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Our Day at Peppa Pig World

Our day at Peppa Pig World

I’ve just realised that I was meant to blog about our birthday day at Peppa Pig World.

Our daughter turned three at the beginning of September and we deliberated over whether or not we should have a party or a special day out. We thought we’d give Isabelle the choice knowing full well that she was going to choose Peppa Pig World.

The drive there was plain sailing and only took us a couple of hours from Exeter.

On arrival we were directed to our parking space which is possibly the only thing that I could complain about as they packed all the cars in the carpark like sardines and as usual we managed to park ourselves inbetween a 4 x 4 and a person of larger proportions which meant that it was a bit of a squeeze to get in and out of the car.

Having a toddler and a teenager can cause a lot of problems, especially on days out which wasn’t a problem as whilst we visited Peppa Pig World, Ryan and his friend went to the normal Poulton’s Park theme park and just met us for lunch.

Isabelle was absolutely amazed by Peppa Pig World and didn’t know which way to look or run first. We had a quick mooch around to decide what we wanted to do, and whilst we made our minds up Isabelle went in the playpark which was Fab. Everything was made to look exactly as it is in the programme with attention to detail every step of the way.

It totally made Isabelle’s day when she spotted the Muddy Puddles Water Play area which is right up her street. Off came the shoes at the speed of light and off she went before we had a chance to head her off. We were going to save this for towards the end of the day but hey ho it was her birthday treat!

This was loads of fun. I happily sat with the bags etc whilst Daddy went in for a bit of splashing. After much splashing and completely soaked it was time to move on to something else.

Unfortunately the day that we went there were a few showers which were quite heavy but thankfully only lasted a few minutes at a time and a bit of drizzle towards the end of the day. We went on every single ride including Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter which was the one we queued the longest for, the Balloon Ride and Isabelle’s favourite was the Windy Castle Ride.

We had planned to take a picnic, but in the end we decided to eat there instead. There were quite a few places to choose from dotted around both Peppa Pig World and the remainder of Poulton’s Park. We met up with the boys and sat underneath this huge outdoor roofed picnic area. This was when the first and heaviest shower started and we were grateful for the shelter.

Windy Castle Ride

When we sat down to eat, Isabelle found it really amusing that like the real Peppa Pig the ducks came for a bit of our picnic (or burgers as was the case). The food was standard pricewise and more than acceptable tastewise. I had a spicy beanburger which was very tasty.

Hotfooting it into the shop which we had hoped to save until the end, but the rain started again Isabelle was again amazed at all the things that you could buy. As it was a birthday treat she chose herself a Peppa Pig Nightie, A Snack Box and Peppa Pig’s Teddy and away we went.

Throughout the day Peppa and George make guest appearances. Isabelle wasn’t sure about these so Daddy picked her up so that she could have a closer look. Isabelle seemed to mellow and even reached out to touch Peppa, at which point Peppa whipped her head round and headbutted Isabelle in the face.

Dine-Saw Raaaahhhh

There was plenty of photo opportunities in and around the park which looked just like we were onset ourselves. We don’t really have a willing participant with photographs which generally come out looking rather blurred (or maybe I’m just really bad with a camera).

It was a great day and the teenager and his friend had a great day in the main part of Poulton’s Park despite the weather. I would definitely recommend it to anybody with a Peppa Mad infant, or just for a great family day out.

The Bedtime Story Debate – Do you read to your Children?

The Bedtime Story Debate – Do you read to your Children?

I read an article recently which stated that on average a child has a bedtime story on average of three times a week. Sadder still it stated that just under 5% of children under the age of seven do not own a single book. I can’t even imagine how that’s possible!

What happened to birthday’s and Christmas presents!

With two avid readers we have an ever expanding collection of books and a new home for them will soon be on the cards. Our daughter it seems is a very girly girl and loves everything pink and sparkly. Her bedroom, whilst small is turning into a princesses palace. We have a hearts and gingham theme going on with a bit of patchwork in the palest of pinks with a hint of bright pink and sparkliness. We’ve had our eye on Pinterest which is great for picking out a whole range of gorgeousness for whichever topic you choose. This Gorgeous Children’s Bookcase caught our eye which is PINK which fits our criteria and is also available in a tabletop version.

Pretty Pink Childrens bookcaseSo back to the issue at hand.

Do you read to your child?

If not, I urge you to reconsider. A bedtime story is a precious time where both you and your child can do something together. We appreciate that time constraints, more then one child and sheer tiredness can all be obstacles but try and look at it as precious time with your child rather than a chore.

We have the same  bedtime routine every evening, and our daughter (our son is 14 and far too grown up for bedtime stories, his words I might add) picks out two books out of a selection that we keep near her bed. We alternate the book selection from time to time so that we get a different story or you may end up getting stuck in a rut of reading the same book over and over. We (Mum and Dad) take it in turms to do the bedtime routine, so that one of us is doing the bedtime and the other one is getting dinner ready.

We’re currently huge fans of Julia Donaldson’s The Singing Mermaid.

So without wanting to preach to you, if bedtime story reading is something that you don’t currently do, get yourself to your local bookshop, charity shop, nearly new sale etc and pick up a handful of books.

These are memories to cherish that will be remembered by your children. I’d love to know what you think about bedtime stories and the constraints as parents we have with our busy lives.

* This is a sponsored post on behalf of John Lewis, but there’s no denying that this Children’s Bookcase is a winner!