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Travelling with Children

Travelling with Children

I was really excited when I logged into twitter just in time for the weekly #playfest twitter chat. Admittedly I haven’t joined in recently, but the topic was travelling with children and this has been playing on my mind recently.

We’re going on holiday next month and will be spending a significant amount of time in the car/ferry over to France. I’m not looking forward to it as our 21 month old daughter is either great in the car or awful (mostly the latter). I’ve been racking my brains for keeping her amused to make the journey tolerable for her and the rest of us.

First and foremost is making sure that she’s going to be comfortable which includes not being too hot or too cold. We have the usual sun shades on the windows, but whilst recently browsing I found these great whole window shades from Outlook.

We’re huge fans of the Trunki Range and I’ve got my eye on a Trunki Snoozihedz. In fact add one of everything to the shopping list! (and if you head on over to the Trunki website there’s oodles of tips for travelling including games to play and how to deal with Motion Sickness).

I was going to make up a little bag with some goodies in that might tempt her into being contented for the journey and here are some of the great ideas that I’ve come across:

Travel Toy Ideas

For the Littles:

Finger Puppets – Used in conjunction with nursery rhymes or stories (including funny voices of course).

Books – Are a must for all ages. As we have a toddler and a teen these will vary wildly. Action books such as The Wheels on the Bus or touch and feel books are a firm favorite in our house.

Lamaze have a great range of Sensory Baby Toys which can be attached to the carseat or held by baby to keep them amused with rattles, squeaks and crinkles.

Aquadoodle Travel – Even the big ones might like this to play noughts and crosses or hangman

Magnetic Games or Fuzzy felts

Leapfrog Leap Pad – We have one of these but haven’t fully explored it, and not sure if our nearly two year old will be able to use it or if it will get flung in temper.

Colouring books and crayons – A great staple for long journeys. Add to that some stickers.

Audio Books – Dependent upon your little ones taste.

Vtech Camera

 For the Big un’s

Monopoly Deal – It’s a card version of Monopoly. Our son got it for Christmas and I have to admit that it took a fair few reads of the instructions before I quite got the gist of it, but once you get the hang of it  its’ a really good game. Not complicated and can be completed in under five minutes.

Travel games – I’m not personally a fan of these as the pieces are tiny and often get lost.

Ipod/MP3 player

Wordsearch/Sudoku books

Books – Joke books are great for older kids as long as you can tolerate it.

Pad and pencils – great for hangman, noughts and crosses, lines etc


I-Spy – Of course the ultimate car game!

Clue Game or Twenty Questions – Pick a topic, so for instance Animals and the questioner can ask questions to help them guess the animal that you’re thinking of. Our favorite topics are animals, food and people.

Cats Cradle – Do you remember playing this as a kid. You know, with the string. I was Ace at it, but not sure that I can remember how to do it now. One for Youtube maybe.

Counting Cars by colour etc. First to spot 10 red cars…….

Other ideas

Portable DVD Player

If you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a tablet then age appropriate apps may be a good way of keeping the peace. If it were mine, the kids would have to fight me for it though!


And if you’re really lucky they may even sleep for the majority of the journey!!


A huge thanks to all the people that joined (and gave me lots of food for thought) in the #playfest twitter chat  hosted by Al Boxall-Gordon a.k.a @izziwizzi – #playfest is an open online discussion about play ideas, toys and brands which happens every Tuesday evening 8.30 – 10pm. Check out the Izziwizzi Kids Facebook Page for more details.




Baby Comp Weekly 26.06.12

Baby Comp Weekly 26.06.12

Another week gone  by and the weather still hasn’t picked up. We had a nice afternoon on Sunday and yesterday was definitely a park day, but dreary and full of rain today. This little lot of goodies to make up the Baby Comp Weekly round-up should or hopefully brighten your day.

Win £50 to spend on yummy goodies from Big Green Smile over at Mellow Mummy.

How about a ‘Love your Gut’ Goody Bag from Mummy Fever.

We were lucky enough to win a recent Yeo Valley competition, and our fridge is now a convert to the Yeo Valley Way (the lemon and ginger yoghurt is divine). The Adventures of a Devon Mummy is currently running a competition to Win Tickets to a Yeo Valley Farm or Garden Tour which is definitely worth a look.

As always, Good Luck! –

Feel free to let us know about your blog or website competitions. All we ask is that you include a closing date (remembering that this is a child friendly site).

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Baby Comp Weekly 19.06.12

How many pairs of shoes do you have on the go at the moment? Flip-flops, Sandals, Boots, Wedges and Wellies. The weather’s so unpredictable at the moment so how would a Shoe Shopping Spree grab you? Head over to My Family Club and your wish may be granted!

Win a My Big Star Reward Chart which is perfect if you’re on the verge of Potty Training.

This one’s rather intriguing. Win a box of Surprise Goodies from Mummy of 3 Diaries! Hmmm


As always, feel free to add your own competitions making sure that you include a closing date.

Good luck

Baby Comp Weekly 12.06.12

There’s loads of great competitions and prizes up for grabs at the moment including your chance to win a Create-a-World Playset from Mellow Mummy.

For all you with an impending arrival or currently breastfeeding, this wopper of a prize of £500 in Breastfeeding goodies from Mummy is a Gadget Geek will be well up your street.

Win a £500 spending spree at Next from All Baby Advice.


Good Luck x – Funky Baby Clothing and Accessories

Baby Comp Weekly 05.06.12

Ooooh what’s everyone been up to at the weekend? Hopefully not slaving away!

With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee taking over the World I’d completely forgotton about Father’s Day until I stumbled across this Fab competition to Win a Dear Dad Diary.

We’re huge fans of the Weleda range for both ourselves and the children and here is the chance to Win a Weleda Baby Starter Kit.

And for all you Wanna-be Yummy Mummy’s there’s a chance to win a Designer Leather Storsak Isabella Changing Bag with A Mummy Too.

As always, Good Luck x – Handmade Children’s Gifts