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Guest Post: Bump to Breastfeeding in Style

Bump to Breastfeeding in Style – my top tips

Emma Downie, full-time mum to Elsa (2yrs) and founder of Milk & Mummy, stylish online maternity and breastfeeding clothes boutique, shares her tips for being a stylish mummy.

1.      Don’t shy away from bold colours while you’re pregnant – embrace them! This is a time when most women feel really confident about their figures and a bright bump looks fabulous. I love our Hattie dress  which looks equally great on the beach with flip flops or glammed up with heels for a wedding.

Milk and Mummy Hattie Dress

2.     During the last few months of your pregnancy choose dresses and tops that are fitted, rather than A-line, over your bump as they do tend to be more flattering. This is why our Clarisse top is perfect as it has a gathered band at the hem which clings around your hips to give you extra definition.

3.     When it comes to breastfeeding, regardless or not of whether you own nursing clothes, think about how you’re going to feed in your clothes before you leave the house. This might sound obvious but I know a few mums who got caught short out and about and had to find a changing room to feed in as they had to remove their entire dress to feed their baby!

4.     I’m bound to say this but it’s true: breastfeeding clothes will make your life simpler, so invest in a few. It doesn’t have to be many items; just one fabulous everyday dress and a couple of flattering tops can make a huge difference. They might seem expensive at first, but when you consider how intensively you will wear them when you are breastfeeding, the cost per wear is actually quite reasonable. And beware, not all nursing clothes have fuss-free nursing access. Test the nursing access before you buy and make sure it’s easy to operate one-handed! This is my must have nursing summer capsule wardrobe:

Milk and Mummy

Alice dress

Milk and Mummy

Nancy vest top

Milk and Mummy

Gemma top

5.     Accessorize! This is the cleverest way to update and revitalise that top you seem to wear most days! But avoid dangly jewellery for obvious reasons. Scarves are fantastic for nursing mums. They brighten up an ordinary outfit and can also give you some extra modesty when feeding in public. A bold, statement ring looks great and can also be a reminder of which side to feed from next – just swap it to your other hand after a feed. If you wear bracelets go for stretchy ones or leather cuffs as they are softer around a newborn.







#whatwillyougivemewednesday 19.06.13


Pop over to our Facebook Page this evening for our  #whatwillyougivemewednesday auction for some great Baby Bargains.

Here’s a quick recap of the rules for this evening.
All bids start at 1p (+ a one off fee of £1.50 P&P). Bids can be placed by adding a comment under the item you like with a price you are prepared to pay. Bidding is between 8 – 10pm.

At 10pm when bidding has closed the winning bidders will be announced and the item is yours for the amount bid.

Here’s a look at what we have in store this evening.

Happy Bidding and don’t forget to tell your Mummy and Daddy friends. The more bids the more fun!


Creative Ideas for Toddlers

Guest Post by Paul from

Creative ideas for toddlers

Early childhood is a vital point in life when it comes to your child’s social, intellectual and emotional development.

A large percentage of learning will take place in the first 6 years of your child’s life. Your child’s capability to learn will continue for the course of their life but will not be as intense as it is in these years.

As a parent what you do and what you expose your children to will have a major effect on their development, they need positive learning experiences to aid with development and what will effectively be the foundation for further educational progress.

In the past art has not been seen as a fundamental part of the educational process, more of a treat or leisure activity but in the more recent years it has come to light the importance of basic creative activities and learning to understand and value visual elements that are now essential parts of the building blocks for your child’s future development.

Visual Learning:

Most of what we learn estimated at 80% is from what we see; Drawing, sculpting with clay or creating a collage all help develop visual and spatial skills.

For example most toddlers these days would be able to operate a smart phone or tablet all before they can even read a sentence. This is all achieved through the child taking in visual information be it a colour, a picture or both and associating it with an action.

Hands and fingers are the best place to start when it comes to art tools, then it will be on to the brushes, crayons and chalks.

It’s not advised to rush your child into creating anything particular. Allowing them to choose what they would like will actively encourage decision making and individuality. It is also a good idea to let them play with pliable material such as play dough or clay which can be bent, rolled or shaped in to pretty much anything, developing reasoning and think skills and creativity.

Our Djeco Light Clay Super Heroes is a fantastic creative light modelling clay kit from the Djeco art and craft range, perfect for the younger children.

Djeco Light Clay Super Heroes uses the colourful cardboard pieces which can be stuck into the naturally drying modelling clay to create enjoyable Super Hero characters. The light clay included in this modelling kit is easy to work with so young children can easily make shapes, Straightforward fun to keep them entertained for hours and increase their creativity and visual learning.

Motor Skills:

When it comes to motor skills a lot of the movements used in the making of art, for instance scrawling with chalk or crayon, holding a paintbrush or cutting shapes out are all essential areas when it comes to your child’s fine motor skill development.

Using scissors will help develop your child’s dexterity which will ultimately be needed for writing. Drawing with chalk or crayons is ideal for gaining skills in holding and grasping as well as increasing their visual insight and imagination but always a good idea to limit the variety of colours so at the same time not overwhelming them.

Djeco Animals cut outs are a fantastic activity for younger children. Each of the animal pictures have dotted lines around to guide. Simply cut around the dotted lines for lots of pictures that can be used for making mobiles, creating scenes with paper and glue or even labels for presents.

Encouraging concentration and hand to eye co-ordination perfect for developing motor skills the Djeco Animal cut outs make a perfect small gift or party bag filler. The Djeco set comes in a beautiful little box to store your cut outs and contains 50 images to cut out.

Decision Making:

Art education has now been proven to improve critical-thinking and strengthen problem-solving skills.

The experience gained when creating a piece of art when having to make decisions

When it comes to making a piece of art there will be a lot of decision making involved in the process providing plenty of experience exploring, thinking, experimenting and trying new ideas all of which will benefit your child in all future aspects of life.

Permitting your child to make these choices lets you show respect for their opinion at the same time not losing your position as the parent.

Practicing basic choice making will eventually lead to your young ones being able to take control of their own lives. If your child is not allowed to make these decisions now, they might not be able when it really counts.

The Melissa and Doug Blue Colouring Book is ideal, allowing your child to choose not just what to colour in but what colours it’s going to be. The jumbo multi themed colouring pad has 50 pictures printed on high quality bonded paper. Ideal for crayons, markers, paints and pencils.

Dinosaurs, vehicles, football, pirates, princesses and many more themed pictures to colour.

If you found this information useful and want to see more products ideal for inspiring your child’s creativity why not visit our site

#whatwillyougivemewednesday 12.06.13


It’s that time of week again and from 8pm – 10pm this evening we’re running our weekly #whatwillyougivemewednesday auction on our Facebook Page.

Come along. It’s a lot of fun and there’s many a bargain to be had including Baby Banz Sunglasses, a funky Rattle Tat Beanie Hat and a Lamaze Sophie the Princess.

Rules Recap
All bids start at 1p (+ a one off fee of £1.50 P&P). Bids can be placed by adding a comment under the item you like with a price you are prepared to pay. Bidding is between 8 – 10pm.

At 10pm when bidding has closed the winning bidders will be announced and the item is yours for the amount bid.

Hope to see you there.

Lisa x 

Baby Comp Weekly 11.06.13

Baby Comp Weekly 11.06.13

With another glorious family fun packed weekend, and our first barbeque of the year it didn’t feel such a hardship to return to work this week.

There’s loads of fantastic competitions on the blog scene at the moment and here are a select few to get you started.

Win a copy of Cloud Babies Wide Awake DVD from Mama Geek Blog – Closes 01.07.13

Win a Pair of Nike Free 5.0+ Running Trainers from Chelsea Mamma Blog – Closes 01.07.13

Win a Milton Mini Portable Soother Steriliser with Melissa Breckon – Closes 13.06.13

Win Two Funky Giraffe Bandana Bibs with Preston Precious – Closes 19.06.13

Win a GOSH Summer Essentials Make-up Pack from All Baby Advice – Closes 08.07.13

Win some Will Hill Books from Emma in Bromley Blog – Closes 22.06.13

Of course if you find any competitions or are running any competitions of your own then please feel free to add them, bearing in mind that this is a family orientated blog.

Good Luck x

Join us this Wednesday for our weekly Facebook Page auction #whatwillyougivemewednesday between 8pm – 10pm for some great baby and toddler bargains. – Don’t go shopping without your My Buggy Buddy Clip!!

#whatwillyougivemewednesday 05.06.13


It’s that time of the week again.

Come and join us on our Facebook Page for our weekly #whatwillyougivemewednesday Auction.

All bids start at 1p (+ a one off fee of £1.50 P&P). Bids can be placed by adding a comment under the item you like with a price you are prepared to pay. Bidding is between 8 – 10pm.

At 10pm when bidding has closed the winning bidders will be announced and the item is yours for the amount bid.

Here’s what we have up for grabs this week.

Hope to see you there.

Baby Comp Weekly 04.06.13

Baby Comp Weekly

The weather is a hot topic again this week. We’ve had another fantastic weekend of eating, drinking and catching up with friends. We went to a local Festival on Saturday which was great, so raring to go for another week of work until the weekend again.

Here’s some great competitions that we found. Knock urself out!

Win a Boob Nursing Bra with Mellow Mummy – Closes 15.06.13

Win some Baby and Mummy Goodies from BlueStripes over at My Mill’s Baby – Closes 28.06.13

Win Sainsbury’s Bread Mixes from Cats Yellow Days – Closes 24.06.13

Win a Mister Maker DVD from Mama Geek Blog – Closes 10.06.13

Win a Set of 7 Crawlerz Romper Suits (Looking very Funky) from the Little Lily Pad – Closes 14.06.13

Win a Cloud Babies DVD from Mummy Fever – Closes 11.06.13

Win a Kids Spy Kit from Playing by the Book – Closes 10.06.13

Win a Disney Pixar Monsters University Book from the Mum Blog – Closes 10.06.13

Win a Pizza Making Party with Pizza Express with Mellow Mummy – Closes 10.06.13

Win a £25 Sainsbury’s Voucher from Charlie Moo’s – Closes 05.06.13

Feel free to add your own Blog Competitions, making sure that you add a closing date.

Good Luck x