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Pregnancy Diary – Week 8

Pregnancy Diary – Week 8

Pregnancy Diary Week 8 week starting 22nd October. This is the second week of our half-term but I’m back to work this week leaving the rest of them at home and still in bed.

Pregnancy Diary Week 8

Week 8

This week is the same as last week in terms of how I’m feeling. It’s really hard being at work as I feel so so tired and have no concentration span whatsoever.

I always take my own lunch to work which is proving so problematic. I don’t really want anything but am snacking throughout the day. The smells from the staff kitchen are also bothering me. We’ve gone from everybody bringing salads and sandwiches to everybody bringing in warm food. Warm food = food smells.

I’m really fed up of being sick now. I know nobody likes being sick, but the constant feeling of feeling sick whilst hungry and not knowing if the next thing I eat is going to have me heading to the loo.

I also went to a wedding meal this week where we had to pre-order our food. What I’d previously ordered didn’t seem too appetising and I struggled through the meal with gritted teeth.


My baby is as big as an Olive weighing around nearly 2cm long. Already it’s fingers and toes have formed and it’s heart will beat at around 160 beats per minute. The baby’s skin is almost transparent and the colour pigment in their eyes has started to form. The baby’s diaphragm is developing which will enable the baby to breathe and hiccup.

Until next week.

Lisa x

#Blogmas – A Trip to the Christmas Lights

#Blogmas Day 8 – A Trip to the Christmas Lights

Yesterday was late night shopping in Exeter and as I’m feeling a little bit less exhausted at the moment we thought we would take the opportunity to take a trip to the Christmas Lights.

I met Chris and Isabelle in town after I finished work in the hope that we could catch the 5pm showing of Spark which are an LED drumming group in Princesshay.

A Trip To The Christmas Lights

We turned up just in time as they had just started. It was heaving so it was quite difficult at first to find a spot where Isabelle might have a chance to be able to see.

We did find the perfect spot where lots of children were and Isabelle had the perfect view until a group of women came and pushed their way through and stood in front of the kids. I was more than a bit annoyed!

A Trip To The Christmas Lights

However, it took a bit of an unexpected turn when the drummers started to march through the crowd and headed off through the shopping centre. Everybody upped and left to follow them.

At first we weren’t going to follow as there were so many people we didn’t think we’d stand a chance of being able to see them. We headed off in the directed of the Charity Christmas trees, which if you know Exeter are in behind the side of Debenhams and go along all the way past Chando’s Deli (yum) where you end up back in the centre of Princesshay.

It just so happens that we ended up in the middle of the Spark drummers. Quite literally as they went past either side of us which was quite a treat. We had a great view and managed to watch the remainder of the show.

A Trip To The Christmas Lights

We finished off our Christmas Lights outing by going for food of Isabelle’s choice, so off we headed to McDonalds to join the longest queue along with half of Exeter’s parents and kid population!

A Trip To The Christmas Lights

This year I think I’m going to try and convince Chris into taking us on a bit of a tour of the streets where there are houses that have decorated the outside of their houses. I thought that we could have some snacks, maybe some chocolates and even a cup of hot chocolate (in a travel mug). I’ve yet to mention this so Sshhhh…….

A Trip To The Christmas Lights

Charity Christmas Trees

A Trip To The Christmas Lights

Pregnancy Diary – Week 7

Pregnancy Diary – Week 7

Pregnancy Diary Week 7 started 15th October. This week was our holiday at Bluestone Wales. I was really looking forward to it but at the same time a bit worried that our secret would be outed.

Pregnancy Diary Seven Weeks

Week 7

Food and smells are a real issue at the moment. When we arrived at Bluestone it was bucketing down, and we’d also arrived early so had a little wait in the carpark before we could check in. It was worth the wait, the lodge was amazing and so spacious. You can read about out Bluestone stay in our previous posts.

Although it was nice having a secret between Chris and I, we were bursting to tell people. Due to our scare last week it feels better to keep it a secret just in case anything happens.

We didn’t have proper milk on our first day, we had UHT milk which is totally rank in tea. My issue with tea has already begun, but add in UHT milk and hello toilet bowl. Bleurgh.

The advantages of being on holiday was not always knowing what we were going to eat. If I think about eating too much, the much wanted bolognaise planned this morning becomes the last thing I want to eat in the world as they day goes on.

My Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law went for a morning in the spa which sounded really lovely. I would have loved to have gone as well but never mind. We took Isabelle to a craft event instead where she made a leaf lantern which she really enjoyed.

Weirdly we got around the issue of wine which I poured down the bathroom sink. Either nobody noticed me take my glass to the loo with me or they think I sit on the loo to drink wine!

Anyway we had a lovely week and I wish I could have brought the bed home with me which was super comfortable and my favourite place at the moment.


According to the Bounty Pregnancy App, at six weeks the baby is the size of a blueberry.

The baby is starting to form into an actual person with emerging arm and leg buds and a beating heart. It still has a tail which will go soon.


Lisa x

#Blogmas – Christmas Wish List of a 7 Year Old

#Blogmas – Christmas Wish List of a 7 Year Old

Following on from My Christmas Wish List, I thought I would post Isabelle’s Christmas Wish List so here is the Christmas Wish List of a 7 year old. The list is endless. She wants everything that she see’s advertised on the TV so we have had a chat about Christmas not being just about presents to which she rolled her eyes at me.

So here goes……

Christmas Wish List of a 7 Year Old


Christmas Wish List of a 7 Year Old

Top of the list has to be the Zoomer Show Pony and I’m pretty sure that you can get a unicorn version as well. Neither of the kids have had any kind of robotic toy before so I’m not sure if this will be a five minute fad or something Isabelle will get a lot of play out of.

Christmas Wish List of a 7 Year Old

Hatchimals Twins – I thought Isabelle would have liked the pink giraffe’s but apparently she wants these Peacats. She was desperate for a Hatchimal last year but after searching high and low we just weren’t quick enough off the mark to get one.

Christmas Wish List of a 7 Year Old

The Shopkins Shoppies Skyanna’s Jet Set Playset – We ummed and ahhed over this for Isabelle’s birthday in September but in the end opted for a different Shopkins Set. However, this has been mentioned time and time again and she really does get a lot of use out of her Shopkins so I’ve got a feeling that this may be under the tree come Christmas day.

Christmas Wish List of a 7 Year Old

Unicorn Poo – What is it with slime at the moment? We did try and make our own slime a couple of times which went completely wrong. I’m not sure that this is slime but she loves the rainbow colour and it’s squishy so it’s on the list!

Christmas Wish List of a 7 Year Old

LOL Doll Big Surprise Ball – I feel awful writing this, but although this is on Isabelle’s wish list it will not be under the tree this Christmas. Apart from the fact that they are impossible to get they really don’t seem good value for money at all. Once all the plastic has been taken off and each ball has been open there is very little to show for your money.

Christmas Wish List of a 7 Year Old

Fingerlings – These cute little monkey’s curl around your finger and seem to be one of the must haves for this year. Isabelle has wanted one of these for a little while and they are very reasonably priced as a gift so why not.

Christmas Wish List of a 7 Year Old

A Unicorn Hooded Blanket – With the colder weather and my pregnancy exhaustion we’ve been snuggling up on the sofa after school to watch films and play games. Isabelle loves a blanket and we spotted this hooded one which I thought would be perfect. She may even let me have a corner to cover my feet.

Christmas Wish List of a 7 Year Old

Spirograph – This has been around for years, but I don’t think will ever go out of trend since it’s a bit of a classic. Isabelle loves to draw and colour so would really enjoy this set. She’s seen it on TV quite a few times and has screeched at the TV that she ‘has to have it’!

Christmas Wish List of a 7 Year Old

Lego Friends Heartlake Summer Pool. She’s got a few smaller Lego sets now and has really enjoyed building them. We saw this set in town the last time we went in so this went on the Christmas list.

Christmas Wish List of a 7 Year Old

Colour Glow Glisten Build a Bear. I did point out that she already has a Build a Bear Reindeer but it’s not this one, so it’s on the list. She has quite a nice collection of Build a Bears along with accessories but never tires of them. This is the one shop along with Smiggle that we can’t get past in town without just having a look.

This is just the cream of Isabelle’s Christmas Wish List.

What’s on your kids Christmas Wish List?

Lisa x

Pregnancy Diary – Six Weeks

Pregnancy Diary Six Weeks.

I wrote all of this when I thought I was around eight week’s pregnant based on my dates, but since having the scan it seems that I would have only been six weeks at this point. So here is my Pregnancy Diary Week Six (written 8th October).

Pregnancy Diary Six Weeks

The nausea has hit a high!

Monday morning and not only did I switch my alarm off and go back to sleep but there’s a smelly man on the bus. The smell is wafting and it’s taking all my energy not to be sick on the head of the girl in front of me.

I’m starving but I don’t fancy anything unless it has cheese in/on it. I’m loving those Tuc Cheese Sandwiches, crackers and cheese, crisps and a lump of cheese, cheese on toast or just cheese on its own.

I wonder how far I’ll get before I’m swigging gaviscon from the bottle.

I’m not sure if I’m going to get to the twelve week scan before I’m outed. I look and feel like death. I do not have any glow about me. I have the concentration span of a goldfish and am toddler foot stamping tired!

We’re off on our holibobs next week with the kids, our sons girlfriend, the in laws and my sister in-law.

This is going to be the test of all tests. Why am I not having a glass of wine and how am I going to disguise the sickness.

I could pretend I have an all week sickness bug! Hmmm I dunno.

Would it be so bad if they knew? Probably not but I want the reassurance that all is well before we reveal our secret.

On the plus side it means I only have one week of work which will make things slightly easier.

Today was possibly the worse so far in terms of feeling sick. The highlight of the day being needing to wee for the millionth time. After going in the loo and locking the door does the whiff of somebody else’s pooh. Hand clamped over my mouth I have two options:

1. Run out and gasp for air whilst gagging on an eye watering way.

2. Stop breathing, go about my business and get out of their asap.

As much as it pained me I had to opt for number 2. I was desperate to go and was just about to leave for a 45 minute trip home. I had to gather myself and act/look normal on departure. Bleugh why can’t people save their dirty business for when they get home!

I’ve had a little bit of spotting this week which has scared me so much. I’ve been obsessively checking and have been barely moving in case I do something to harm the baby. Of course I’d convinced myself that I was going to lose the baby and although the GP was great when I spoke to him, he did say that if it’s going to happen it will and there’s very little I could do about it.

It may be factual but not at all comforting. I’ve got my first appointment with the midwife on Friday and he said that she may book me in for an early scan.

I think that I’m possibly further on than 8 weeks but we’ll see.

I met one of the practice midwives today along with a student midwife. They were both very nice and asked me lots of questions.

We’re we happy about the pregnancy? Yes

Had I had any previous complications? Gestational diabetes.

All the usual checks such as blood pressure and weight. I wasn’t expecting to have blood taken today. My appointment was really close to Isabelle’s pick up time and I’m a bit of a fainter when blood is taken.

I explained that I thought I was further along than expected which has been the case both times previously. The dates are taken from the first day of your last period which technically makes me eight weeks today, but I’ve had a full period both times before which would actually make me 12 weeks pregnant.

Despite this, my scan was booked on my predicted dates for the 16th November. This seems like a long way off.

I was given an enormous folder which was packed full of stuff so had to cram this into my bag and smuggle it home before school pick up.

The next appointment I have is at home which the midwife will be contacting me to arrange.

How did you feel at this stage?

Lisa x

#blogmas – Christmas Activities for Families in Exeter

#Blogmas – Day 4 – Christmas Activities for Families in Exeter

I think we’re really lucky living in Exeter as there are so many things to do and see, and we’re definitely spoilt for choice at Christmas. Here are some of the things that we have done in the past as well as some things we think you will love.Exeter

1. Cathedral Christmas Market

Don’t forget to take a trip to the Christmas Market which is held in the Cathedral Green. It’s packed full of lovely local sellers where you can buy lots of unusual and unique gifts. There are also lots of food stalls so you can make a bit of an event of it with a bit of shopping, something to eat and a glass of mulled wine. It’s even nicer if you go on a Thursday evening for late night shopping, but be warned if you take the kids as it’s usually heaving. If you want to check out what kind of stalls are there then head on over to the Exeter Cathedral Website where they are listed.

2. Spark at Princesshay

Thursday 7th December. Performances will take place at 5pm, 6pm and 7pm and last about 30 minutes. Spark combines high impact drumming with kaleidoscope lighting. It looks like a real treat. We’re going to head to Princesshay to watch this and am looking forward to it.


Spark! by Worldbeaters Music from Fools Paradise on Vimeo.

3, A Touch of the Wild Christmas Family Fun Day

Saturday 16th December. Taking place at Grammarcombe Woods this festive celebration involves Christmas Craft Activities. All children get that chance to make a Christmas gift to take home and keep. There will be a surprise visit from Santa and his elf helper where all children will receive a special gift. Tickets (booking essential) are priced at £9.50 for children over 18 months, £6.50 for adults. The price includes a christmas gift for the children and hot chocolate or hot drinks for all.

4. Cotley Farm Christmas

If you’re looking for a real Christmas Tree then head to Cotley Farm and make it into a christmassy experience. Visit the farm shop, pick out a tree and then head to meet the reindeer (including one year old Willow). They are also holding Kids Craft Events in December where the kids can make a creation that they can take home to keep. Booking is advisable for the crafting but you can pop to the farm during opening hours at your leisure.

Christmas Family Activities in Exeter

5. Christmas at Killerton – Wind in the Willows

It’s a while since I read Wind in the Willows, and we’ve yet to read it to Isabelle. Killerton is one of the places that we like to and explore, often with our dog in tow. It’s a beautiful setting. This year you will find Toad, Ratty Mole and Badger throughout the rooms where scenes are set up to tell the story. As well as the house, you can wander through the twinkling outdoor trails where you will find activities themed on the classic story. Dates for this are available throughout December and end on the 5th January. Booking is essential as all events do get really busy.

Christmas Activities for Families in Exeter

6. Carols by Candlelight at the Donkey Sanctuary

Join the donkeys and Santa himself for a magical evening of Christmas carols illuminated by thousands of candles. There will be 20 jazz saxophonists from the Saxminster band who will play a host of merry tunes followed by a 45 minute Christmas Carol Service starting at 5pm. Mulled wine, hot drinks and mince pies will be available as well as hot food served in their restaurant. The event is free to attend so I imagine you will have to get there nice and early.

Christmas Family Activities

7. Cofton Christmas with Father Christmas Story Time – 20.12.17 

For one day only there is  a very special surprise for all the very lucky boys and girls who have been well behaved this year! Santa will share his favourite Christmas Story, and you will get to meet his trusted Reindeer and Snow Dog. You can even pop to the North Pole Workshop and make your own gift. For the adults there will be the opportunity to buy some Christmas gifts at the Christmas Market where local traders will be selling their wares. Admission is £8.00 for children which allows one adult free admission. Additional adults will be charged at £4.

I hope this give you a good start with things to do. This is going to be an ongoing post that I will update as I find or go to exciting events. Do you have somewhere great that you like to take your children?

Free or paid events welcome.

Lisa x


Happy Days Linky – Loads to look forward to

Happy Days Linky

It’s been a while since I wrote a Happy Days Linky post. Mostly because we’ve been sitting on a secret. A big one!

As announced this week by Isabelle we are looking forward to becoming parents again in June 2018.

Whilst we’re extremely happy with this news, I’ve been feeling really poorly and was slightly worried about announcing to the world as we did have a bit of a scare at about eight weeks.

I am officially 14 weeks today and the exhaustion that I’ve been feeling has eased off enough to feel half human.

I feel a bit sorry for Isabelle as I’ve not really had the energy to do very much so we’ve watched quite a lot of films snuggled on the sofa where I may have had a sneaky catnap or two.

Advent Calendars – Isabelle has been on countdown for ages to the day she could start opening her calendar. We got her a Smiggle one this year and Nanny got her a My Little Pony Chocolate one. Ryan has two also but he’s far too grown-up to show interest either way. We also got Charlie (the dog) one which is full of gourmet dog treats.

We went to Isabelle’s Christmas Fair at school on Friday where there was a game where you either got a prize or a Brussels sprout. Isabelle asked what you did if you got a sprout to which I told her you had to eat it. She won one prize and one sprout. I burst out laughing when she turned round with her mouth full of chewed up sprout, crying that she was going to be sick. Of all the times to take any notice of what I say it was then. Bless her.

How was your week?

Lisa x

#Blogmas 15 Christmas Cracker Jokes

#Blogmas 15 Christmas Cracker Jokes

Today’s #Blogmas post is 15 Christmas Cracker Jokes. I thought I would add this in as although a lot of the jokes that you get in crackers are pretty naff, they always have the kids in stitches and are repeated well past Christmas even if they get them a bit muddled. Get ready for a belly laugh.

Christmas Cracker Jokes

1. What does Santa do with fat elves?

He sends the to an Elf Farm.

2. What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?

A Christmas Quacker!

3. What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?


4. What do you call a snowman in summer?

A puddle.

5. Why was the snowman looking through the carrots?

He was picking his nose.

6. What do you give a dog for Christmas?

A mobile bone

7. What do you call a snowman party?

A Snowball.

8. How does Jack Frost get to work?

On his Bi-icicle.

9. Who delivers presents to baby sharks at Christmas?

Santa Jaws

10. What do snowmen have for breakfast?


11. Who hides in the bakery at Christmas?

A mince spy!

12. What kind of motorbike does Santa ride?

A Holly Davidson

13. What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire?


14. What did one snowman say to the other?

Can you smell carrots.

15. What did the snowman say to the aggressive carrot?

Get out of my face!

Cheesy enough for you? I’ve tried all of these out on my seven year old daughter who thought they were hilarious. We’re making our own Christmas Crackers this year so we’ll be using some of these to use on the rellies.

Lisa x

#Blogmas – My Christmas Wish List

#Blogmas – My Christmas Wish List

When I’m asked what I want for Christmas I always feel a bit awkward, but there are a few things that I’ve been coveting so I thought I would write My Christmas Wish List.

My Christmas Wish List

Last year Chris bought me a Powder Beauty Drawer Box which I absolutely loved so I’m going to put something similar on my wish list for this year. This one from Glossy Box looks pretty awesome!

My Christmas Wish List

A ‘Team No Sleep’ Hoody from the Unmumsy Mums brand spanking new shop since pregnancy insomina has arrived early and then will come the baby! There are loads in the range, one of which all mums can relate to.

My Christmas Wish List

A new cosy dressing gown. Especially as much of my time at the moment is spent resting on the sofa when I get home from work and the rest of the time sleeping (trying) I fancy a new dressing gown. I like this Ted Baker Grey Dressing Gown from Debenhams. It’s the colour and the cosy-looking-ness of this one that I like.

My Christmas Wish List

Sticking along the comfort line, I would really like some lovely comfy (and stretchy) pyjamas. I really like these Peacock Pyjamas from Next which are not in the maternity range but they do have an elasticated waist to they will probably be fine.

My Christmas Wish List

I love a planner or notebooks so I’ve picked this Passion Planner which I’ve heard mentioned a few times around the blogging world which I would LOVE.

My Christmas Wish List

A Light Box –  I’ve wanted one of these for a while but just haven’t got round to buying one.

My Christmas Wish List

A New Bag – I can just see Chris rolling his eyes at the mere mention of another bag, but I don’t have anywhere as many as most women so there! I like this one which is an every day bag which would be suitable for work.

My Christmas Wish List

A pair of Maternity Skinny Jeans. I’m a little way off maternity clothes at the moment but the time will come when I need some stretchy clothes. I’m going to pick these Skinny Jeans from New Look since they will go with anything.

My Christmas Wish List

A New Coat with room for a bump. The coats that I currently have are all quite tight fitting so it won’t take long for my belly to be popping out.

My Christmas Wish List

Last on my list is a pair of new boots and I’ve spotted these ones that are totally lush and would go with my skinny jeans and the above coat whilst holding my new handbag. My Christmas Wish List

As you can see pretty much everything I’ve chosen is a practical item but they are things that I want.

What are you hoping to get this Christmas?



Pregnancy Diary – Finding Out

Pregnancy Diary – Finding out

2nd October 2017 – So if the title of the post wasn’t clue enough it would appear that we’re pregnant! I thought I would start a Pregnancy Diary both for myself as well as sharing the ups and downs with you guys. So here is my finding out post.

Pregnancy Diary - Finding our

You may or may not have seen my little announcement on Instagram (at the bottom) where a very excited Isabelle is telling the world (or a very small portion).

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy for the last few weeks. Really tired and not really retaining any new information which as I’ve just started a new job has really messed with my head. One of my usual strengths is my weird memory and the ability to retain lots of information useful or not. Since starting my new job my memory has got the better of me, and I’m relying heavily on my notes as I can’t seem to remember the easiest of things.

My sickness record is usually ace, but I’ve already taken two days off with a sickness bug in the two months of starting the job.

Who knew that the sickness bug was actually a baby bug!

I’ve been using an app to track my periods. I only starting doing this as we went on holiday in August and I was monitoring it so that if my period was due I could go to the doctors and get the tablet that stops your period so that I could go swimming and wear nice clothes.

The app calculated that I was 14 days late, but I wouldn’t allow myself to think that it could be positive. I even joked that I was starting the menopause early!

I did the test and we sat and waited to see if the two lines appeared – and they did, bold as brass.

I’m writing this part only two days after finding out, and I think I’m still in shock. Good shock.

I didn’t want my baby days to be over, but at 36 I didn’t think there were going to be any more for us.

The app has a pregnancy feature which you can switch to pregnancy mode which works out how many weeks you are based on your last period.

When I switched the app to pregnancy mode it worked out that I was 7 weeks pregnant.

I’m not sure how acurate this will be as with both other children I’ve been further along than expected each time. Both times I had a period at the beginning of my period which skewiffed the dates.

Since my sickness bug (baby bug) I’ve been feeling really nauceous every day. Fingers crossed that it won’t be so bad this time, but based on both other pregnancies I may be feeling sick right up until labour day.

Pregnancy gives me a huge hate hate relationship with food. Everything makes me feel sick unless it’s something that I really fancy and it appears before me within seconds.

I’m still drinking tea at the moment but already the taste of milk is overtaking so I don’t think it will be long before I pack that in.

My sense of smell is going into over drive. All I can smell is GARLIC – I like garlic, but I can smell it every where. Catching the bus to work is a killer! Garlic breath, overpowering perfume and smelly people are sending me over the edge. I have a pocket full of hard boiled sweets to try and stop me gagging or worse – WHAT IF I’M SICK ON THE BUS!

Clearly the pregnancy is a secret at the moment. It’s nice having the secret because it’s a nice secret! The knowing secret looks between Chris and I are nice, but I really must stop rubbing my belly.

I’ve made my first appointment with the midwife for Friday 13th (hmm I might change that).

So for now it’s all nod nod wink wink between Chris and I and me doing all I can not to throw up on the bus, at work or on the dog (he stinks as well)!


Lisa x

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