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Christmas Countdown – 56 Days to go!

56 Days to go until Christmas!

My Fave Five

1. The Top of my list has to be the Flash Gordon Gumigem Teething Necklace. Teething rules our lives at the moment (our 13 month old daughter is cutting some back teeth) and she’s become quite accustomed to having a Gumigem to chew on.

2. Jazzy Toes Sneaker Style Slipper Socks – I loved these as soon as I saw them so couldn’t resist adding them to the site. Hopefully, a bigger selection of Jazzy Toes will be available before long.

3. Beastie Girl Romper Suit – This sums up my little girl in one. Plus as she recently started walking, albeit wobbly the footless romper suits means that she doesn’t get all tangled up in side.

4. Jolly Green Jacket – This soft luxury Cashmere and Merino Wool Cardigan is adorable.

5. Swarovski Crystal Heart Mummy Necklace – I’ve had mine since my daughter was small and love and more so the meaning of it.

Christmas Countdown – 57 Days to Go!

57 Days to go until Christmas!

Here are my Top Two Cashback Shopping Sites.

Quidco – Become a member of Quidco and save loads of money on everything from every day items to gifts and luxuries. All you have to do is go to the Quidco website and search for the item that you’re looking for and pick from the different retailers to make your purchase. The level of cashback that you recieve differs per retailer, but it’s money back for something you were going to buy anyway. The list of retailers include Ebay, Tesco, Boots, Argos, Apple, Debenhams, Mothercare, Clarks, Early Learning Centre……I could go on, the list is so long.

In addition to online shopping, they also have printable vouchers which you can use in store in many High Street shops.

And in addition to this, they also have restaurant vouchers for places such as Pizza Express, Ask, Bella Italia, Cafe Rouge and many many more.

So whatever you’re looking for it’s always worth having a look to see how much cashback you could recieve before making your purchase.

The other cashback site we like to use is Kidstart.

This works pretty much the same as Quidco in that you get cashback from purchases when buying via the Kidstart website. The only difference is that the cashback that you earn is paid into your child’s/children’s Trust Fund Account. The cashback applies to online shopping, in-store and for days out and restaurants. Even better, is that you can get grandparents, family and friends to register and add funds into your Kiddyback to be transferred into a child’s Trust Fund or savings account. If you don’t have children you can transfer the money to a local school or a selection of Children’s charities.

Happy Shopping!!


Christmas Countdown – 58 Days to Go!

Christmas Countdown – 58 Days Until Christmas!

Christmas Cards

We all love to send Christmas cards and heaven forbid that you miss Mrs So and So off the list. Don’t forget to add a list of all the family and friends that you want to send them to. A little tip is to always keep a spare box of cards in your work desk drawer. That way, if you miss someone, which is inevitable if you work in a big company you can just quickly write one and shove it in the internal post!

Since my son was little we’ve always handmade Christmas cards for close friends and family. It means so much more when people know how much thought has been put into it.

Handmade cards can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be.  My Christmas card making kit for kids is:

  • Pre-folded cards and envelopes
  • Glitter, lots of
  • Glue
  • Tissue Paper
  • Paint
  • Felt tips pens or crayons
  • There are loads of pre-cut Christmas card embelishments and stickers that you can buy
  • Leaves
  • Crepe paper
  • Foil
  • Scraps of material
  • Cut outs from the years before Christmas cards
  • Boggly eyes

Make sure that you cover the table with newspaper and just let them loose!

Christmas Countdown – 59 Days to Go!

59 Days Til Christmas!

So following on from my Christmas Book tip yesterday it got me thinking about the things that I do for the Christmas festivities. So this post is dedicated to wrapping.

There’s nothing nicer than recieving a beautifully wrapped gift, and I do like to make an effort when it comes to wrapping. I like nice paper, ribbons and bows. Having said that, I loathe to spend a lot when it gets ripped off in seconds of handing it over. So here’s a list of things that can be used for wrapping as well as some alternatives to the traditional.

Gift Bags – Look pretty and can be re-used.

Tissue Paper – Layer different coloured tissue paper and wrap as normal. Dependent on shape of present can be scrunched and fastened with ribbon (ideal for wine bottles).

Gift Boxes – Again, like gift bags can be re-used over and over.

Cellophane – Can be used and tied with ribbon, string or raffia (noting the obvious that the present will be visible)

Material – Using pretty material tied with ribbon can look fantastic and can also be re-used (voile in particular looks gorgeous tied with ribbon).

Children’s Artwork – Either use existing pictures or get your children to draw patterns or a picture and use as wrapping paper. Granny would love it.

Brown Paper – This can be used on its own tied with ribbon, string or raffia or can be decorated such as sponge painting, glitter or drawn on.

Please feel free to add any of your own ideas in the comments section.

Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun – I very nearly forgot about Halloween as my thoughts are thundering towards Christmas.

Halloween Fun

I like Halloween and see it as a children’s event. We go trick or treating around where we live, but only to friends and neighbours that we know. Where we live there’s a bit of an unsaid rule. If you are open to trick or treaters you have a pumpkin or decorations outside, and if all is dark we just assume that it’s not their thing. We have been to the odd Halloween party and our Little Miss has been invited to one on Sunday, but it’s a shame that there aren’t more organised events for children so that they can get dressed up.

I’ve been searching around for some ideas that you can do at home with your children this halloween.

If crafting is your thing then you’re in luck as we’ve found kits for Halloween Masks and Bunting, and How to make a Spooky Garland.  As an alternative to the usual Halloween decorations, you could try your hand at these Rainbow Glitter Pumpkins which look fantastic or I also found this post on alternatives to Carving a Pumpkin, all of which look great. Netmums also have a selection of crafting ideas including Ghost Finger Pictures, Jumble Monsters and Witches Brew.

I’m a huge sweetie fan which I know is really bad, but everyone needs a treat now and again. I came across these cool Chocolate Spiders and Jelly Skellies from Hope and Greenwood.

Halloween fun

I also found out about the LUSH Nationwide Halloween Party from the Given to Distracting Others Blog. The Party is being held on Saturday 29th October across the country and features a range of limited edition pampering gifts such as Skullduggary Bath Ballistic and a re-usable Pumpkin Knot Wrap. Join in the fun complete with spooky inspired drinks and nibbles and bag yourself a complimentary hand massages or skin and hair consultation.

We’re big foodies in our family but we haven’t done anything other than carve scary faces in our pumpkins. I found a few Halloween Recipes floating around. First up I found this Pumpkin and Pine Nut Tart which looks totally yum. Have a go at making these Spider Cupcakes and have fun biting off their liquorice legs! The BBC Good Food website have some great ideas including Eyeball Pasta, Halloween Dips and Bites (these look fab) and Witches Brew. What about Passion Cakes, Peanut Butter Cookies and Pumpkin Pie!

There’s loads of places to buy Halloween Costumes from including most of the supermarkets. We bought our little miss a Little Witch Costume and I couldn’t resist buying a cute spider outfit (sorry no link)  as they were all reduced in Matalan. Marks and Spencer’s also have a great range of costumes including a Warewolf, a Pirate Skeleton and  a Bat Witch (all at 50% Off).  Others I found were Monster Cape, Baby Ghost, Zombie Bride and this adorable Pumpkin Costume.  And if unlike me you’re feeling creative, have a look at this great Lord Voldemort costume that you could make yourself.

Whatever you do this Halloween have a Spookily Scary Time!!

60 Days til Christmas!

It’s 60 days until Christmas People!!


60 days until Christmas. I can hear your moans coming at me in surround sound, but whether you like it or not it’s time to think about the ‘Big C’.

For many of you, the thought of buying presents seems ludicrous but for many it’s the only way that you have the time and money to get through all the oodles of people you have to buy for.

Of course, Christmas shouldn’t be about the ‘Big Spend’ but without a doubt it’s a big expenditure for many. I have in fact started my Christmas shopping, but only on a very small scale. Every time I go to the supermarket or into town I buy the odd thing to put away, and for this reason I’ve started my own Christmas Book.

How many times have you got to the wrapping stage and on unearthing hidden presents, realise that you’ve bought far more than you realised or even forgetting about things that you’ve bought? I’m guilty as charged.  So for this reason I have my little book that I keep in my handbag and in the front I’ve listed all the people I have to buy for and in the back my Christmas card list. As and when I buy something I write it in the book (of course omitting prices as that would be scary) against the relevant name. That reminds me of the poll we have on Facebook “Do you add up your total spend at Christmas?’

This has instantly made me feel more organised for the festivities ahead.

Lisa x


Just In: Jazzy Toes Collection

We have Jazzy Toes!!

Just in we have a selection of Jazzy Toes Funky Slipper Socks and adorable Mary Jane style tights.

Jazzy Toes Slipper Socks

These Funky Slipper Socks are perfect for babies and toddlers to wear whilst indoors. With non-skid leather soles for safety and an elasticated cuff making sure that they stay in place.

jazzy Toes Slipper socks

As well as the Love Rock pair above, we have Sneaker Style Slipper Socks available in Red, Pink and Blue. Available in 6 – 12 months and 12 – 18 months.

Jazzy Toes Mary Jane Style tights

If tights are your thing, you will love these Mary Jane style tights featuring a Mary Jane shoe and a frilly knickered bottom available in Pink and White.

Our day at the Business and Baby Show

So as you know on Saturday we got up when it was still dark to spend the day at the Business and Baby Show in Birmingham. I was very nervous as it was our biggest event yet, but excited at the same time.

As with other Baby Shows, the Business and Baby Show was different in that it was a show dedicated to Mums who are thinking of starting their own business and so the day was packed full of seminars and advice from everything from Cheap accounting to the best type of franchises to fit around your family life.

I was really pleased at where we were placed and all the ladies (and a couple of gents) were really friendly. This is me and my stand:


It was lovely to meet people that I’ve been chatting to online for some time including of course Jane Hopkins who was the organiser of the day, and founder of, Donna Pinnell from Little Lily Pad looking absolutely fabulous with her beautiful 3 week old baby and wearing killer heels and a little black dress!! I also met Erica Douglas who was exactly as I expected in real life, giving me some great tips and advice on bringing in more traffic to the site. Thanks Erica!

I also got some great advice on accounting and how to attract Yummy Mummies.

I was based in Mumpreneur alley alongside some great people, and thought I would mention a few. Across the road was bubbly Mother and Daughter team A.K.A Naturally Cool Kids. Having just celebrated their six month birthday and already snaring deals with the likes of John Lewis, Amazon and Tesco’s with their all natural kids products including Sun Cream and Lip and Cheek Protector. We bought some Hair and Body Wash for our daughter which smells gorgeous. Isabelle has eczema prone skin so we have to be careful what we use, but so far so good!!

Deeply Dippy selling handcrafted goodies such as quirky family portraits (dogs, cats and ducks included), bottle top magnets, Keyrings and other keepsakes. This is a second business which just goes to show, that once you get the self-employment bug the possibilities are endless (either that or we lose our minds somewhere along the line).

To the right of us we had Tilly’s Toys which was of particular interest to Isabelle with a lovely selection of wooden toys who amazingly were a ‘week old’ business. All the toys were extremely reasonably priced and I really regret not buying one of the Wooden push along characters which would have been a perfect Christmas present for Isabelle (bookmarked for later).

And Ally from Your Little Monkey selling the cutest Sock Monkeys made from a huge range of different patterned and coloured socks. They were very cute, and maybe a welcome addition to our site in the near future.

This post could go on for a very long time, if I mention everyone that I met, so I will just mention that I had a lovely chat and business catch up with Sharon-Elaine from the Baby Cake Boutique. I so wanted a Nappy Cake when Isabelle was born but unfortunately my hints and blatant asking fell on deaf ears. Maybe next time!

If you missed out on the event, but are still interested in working for yourself whether it be a franchise or a completely new start-up then head on over to Mums Club where you will find loads of advice and a forum full of like-minded people.