point where you would try anything to relieve the symptoms so on we went.

It’s a good size which would easily fit in your handbag and is very simple and easy to use. It can be a burden taking tablets every day so an alternative natural option is nice to have. Daddy did have stinging in his nose when  used, and had some improvement of his symptoms which was on parr with taking one a day tablet equivalents with a definite reduction in nose blowing!

The #Serenz Allergy Relief is £19.90 to buy and can be bought at Weldrick’s Pharmacy Online and provides 40, 10 second cleanses which is the equivalent of 20 cleanses for each nostril.

For more information and updates you can visit the Serenz Website



• Please note that we were sent a #Serenz Allergy Relief free of charge for the purpose of this review.


Baby Comp Weekly 21.05.13

Baby Comp Weekly 21.05.13

Well isn’t it nice to finally have some nice weather. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been able to spend some quality time together outdoors which has made a lovely change. We even managed to have a drink in a local pub garden and left the house without a coat.

Here’s a few of the many competitions that we’ve happened across over the past week.

1. Win a Personalised Peppa Pig Book from All Baby Advice(Our daughter was given one of these for her 2nd birthday and it’s lovely) – Closes 11.06.13

2. Win a Pair of Cheeky Shoes from A New Addition Blog – Closes 31.05.13

3. Win some Baking Goodies from One Dad 3 Girls – Closes 07.06.13

4. Win a Three Month Supply of Ribena Plus from Kiddy Charts – Closes 27.05.13

5. Win a copy of Annabel Karmel’s Quick & Easy Toddler Recipes from Mummy Can I Have – Closes 20.06.13

6. Win a Copy of the Shining Girls from Emma in Bromley Blog – Closes 27.05.13

7. Win a Senses Organic Starter Kit from A Greener Life for Us – Closes 04.06.13

Don’t forget to add your own blog competitions so that everyone else can enjoy and enter them.

Keep an eye on the site as new products appear online, and of course there’s our weekly #whatwillyougivemewednesday auction on our Facebook page where all bidding starts at 1p (8pm – 10pm every Wednesday evening). – Funky Clothing for Babies and Toddlers.

Baby Comp Weekly 14.05.13

Baby Comp Weekly

My patience is at an all time low at the moment. Toothache started about a week ago, and after a visit to the dentist I have an infection and am in need of a root canal and crown which terrifies me, but worse still is that I have to wait until 7th June before I can have the treatment done. I’m currently taking antibiotics which are making me feel awful and am dosing up on painkillers without much help.

I thought I would change things slightly. I’m going to list maybe 10 – 15 competitions that catch my eye and also add a linky tool so that you can add your own.

1. Win a Visionary Soap Gift Set from Side Street Style – Closes 20.05.13

2. Win a copy of Sooty The Children’s Birthday Party DVD from Mummy Feaver – Closes 20.05.13

3. Win a Doodle Bag from Mumpreneur UK – Closes 17.05.13.

4. Win a Neal’s Yard Gift Set from The Life of Laurie – Closes 17.05.13.

5. Win a Personalised Set of Cufflinks perfect for Father’s Day from Mummy Alarm – Closes 16.05.13

6. Win a Royal Baby Gift Set from The Mum Blog – Closes 22.05.13

7. Win a Munchkin Spill Proof Cup from Boo, Roo and Tiger Too – Closes 02.06.13

8. Win a Merci Maman Personalised NEON Charm Bracelet from Love From Mummy – Closes 24.05.13

9. Win a Kiddy Evolution Pro Group 0+ Carseat from Mellow Mummy – Closes 31.05.13

10. Win an OXO Feeding and Weaning Set from A Mummy Too – Closes 31.05.13

11. Win a Bottle of Maternicare Stretchmark Cream from Lucy’s Mad House – Closes 31.05.13

12. Win a Toddle Bike with Coombe Mill – Closes 22.05.13

13. Win some Picpack Magnets from Snowing Indoors – Closes 16.05.13


If you have any competitions running and would like them to be added either tweet me @babynotincluded or send me a mail Alternatively you could add them to the linky list below.

Good Luck x

If grabbing a bargain floats your boat then do pop over to our Facebook Page for our #whatwillyougivemewednesday auction. All bids start at 1p. It’s a lot of fun. Every Wednesday from 8pm – 10pm – Hope to see you there!


Baby Comp Weekly 11.09.12

Baby Comp Weekly 11.09.12

It’s that time of the week again and it seems that the competitions are coming through thick and fast.

We haven’t been ‘up North’ for a while and the last time being to Manchester. I was really impressed with the Trafford Centre and fancy going back. What better reason to go that to take a trip to the Legoland Discovery Centre. Incidentally you can win a Family Ticket over at Kiddy Charts at the moment.

Win some Get Milky Babywear over at Crazy with Twins.

If night times are a problem for your little one, then head on over to Daisy Chain Baby for the chance to Win a Lumilove Penguin Musical Nightlight.

Win a Family Ticket to see How Lion became King of Tinga Tinga Land over at From Rat to Positive Parent.

and Win a Spin Mania Game from Mummy Bird.

As always Good Luck x



Baby Comp Weekly 04.09.12

Baby Comp Weekly 04.09.12

We had a lovely morning at the Baby And Children’s Market on Saturday and are looking forward to being able to do more in the future. We met some lovely mums and dads and some truly gorgous babies. So here’s what we stumbled across this week.

Win an OXO Weaning Set from All Baby Advice (highly recommend this range).

For the chance to Win Olly the Little White Van Jigsaw Puzzles head on over the The Mini Mes and Me.

Win a Bundle of Usbourne Books from Playing by the Book

Win a Signed Copy of Dear Zoo from One Blue One Pink Blog

And if you pop over to Red Ted Art you are in with a chance of winning a Monster Catcher Game

As always, Good Luck x


Advent Calendar Competition Round-up

Advent Calendar Competition Round-up

We hope that you’ve all had a lovely Christmas spending time with your family and friends, and eating as much delicious food as you can manage.

Here’s a round-up of all the Fantastic Competitions that we started in the run-up to Christmas Day, and don’t forget that there’s plenty of time left to enter if you missed any!

1. A Pair of Inch Blue Shoes – Closes 01.01.12 – Pippa Ainsworth

2. A Set of Mudpuppy Constructibles – Closes 02.01.12 – Sharon Hingley

3. A Sweet Shop Jar from Hope and Greenwood – Closes 03.01.12 – Sarah Anguish

4. An Icicle Gumigem Teething Necklace – Closes 04.01.12 – Samantha Ripley

5.  A Pair of Jazzy Toes Slipper Socks – Closes 05.01.12 – Michaela Britton

6. A Sewing Course from The Old School Club – Closes 06.01.12 – Laura Hayes

7. A Gorgeous Book and Rabbit Gift Set – Closes 07.01.12 – Deborah Bird

8. A Lamaze Activity Knot – Closes 08.01.12 – Nicole Shahsafdari

9. Two Reusable Nappies from Baba+Boo -Closes 09.01.12 – Arianne

10. A Bug in a Rug Baby Wrap – Closes 10.01.12 – Jamie-Lee Norris

11. One of two T-shirts from Babba Tees – Closes 11.01.12 – Hannah Moody and Ness Gorton

12. A Pair of Vintage Bedlam Pyjamas – Closes 12.01.12 – Viv Gilbey

13. A Handknitted Daisy Cardigan – Closes 13.01.12 – Kelly Dutton

14. An Indicare Infant Emergency First Aid Guide – 14.01.12 – Kate Cunningham, Claire Worth, Emma Lowe, Mummy24 and Erica Price

15. A Pair of Jazzy Toes Mary Jane Style Tights– Closes 15.01.12 – Caroline Hammond

16. A Lamaze Cheese Sorter – Closes 16.01.12 – Laura Cadle

17. A Junior Mafia ‘Bad Boy for Life’ T-shirt – Closes 17.01.12 – Victoria Wilkinson

18. A Sophie 4 Sophie Kinky Bib – Closes 18.01.12 – Ness Gorton

19. An Organic Nightgown – Closes 19.01.12 – Elaine Livingstone

20. A Family Calendar 2012 – Closes 20.01.12 – Claire Parkinson

21. A Navy Mamascarf – Closes 21.01.12 – Danielle Baker

22. An Oops Fairy Baby Vest – Closes 22.01.12 – Josie Coltman

23. A Franck and Fischer Nico the Cow – Closes 23.01.12 – Olivia Kirby

24. A Stardust Kids Skater Dress – Closes 24.01.12 – Gillian Moloney

Congratulations x


Advent Calendar 22

Advent Calendar – 22

Advent Calendar 22

Win an Oops Fairy Baby Vest from Lovely and Lovely – Winner – Josie Coltman – Congratulations!

The name of this website is very befitting with their beautiful collection of goodies for babies, children and adults alike.

Lovely and Lovely is the creation of two sisters Camilla and Emily who set out on a journey to source handmade, ethical and funky products for us!

The Oops Fairy Baby Vest was designed by the talented Emily Brady and is made from 100% cotton. It comes in a drawstring bag making it a ready to give gift. The vests are available in sizes from 3 months to 18 months.

Whilst there, don’t forget to have a look at their lovely Fairy Bags, Fairtrade Gifts and Pocket Money Toys.


Just simply leave us a comment telling us what you would buy from Lovely and Lovely and the size of the vest if you’re the winner (compulsory)

For additional entries do any of the following (leaving a separate comment for each method):

* Follow us on Google Friends Connect (Right hand side).

* Like our Facebook Page (leaving a comment with your name/page)

* Click the Google +1 button at the top of the post (and let us know that you did via a comment)

* Tweet “I’ve entered to win a Fairy Baby Vest from @babynotincluded

Only entries that have the required information will be counted.

Closing Date: 22/01/12

Terms & Conditions

The is one Oops Fairy Baby Vest from Lovely and Lovely.

The winner will be picked at random and published on this site and via twitter and on our Facebook Page. If we have no response from the winner within 7 days following announcement, a redraw will take place.

The competition is open to the residents of the UK and Ireland only.

The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative is available.