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Birthday Celebrations – The Cake!

I like baking, but I haven’t done an awful lot, or should I say that I can and do bake but nothing adventurous.

In some lightbulb moment a couple of weeks ago I decided that I would bake Ryan’s 13th birthday cake. He wanted a sponge cake with jam and cream and icing on the top. I wanted to make it a bit special so I decided that maybe I could bake a number 13.

I knew that the local cake shop hired out the cake tins so it would  just be the ingredients that I needed.

I then thought that it would be quite nice to do one chocolate cake and one sponge cake.

So off I toddle to the cake shop to buy all the neccessary bits and bobs. I mooched around looking at all the fancy colour pastes, sparkles, cutters, spatulas and all kinds of things that I have no idea what they were.

I spoke to the lady behind the counter and she said that yes they did hire them out, and off she went to get them. When she brought them back I was a bit dumbstruck. The tins didn’t have bottoms! How the hell do they work then.

And…..the number 3 would take a 5 egg recipe and the number 1 would be a 4 cake recipe.

Trace inside the cake tins onto baking paper, and then measure the depth and cut out some strips with an overlap for the bottom.

Grease the tins………La la la

I really hadn’t thought this through. I’d never used Royal icing in my life let alone iced a non-square shaped cake.

The look on my face must have said it all. Did I still want to hire the tins?

Errm I think so… yes.

Google is a godsend!!!

Here is my creation!

What do you think?


Celebrations at

Today is a very memorable day for our family, as our eldest turns the grand age of 13.

Baby RyanThen……

Yes, we now have a teenager in the house, although he’s done plenty of practice for it over the past few months!

He was a shy little boy with an obsession for Dustbin Lorries (Dusty trucks) and the teletubbies.

He was a slow crawler, but didn’t mess about getting up on his feet. It was clear from an early age that football was going to play a huge part in our lives

He excelled at school, and made friends easily and quickly.

He was always lovable with a strong independent streak.

He joined his first football team aged 7 and went from strength to strength, and even got the opportunity to play against Manchester United.

Football, football, football.

Always caring and sharing with friends. His social life grew and ours shrunk.

He started high school and his little sister was born the following day. So much upheavel in the space of a week.

He became a fantastic big brother and a young man all in one week. Girls all scrabbling for his attention!

He has a fantastic smile and gorgeous eyes

He’s idolised by his little sister.

Happy Birthday Mate x

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Teenage RyanNow….