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Top Tips for Finding the Best Bed for your Child – Bedstar

Top Tips for finding the Best Bed for your Child.

How to find the best bed for your child
We spend a third of our lives in bed. Sleep is incredibly important in terms of bodily repair and regeneration, and in terms of the lives of young children, getting a bed, mattress, duvet and pillows that are perfectly suited can provide boosts to the body, mood and brain. However, whether your child is getting their own grown-up bed, or is simply in need of a replacement, finding which is best up to the task can be a difficult thing to ascertain. To help out, we came up with a few useful tips to point you in the correct direction!


This is perhaps the most important tip in this article, as if your child’s bed is of the wrong dimensions, issues may arise, potentially making bedtime a chore. If the bed is too small, your child will be uncomfortable and constrained when they are in bed, whilst if it is too large, valuable playing space will have been encroached upon! A good idea is to get a bed frame that is lower to the ground than a full-sized adult bed – futons, for instance – that will make it easier for them to climb in to bed and will minimise any risks associated with falling out of the bed.


Again, the style of bed that you choose is very much dependent on your child and the space requirements in their room. Go through the children’s bed section on websites such as Bedstar with your child and show them all of the different styles of frames that they could potentially have. Bunk beds are particularly useful if more than one child is occupying a room, but can also maximise the space for activities below, if the bed only has a single, higher, tier.


You should ideally try and find mattresses, duvets and pillows that will ensure your child gets the best benefits from their time sleeping. This means finding a mattress that is supportive of the body during sleep, but that isn’t too firm or spring-ridden, things that will only have a negative impact on your child’s quality of sleep. Duvets need to be thick enough to provide warmth during the winter months, but breathable enough to stop summertime stuffiness. Finally, pillows should be found that combine the qualities of both duvets and mattresses. If in doubt, S.L.E.E.P: Select a mattress, Lie down in a sleeping position, Evaluate its levels of comfort and support, Educate yourself about the options, Partners should try each mattress together (that last one isn’t particularly pertinent, but a useful tip nonetheless!)

Do you know of any excellent beds that are befitting of children? Tell us what they are below!

Belle’s Bedtime Reads – Trixie Ten by Sarah Massini

Belle’s Bedtime Reads – Trixie Ten by Sarah Massini

Trixie Ten by Sarah Massini – We are huge book fans in our house and between us we could probably start our own library. Thank goodness for the invention of the kindle or we would seriously be over-run and possibly be featured on that hoarding programme.

As we are such fans, I thought that we would share some of our favourite books that we’re currently reading to Isabelle (AKA Belle).

So just a little bit of background. Isabelle is now four and thankfully loves being read to. She’s got a very inventive imagination and always has lots of questions on anything and everything. Therefore we have to keep this little mind busy, hence the ever-growing library.

As a fellow mum (or dad) there are a few books on the shelf that you could probably read without even looking at the words and Trixie Ten is one of them.

All the little characters in the book are made from fingerprints. I won’t spoil the plot for you, but know that the book has a really catchy sing-songy bit that you and your child will be repeating after a few reads.

Trixie Ten definitely gets the thumbs up from us, even if we do have to accidentally lose it every couple of weeks so that we can mix the night-time routine up a little bit!

Happy reading x

Lisa x

*Please note this is an affiliate link, but the content of the blog and opinions are our own.

Snoodie – The Original Baby Dribble Snood

Snoodie – The Original Baby Dribble Snood

Hands up if you had/have a dribbly baby? You need a Snoodie! 

My hand is firmly in the air. My daughter suffered badly with prolonged teething so dribble bibs and bandana’s were definitely a must have for us. 

Introducing the Snoodie from Mama Designs Ltd which is a snug but comfortable fit for baby with adjustable poppers and inner absorbent layer to absorb dribble and draw it away from babies skin. 

Of course it goes without saying the the Dribble Snoodie is available in a range of yummy colours and prints. 

For the full Snoodie Collection pop over to the site. 

Or check out the Full Range of Mama Designs Products made by a Stylish Mummy for Mummy’s like you. 

Lisa x 

Win a Colour-me Reversible Apron from Triplo Tique

Win a Colour-me Reversible Apron from Triplo Tique

Triplo Tique was set up by two mums who were inspired by three very active, energetic and never stopping kids. Their motivation was to look for unusual ways to keep their children occupied, interested and creative, especially on those rainy and miserable days when staying indoors.

Today Triplo Tique is a small but very creative and ambitious team working to present exclusive and luxury textile products to the UK market. All new products get tested by their own kids before they are presented to the public. Have a look at their eye-catching and innovative colour-me products for kids such as Colour-me Bedding

Colour-me Bedding

Double sided colour-me blankets, quilts and playmats using custom designed fabrics for both boys and girls.

triplo_tique triplo_tique

Also in the range are gorgeous Colour-me aprons and drawstring bags which would definitely stand out as your child’s at Nursery or School.

ThePrizeFinder – See more at:

All of Triplo Tique products are made from 100% eco-friendly cotton that is certified according to OEKO-TEX Standard 100, CE.They also offer hemp and bamboo products for babies and kids ranging from nappies, clothing, bathrobes, towels, blankets and bedding along with colourful fabric blankets, quilts, scarves and go-swaddle baby blankets. For the full range and updates on new products you can visit them on Facebook and Ebay as well as following them on Pinterest and Google + or email your chance to Win a Reversible Colour-me Apron fill in the form below.

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Good luck.

Lisa x



Birthday Win £50 to spend at Birthday

It’s our Birthday! I think today might be a cake kinda day!

Win £50 to spend at on anything on site. 

Win £50 to spend at

To celebrate our 8th Birthday we’re offering you the chance to Win £50.00 to spend on whatever you fancy on our site whether it be for your own precious new arrival, a friends or maybe even to spend on yourself in our Yummy Mummy section.

You can choose from our range of Nursery Wall Stickers from Enchanted Interiors, Inch Blue Shoes, Sock-Ons or Plum Collections range.

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Win £25 to Spend at MyBaby

Another 8th Birthday Celebration Giveaway is £25 to spend at MyBaby Services. 

MyBaby offer a range of  of positive touch therapies, courses and workshops including Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Story Massage and The Childrens reflexology Programme. A weekly Bump, Baby and Toddler Group run each Friday during Term Time at IDE Memorial Hall, Ide, Exeter. 9.30-11.30.

Coming soon in September  will be MYTime Indulgence for Mums – Massage therapy for pre and post natal women and MYBaby+ a monthly membership option for which a special offer is available if you would like to book now.

Win £25 to spend at MyBabyWin £25 to spend at MyBaby

Key Benefits of joining a MYBaby group:

  • Interaction – MYBaby classes provide you with the opportunity to spend quality focused time bonding with your baby, time to smile, time to laugh and time to relax together.
  • Stimulation – Massage and yoga stimulate the senses and systems of the body as well as promoting mind, body awareness, language and physical ability.
  • Relief – The massage and yoga sequences provide you with strokes and moves that can ease the symptoms of common ailments including teething, wind and colic.
  • Relaxation-Massage and yoga is relaxing, calming and regulating for infants and can reduce stress and anxiety for you both. Massage and yoga supports health and well-being, creates space in the body, focuses your breath and calms the mind.

This sounds like an excellent array of services both pre and post-natal which I would very much have loved when my two were smaller. For further information on all of the services pop over to the MyBaby Massage Facebook Page. 

 If this is something for you and you are in and around the Exeter area then fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

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Win a Personalised Keepsake Gift Box from Keepsake Boxes

Win a Personalised Keepsake Gift Box from Keepsake Boxes

Personalised Wooden Gift Box from Beautiful Gift BoxKeepsake Boxes has been running for just four months by Hayley around her three children aged 5, 3 and 1 with a fourth baby on the way (Pretty impressive). 

The boxes are made to order with colours and personalisation of your choice, for your occasion whether it be a Baby Memory box, Children’s Jewellery Box or any special occasion in a range of sizes and specifications. 

The personalisation of the boxes make them an extra special gift with the addition of a memorable date such as a date of birth or wedding date.

Win a Personalised Keepsake Gift Box from Keepsake Boxes image3 image4 image5 Handmade Keepsake Gift Boxes
The boxes are painted with high quality paint and sealed for longevity and protection. All wording and images are designed and cut to your preference.

If you pop over to Keepsake Boxes Facebook page the testimonials from happy customers speak for themselves. You can also browse the many photographs of previous Keepsake Boxes to give you inspiration. 

Win a personalised Keepsake Gift Box from Keepsake BoxesI hear that there are some new ideas being batted around so keep an eye on the page so that you don’t miss out.

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Win 15€ to spend at Sew Domesticated

Win 15€ to spend at Sew Domesticated. 

Win 15€ to spend at Sew Domesticated was founded in 2012 by Victoria from sheer frustration of choice of clothing and cloth nappies for her children and has since expanded to offer a range of cloth nappies, handmade dresses, Maxaloones, Washable  Wetwipes and even a range of washable sanitary products and breast pads in an enormous range of colours and fabrics.

Victoria also offers a custom made nappy service for the extra special touch. Here are just a few things that Sew Domesticated has to offer……

All of the Sew Domesticated clothing range are made to fit real nappy wearing babies so are cut on the generous side. All clothing is also made to last. The Maxaloones can be folded at the waist and legs to fit your baby, and as they grow can be folded less whilst being stretchy and roomy and the dresses get extra wear by wearing as a swing top with a pair of leggings for extra longevity.

I also hear that Victoria is a bit of an expert on baby wearing and can recommend and even make a baby wraps, mei tais and full buckles carriers in various styles and colours.

To keep up to date with Sew Domesticated visit their Facebook page. 

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ThePrizeFinder Birthday Celebrations

Happy Birthday Celebrations at

Today we celebrate our 8th Business Birthday and last week we celebrated our son’s 16th birthday which just goes to show how quickly time flies by.

From a little seed as they say. We’re not quite an oak tree yet, but we’re definitely past the bendy sapling stage. We love bringing new products to you and hope you will come back time and time again and even tell your friends.

We appreciate and value your feedback and opinions so if there’s something that you would like to see on the site then do let us know and we will see what we can do.

We’re hoping and planning to get out and about from behind the computer screen in and around the Exeter area with various markets and fairs. We’ll keep you posted on this.

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As well as the blog we’re available on Twitter and Facebook so pop over and join in the conversation. The Royal Baby is hot topic at the moment.

So to mark the occasion we’d like to offer you all 15% Off Everything on site.

Just add: happybirthday at the checkout.

Our Birthday Celebrations Sale includes everything from our Inch Blue Shoes to our range of Sock-Ons.

Happy Shopping x