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Advent Calendar – 7.


Furry Rabbit and Book Gift set from White Rabbit England

Win a Gorgeous Rabbit and Book Gift Set – Winner – Deborah Bird – Congratulations!

We have two of these gorgeous Gift Sets up for grabs. The set comprises a gorgeously soft White Rabbit and book called ‘Footprints in the Snow’ written by the co-founder of White Rabbit all lovely tucked up inside a fabric rabbit appliquéd bag.

This lovely website has a lovely selection of Children’s interiors including Nightlights, Children’s Bedding and beautiful Bone China Gift Sets.

I absolutely love the Nightlights. They have a selection of animals including the award winning Rabbit Lamp which is simple but so befitting for a child’s bedroom. My absolute favourite is the Bramble Toadstool Nightlight. I can just see myself reading to my daughter with this on her bedside.

The whole selection from White Rabbit England is very simple, whilst being exquisite and adding a touch of luxury to your child’s room.

White Rabbit England was set up by two sisters, Victoria and Charlotte ‘As little girls in the Nineteen Seventies, Victoria and her sister Charlotte slept with an enchanting pottery toadstool light beside their beds. Hand painted in earthenware and decorated with dancing elves and fairies, it was the magical centerpiece of their bedside table, filling their bedroom with a gentle, reassuring light.

Some years ago, now grown up, married and with young children of their own, the sisters set out to find a modern replacement for the light they had known and loved as children. When they couldn’t find anything suitable, they resolved to make their own. But not just for themselves; for children all over Britain too. And so White Rabbit England was born.’


Leave us a comment telling us your bedtime routine with your children.

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Only entries that have the required information will be counted.

Closing Date: 07/01/12

Terms & Conditions

The prize is a Rabbit and Book Gift Set from White Rabbit England.

The winner will be picked at random and published on this site and via twitter and on our Facebook Page. If we have no response from the winner within 7 days following announcement, a redraw will take place.

The competition is open to the residents of the UK and Ireland only.

The prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative is available.


Good Luck x


199 thoughts on “Advent Calendar – 7.

  1. My baby is coming up for 3 weeks so I would’nt exactly say we have a routine, although I do keep nightime a little calmer by dimming the lights and talking softly to her.


  2. my oldest is 12 and he goes upto bed at 8.30-9.00 and reads a chapter or 2 of his book then its lights off, my middle two are 6 and 4, they go upto bed 7-7.30 i read them 2 books that they pick and then they go 2 sleep, the baby is 7 weeks so no set night time really, she has her last feed about 10ish, change her nappy, then cwtch her and she drifts off 2 sleep X

  3. My bedtime routine is bath, we all sit on the settee and read a story. I like reading the childrens books from school and everyone reads one characters lines. I have tweeted as @headsy12

  4. Hi,

    Great story. I’d love to read that to our sons.
    We usually have a bath for both of them before we head to bed and settle them. The older one always gets a story read to us: either from his favourite book or I make something up from my travel or work. It works wonder.

    Thanks, great site.

  5. We read a lift the flap or touch / feel book with erica who is seven months old. You can tell when she is tired as she tries to hurry you through the book by turning to the next page before you have finished! One of us will then sit up beside her cot and cuddle her until sleepy enough to settle completely in cot – this can range from a few minutes to almost an hour…

  6. we get the babies bottles, lay them on our bed and get them dressed for bed while big brother, Conor, reads their bedtime story

  7. with my 2 and 4 year old they both have a bath at 5 then at 5.15 my son gets dressed and into bed for a story(hes autistic and if we are lucky he dont wake till 6 no matter what time he goes to bed hence early bedtime)then after a story its lights out at 5.30.2 year old goes up at 7 for a story and lights out.7 month old has a calming bath at about 8 then get dressed and bottle at 9 then(fingers crossed teething dont start)goes down all night till about 7-8 am 🙂
    my fb name is sarah clegg

  8. I wished I had one for my son of 11, his has aspergers and in the whole 11 years since he was born sleep is a beautiful rare thing. My youngest loves a good bedtime cuddle and a snuggle before bed.

  9. my 9 year old goes to bed at 6 year old goes to bed at 8.00 and my 5 year old goes to bed at for my 3 week old baby,he goes to bed when he feels like it lol. they all have a bath straight after dinner which is normally about 6pm and each get a story at bedtime

  10. sorry that last one was google friend connect. my google+ is Caroline Sullivan

  11. tweeted (@melandtony) and following you on facebook. this is such a cute prize

    melanie x

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