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My Pinterest inspired birthday cake

My Pinterest inspired Birthday Cake.

Our little girl turned five last week and she had her first official Birthday Party at Bearfeet play area.

A few years ago I started baking my own birthday cakes for my two and secretly quite enjoy it. All the cake ideas have been inspired by my obsession with Pinterest. I love pouring over things that I like such as cakes, food inspiration, shoes, ha anything that particularly takes my fancy at any given moment.

So here’s the Birthday Cake that I fell in love with on Pinterest………

Pinterest inspired birthday cakeAnd here is my tweaked version…….


What do you think?

I have linked the Original cake to the original source so full credit goes to them and a big thanks for the idea which put a HUGE smile on Isabelle’s face when she saw her cake.

I have to say that surprisingly the most difficult part of the cake was getting those flippin little balls to stick on. Even on the top they just kept rolling off so you can imagine what the sides were like to do.

The spiderman interception came as a last minute thing, as Isabelle decided that she didn’t want a My Little Pony cake anymore but a spiderman one. Too late little lady so we added a token spiderman gesture as a last minute peace attempt.

You can follow us on Pinterest here if you like where you will find lots of baby, maternity, kids and food stuff that we find interesting.

Lisa x 

Another first for us – Starting School

Another first for us – Starting School

For all of us with littles we encounter so many firsts when our children are born, and some we’re impatient to happen and others make us a little bit sad.

I was a little bit sad that Isabelle was starting school. She is and has been my little mini me since she was born, and we’re not going to be able to spend as much time together as we usually do. We’ll just have to make up for it after school and at weekends.

Starting School
We also have Ryan who is starting college next week, who of course is very grown up (at
16) and of course ‘isn’t bothered’ by this big transition from school boy to college boy. AND of course I’m not allowed to go all ‘mum’ on him by going on about how grown up he is etc etc.

Both Isabelle and Ryan have been more than ready for school. Ryan was nearly four and a half when he started school and was very ready, and Isabelle will turn five next week and has been waiting for a while to start. From that perspective we’ve been on countdown to starting school since she finished pre-school.

She loved and enjoyed the whole school uniform shop, and never has a child been so grateful and excited to add grey pinafores to their wardrobe! We had it all labelled with our snazzy Hello Kitty Name Labels and in the wardrobe ready to go (with a few impromptu try-ons along the way).

So on the first day (yesterday) we stood with all the other nervous parents and children waiting for the door to open, all the little one’s dressed in their pristine school uniforms with shiny shoes and lovely plaits, ponytails and pigtails for the girls.

In we go and make our way to the carpet. We aren’t new to this as she went to pre-school there so were au fait with the morning routine and the teachers. That’s when all the confidence drained from Isabelle’s face and the little face when she started pre-school returned. Thankfully we didn’t have any tears or any resistance to us leaving, but I did leave feeling rather sad as my little girl inched further forward to being a ‘big girl’.

At the end of the day, standing in line with all the now happy looking parents we waiting for the door to open. In we go and collect our bedraggled children with cardigans and jumpers no longer, paint on the new pinafore and hair no longer pristine in pigtails BUT with smiling happy faces. Relief is the only word that she’s made it through the day without us (as if she wouldn’t) and had a good day.

What did she do? Well your guess is as good as mine as she didn’t sit next to ‘anyone’ and she did ‘nothing’ all day long.

So that’s another first for us.

I know a lot of children are yet to go back to school or pre-school yet so I hope that yours goes smoothly x

Lisa x

Starting School