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World Book Day

This is our FIRST World Book Day! (it’s the 3rd March if you didn’t know).

As this is Isabelle’s first year at school we have yet to partake in this school event, and as earlier this year they had superhero day and there were some impressive costumes the pressure is on.

I wanted to base this on Isabelle’s favourite book (or one of) not which costume was the easiest to make/obtain.

So our favourite books at the moment are:

The Scarecrows Wedding
Trixie Ten
Winnie the Witch (ANY)
The Princess and the Wizard
I don’t want to go to bed

So I was thinking that the easiest option would be The Little Princess which would consist of a white nightly and a crown or Winnie the Witch would be quite an easy option as well. There’a a fantastic Stickman costume which you can see on the Pinterest board, but I’m not sure that I could convince Isabelle to wear it. I would like to make one, but there isn’t much time with Isabelle currently being ill, work and general life.

As with all my crafty projects I always take to trusty old Pinterest (what did we do before).

I’d love to know what characters you’re dressing your kids as.

Either pop us an email to and we’ll have a little post with all the pics, pop a pick on our Facebook page or add a link to your pinterest account so we can have a look.

We’ve also set up a World Book Day Pinterest Board if you need some ideas as well.

Follow babynotincluded’s board World Book Day on Pinterest.

I’ll share a little pic of Isabelle once she’s decided which character she want to be.

Lisa x – Good Quality Nursery Wall Stickers 

A Birthday Blog

A Birthday Blog

I don’t normally like to post about my own birthday as it’s just another reminder of a year gone by but I had such a lovely day yesterday and was totally spoilt.

If you read my rant from the other day you will know that I’ve spent the whole of this half-term and my week off work looking after a poorly Isabelle.

It wasn’t much fun and not much sleep was had by anybody other than the teenager (typical). We’re still well and truly on the way to recovery with the aid of antibiotics, Calpol, ice lollies and fruit.

Us adults are just about managing to stay awake past ten o’clock most days.

However, in amongst all of this drama it was my birthday yesterday. We missed out on a night out to watch our friends play (The Fabulous Beaver Brothers) which was a bit gutting to be missing out on a chance to strut our stuff but we still hoped to go out for Sunday lunch.

We had the usual birthday visitors over the weekend which was nice and I was a bit more than spoilt by everyone.

I had my FIRST ever make-up consultation on Saturday. The reason for it being my first is that I’m hopeless at saying no to sales people. I would probably come away with my overpriced goody bag full of products that I didn’t like/want and thank them for it profusely.

I am THAT person that answers the door to the charity callers and returns from the door clutching the direct debit form thing as I can’t say no!

The make-up consultation was a present for my OH (rather thoughtful) BUT unfortunately he doesn’t know anything about make-up any more than he knows about how to re-string a violin. So off I trot for my appointment with the Bare Minerals make-up girls.

I know nothing about the brand Bare Minerals and it wouldn’t have been my consultation of choice. However, the two girls were lovely and welcoming. It was foundation that I was interested in as I was getting a bit fed-up of using the same make-up day in day out, and wanted to try some nicer brands.  I have freckles which I’ve always hated and dark circles under my eyes (cheers kids), but instead of covering these up, the make-up seemed to highlight them. Apparently the brand likes to celebrate imperfections rather than mask them.

Thankfully I managed to politely get away without making any purchases so that I could rush home and re-do my face.

All was made well by muffins and biscuits – no harm done.

Apart from that the rest of the weekend was great and we did manage to go for Sunday lunch at our local pub.

As you can see I got some lovely gifts.


Lisa x 

February Half Term

This isn’t yet another post about how I can’t wait for the kids to go back to school or that they’re driving me insane.

Mine is a total rant about the unfairness that each and every school holiday (and a lot of weekends, and week days actually) we spend a big portion of it at home.

Not doing arts and crafts should it be a cold and rainy day or baking or in fact having friends round to play BUT slathering on the Vick’s, watching endless episodes or Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly and the odd Disney film whilst attempting to tempt Isabelle to eat even the most minuscule of meals.


I ache from head to toe as I sit and cuddle her, and will her to get better.

We have a good couple of hours during the day some days but as the day goes on her temperature rises, the coughing gets worse followed by the sickness and she turns from being her lovely self to a stroppy, doesn’t want to do anything ball of heat and that’s when the clock watching begins.

Night times are the pits with her raised temperature and coughing which is nearly always followed by a bout of sickness which we are getting quite good at catching (but not always).

Isabelle doesn’t have a chronic illness. She catches each and every germ going from coughs, colds, sickness and tummy bugs.

We’re turning into THOSE parents who will phone to find out if there are any sniffles or such like before we allow playdates. Those are the parents that I used to have a silent snigger to myself at their over protectiveness who I’d clearly high five these days.

It’s not just the constant illnesses that get to us, but the exhaustion that comes hand in hand as we get up and down with her in the night, the changing of beds and nightclothes, and the knowing that no matter how many times she’s been up at night she’ll still be up at the crack of dawn to start the next day.

We’ve had this bout of illnesses since she was born and usually she’s most susceptible between November to March and then we get a bit of reprieve as the nicer weather sets in.

We’re hoping that she will grow out of it, but until then we’ll keep on going armed with Calpol, cough medicine, Vicks on the chest, back and feet, Piriton, Breath easy plug-in, warm bath, lemon and honey, airing the room, extra pillows…………… get my drift.

This time she has tonsillitis and ear infection on top of a cough and cold so we need to add antibiotics to the list above.

Please jump in if you think I’ve missed something!

On the up side it did give me time to add our New range of Enchanted Interiors Nursery Wall Stickers. Have you seen them? They’re pretty special.

Lisa x 

Valentines Day Card Craft

Valentines Day Card Craft

Valentines Day Card Craft – With Valentines Day just around the corner what perfect excuse to get the kids to be a spot of crafting by making their Valentines Day Card.

Valentines Day Card Craft

What you will need: 

  • Either pre-bought cards or white card folded in half
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Coloured tissue paper


What to do:

Depending on the size of your card, cut a large heart shape to fit.

Cut up the tissue paper into small squares. We used pale pink, bright pink and purple.

Screw up the pieces of tissue paper and glue onto the heart shape.

Valentines Day Card

Keep going until you’ve covered the whole heart.

Glue the heart into place on the card and voila!

All you need to do now is decide who you’re going to send it to.

Lisa x


From a Mother to Another!

From a Mother to Another

From a Mother to Another (#MotherToAnother)

How many clothes have your kids got?

How many of those are packed away longing to be worn by another little boy or girl?

From a Mother to Another is a great way to make a fellow Mummy or Daddy smile in the knowledge that their child is wearing warm, fitting clothes at no expense to you.

In fact JoJo Maman Bebe will exchange your pre-loved clothes for £5 to spend across their 72 stores.

JoJo will be collecting good quality outgrown or unwanted baby and children’s clothes in, sizes 0-6 years, at their 72 stores across the UK and Ireland (Click here for a full list). Ideally these will be made up outfits in clear plastic bags (large freezer bags will suffice) with the age clearly marked.

Did you know that nearly a third of the UK’s clothing ends up in landfill (shocking), equating to 350,000 tonnes a year. By extending the life of clothes by just three months of active use, carbon and water waste could be reduced by up to 5-10% a year. Sending good quality, little worn hand-me-downs to those in need could mean they are worn by many more children.

The emergency clothing packs will be distributed by some of the Trussell Trust’s 420 Foodbanks across the UK and by a number of partner charities on the ground in Lebanon. Helen Frank’s from Trussell Trust explains why she jumped at the chance to get involved;  “I am delighted Trussell Trust Foodbanks will be participating in the From A Mother To Another campaign with JoJo, it is a natural fit to The Trussell Trust’s ‘More Than Food’ approach, which offers additional services to help alleviate poverty in the UK. Over a third of three day emergency food supplies provided by Trussell Trust foodbanks go to children in crisis. From a Mother to Another is a perfect way for one mum to bring a little light and a lot of comfort to another.”

From a Mother to AnotherLaura Tenison, founder & CEO of JoJo, visited refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley on the Lebanese Syrian border late last year and as a result JoJo launched an urgent appeal to collect winter shoes and boots for the children living in tents, now under snow.

Laura explained what she found when visiting the camps; “The situation is dire and the millions of women and children living in makeshift tents are in urgent need of emergency humanitarian aid to help until it is safe to travel home – just a few miles across the border. They left Syria with whatever they could carry. Their children have outgrown their clothes long ago and are often in rags. The gift of a FAMTA pack brings tears of gratitude. Children are dying from the cold, we just had to help.”

So this is how you can help:

  • Pick out some of your little ones pre-worn clothes (of good quality) to make up a complete outfit making sure that the whole outfit is of the same size.
  • Blow a kiss on them.
  • Put in clear plastic bags (we used large freezer bags).
  • Clearly mark the sizing, gender and season on the outside.
  • Pop into your local JoJo Maman Bebe (for your nearest click here).
  • Receive your £5 to spend at JoJo Maman Bebe and relish in the fact that your donation will make another Mummy very happy

Donations can be dropped off between 2nd February – 5th March 2016 and then all outfits will be packaged up and sent off to their new little people in time for Mother’s Day.

Keep up to date with how the campaign is going by following @jojomamanbebe or using the hashtag #MotherToAnother.

Here are ours:


Show us yours either in the comments or link up on our Facebook Page or Twitter making sure that you use the hashtag #MotherToAnother

From a Mother To AnotherLisa x – Funky Baby Clothes and Gifts