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Belle’s Bedtime Reads – Wake Up Do Lydia Lou

Belle’s Bedtime Reads

Belle’s Bedtime Reads – Wake Up Do Lydia Lou by Julia Donaldson.

I think I’ve said previously that Isabelle has been a big fan of Julia Donaldson since an early age with her favourite being What the Ladybird Heard.

Wake Up Do Lydia Lou


The Ghost tries to wake-up Lydia-Lou but Lydia-Lou doesn’t wake up so he enlists the help of some friends such as a Kitten (Meeew), a Cow (Moooo), an Owl (Too-Whit-Too-Whoo) and some others to try and wake her up.

But she goes on sleeping!

What wakes up Lydia-Lou?

I won’t spoil the surprise.

This is a lovely bedtime read.

There are a lot of pictures and it’s not too long (bonus).

It can be quite an excitable book as your child joins in with all the various animal sounds.

This book gets a huge thumbs up from Isabelle and is in her ‘bedtime read basket’ which has all her faves (for the moment) in that we pick from each night and rotate on a regular basis.

We have two kids and probably enough books to fill a small library!

What are you reading to your kids at the moment? Leave me a comment.

Lisa x


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9 thoughts on “Belle’s Bedtime Reads – Wake Up Do Lydia Lou

  1. We love a Julia Donaldson book too. I haven’t seen this one before but will keep an eye out for it. I love your idea of bedtime book basket, I bet that really helps with the requests for the same book. X

  2. Isabelle really likes it, and we rotate it round so that we don’t have to read the same books over and over……

  3. We love ‘goat goes to playgroup’ & chocolate mousse for Freddy goose’ but I think ‘the singing mermaid’ & ‘sugarlumo the unicorn are her current favs’.

    Julia Donaldson is Children’s Poet Lauriette for a reason isn’t she ?

  4. Oh yes the Singing Mermaid is a fave here too. I haven’t heard of Chocolate Mousse for Freddy Goose so will look out for that. I never mind reading any of her books x

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