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The Business and Baby Show 2011

Business and Baby Show 2011

We’re so excited to announce that we will be attending the Business and Baby Show 2011 on Saturday 1st October 2011.

This isn’t just any run of the mill Baby Show.

Are you a Mum or Expectant Mum that has played with the idea of starting your own business? Wanting to work flexibly around family life? Are you at the start of something and need a push in the right direction? Are you an established business and want to reach your full potential?

Then this is definitely the Show for you.

The Business and Baby Show has something for everyone. It’s the Biggest Mumpreneur Expo in the UK and is jam packed with information and advice on how to set up a business whether you’re building your own business, buying a franchise or exploring flexible working opportunities. The conference zone has a programme of seminars and expert speakers including Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire, Carl Hopkins, Antonia Chitty and Erica Douglas.

As the show is aimed at Mums, there’s entertainment for the kids with Kids Bee Happy, Noodle Doodles and the Creation Station.

And what’s a Baby Show without the shopping experience! Mumpreneur Alley is the place to buy from Mum owned businesses which is where you will find us on the day.

The Show is being held at Cranmore Park, Solihul, West Midlands on Saturday 1st October. Don’t miss out!

We’re really looking forward to the show and will try and tweet you updates during the date (unless rushed off our feet), and of course will be taking lots of pictures.

Fundraising for Hinchingbrook Special Care Baby Unit

Hinchingbrook Special Care Baby Unit

Having a baby is one of the most precious and memorable experiences of our lives. The excitement of a new life and a new beginning as a parent. For many parents the joyous occasion can turn into a heart wrenching journey for babies that are in need of special care within the special care baby unit.

An appeal through Facebook was brought to my attention for the Hinchingbrook Special Care Baby Unit that touched my heart. Whilst having never experienced having a baby on a special baby care unit, as a mother it squeezes the heart at the thought of those in that situation.

Debbyanne’s daughter who was born at 39 weeks by emergency cesarean due to an infection and spent time on the Hinchingbrook Special Care Baby Unit where she progressed from being on a ventilator, to assisted breathing before finally being discharged to a normal ward and then finally being allowed home. Having experienced the dedication and support they recieved from the staff at the Hinchingbrook Special Care Baby Unit both Debbyanne and her husband decided to raise money so that they are able to carry on their fantastic work.

So what are they doing?

Well, throughout this week Debbyanne is running a charity auction on the dedicated Hichingbrook Special Care Baby Unit’s Facebook page of which we are sponsoring by way of donation to the auction.

Here’s how it works:

The auction is taking place under the Photo tab on their Facebook Page.
If you see something that you like you leave a comment. Tag yourself in so that if someone outbids you, you will recieve notification of this and can up your bid
All bids are to be raised in 50p amounts
All start and finish times of each item will be announced on the page
Please only leave a comment to bid if you genuinely want the item and therefore are willing to pay the bidding amount
Of course the highest bidder will be the winner so dig deep
All winners of items will be notified within 24 hours of the item ending
If you don’t see anything that you want, but want to make a donation this will also be very welcome.


Good luck

You can also check out the photographs of Debbyanne’s husband doing a skydive – well done.


Guest Post: Dealing with Nose Picking habit in toddlers

Guest post by Amanda Kidd on Dealing with a Nose Picking Habit in Toddlers.

I was largely upset at my child’s annoying nose picking habit. He started to pick anytime, anywhere. Dealing with the habit was even more embarrassing in front of the guests, or any public place for that matter. Then, I thought of consulting his pediatrician (although I was reluctant due to my apparent stupidity!). I was relieved to know that this habit would go away gradually. However, careful monitoring should accompany at all stages, before he gives up the habit completely.

Like the many pesky toddler habits, nose picking is one that usually goes with time. However, when it is there, you may want to remove it. It is quite often that you can find a child nose picking, only to raise a frown form the parents (the mothers may better reveal this skill). You may feel humiliated by this act of your child. However, before you jerk your child’s finger out or try out any of the “not so advisable acts”, know the reason for nose picking. You would be at the rescue end when you know the cause behind such a taboo activity.

Rhinotillexomania (nose picking in Greek) can be due to many reasons. Your child can pick the nose due to an infection or allergy. Alternatively, it can be simply done due to stress, nervousness, curiosity or a pass time. You should determine the exact cause for your child. If there is an allergy or infection, medical advice is necessary. Habitual nose picking is a risky behavior and demands caution. It can cause harm to the blood supply, which is shared by the brain. Medical advice directs to avoid any infection near the “danger triangle” (area from the corners of the mouth to the nose bridge, together with the nose and maxilla). This condition, however, rarely arises due to the usual nose picking habit.

Usually, nose picking goes away as kids begin to grow. You can help them combat the habit by referring to the harm it can do. You can simply say that it could cause bleeding (kids are particularly conscious about blood). Distract your child when he/she shows picking tendency. You may direct him to play his favorite game of finger puppets. If the child acts a little stubborn, take him/her to the pediatrician. Let your doctor do some detailed talking; kids usually abide by what the doctor says. You may ask your child to use tissues instead of the finger. Children with allergies have a feel of heavy flow of mucus and crusting. This attracts them to pick their nose. Changes in environmental conditions can direct kids to pick. Use a humidifier if that is the case.

Pressuring the child to stop nose picking may worsen the situation. More than often, it has been found that toddlers enjoy doing something, which they are told not to do. Triggering a power struggle will only make the situation worse. Be patient! When you get an indication for the picking tendency, divert the child’s attention. Distracting the child’s attention is not quite difficult if you are careful enough while dealing with them. You can engage his/her fingers for some productive work (give a rubber ball to squeeze at or a puzzle to make). Ask him/her to slowly blow the nose if it irritates. Sometimes, a nasal spray is helpful in treating a nasal congestion. Keep the hands of your child clean by washing with a proper soap and water. This would minimize the possibility of getting any external infection (through dirty hands). Trimming the nails on a regular basis is also helpful in avoiding germs getting onto the child’s body. Ask your child to use a handkerchief whenever he/she feels like picking the nose. You can also ask him/her to use the bathroom. This would also discourage the habit as the child may refrain from the repeated discomfort of visiting the bathroom.

Repeatedly convey the message that nose picking is not good. Your child will get the message when the same thing is said continuously. It is important that even if all your efforts fail, you do not give up. Your child will combat the habit at the appropriate stage.

About the author: Amanda Kidd is an avid writer and blogger. She loves kids and hence, amongst all, parenting excites her the most. She also writes on different aspects associated with cancer like cancer care and various cancer treatments.

M O T I V A T I O N That’s what you need!

M O T I V A T I O N –  I found this fantastic competition for small businesses on the Joanne Dewberry blog which I regularly read for tips and advice on all things business related. If you are a small business or a mum considering entering into the world of business to fit in around your family I suggest you subscribe for great Small Business Tips and Advice.

How do you keep motivated when you work for yourself?

This is something that I’m sure all self-employed people have asked themselves many times. For me it’s quite simple, my children give me the motivation to keep on going. They were the reason that I started up in the first place and every day give me more reason to succeed. If I am feeling a bit down about a situation or sales are low, I remember this and it works every time. Being able to work flexibly around them ensures that I don’t miss out on any important time with them, but gives me the fulfillment that I get from working.

There’s no denying that recieving feedback from customers gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. There’s nothing nicer than opening my laptop to emails saying that they or their friend/sister/aunty loved the items bought from me and nothing proves this more than when they return time and time again.

Sourcing and buying products for my website is one of my favorite jobs and having recently had a little girl means this has swayed my buying slightly, but that’s the joy of being the Chief Buyer! It really does feel like Christmas when stock arrives and I can’t wait to get started with the process of photographing, listing and showing off the products. It definitely makes for a brighter day.

All of these are the motivating factors that makes my efforts worthwhile. Being self-employed is by no means an easy option. Hard work, motivation and dedication are the key to starting and running a business. Being self-employed does open a lot of doors and allows for opportunities which otherwise may not arise. One of these doors being the social aspect of being self-employed. I have met the most amazing and inspirational women through social networking. If I ever feel a bit down about something that’s not going so well or am stuck with something that’s not really my forte such as technical issues, I know that I’ll find somebody that is willing to advise or help me with the problem. It also means that I get a bit of office banter which I feel is an essential part to the working day.

It’s just a shame that when it comes to the coffee break, I have to make it myself every time!! – Funky clothing and accessories from Newborn to Toddler age.


This is an entry into the blogging competition.

Last Chance to Buy!

I thought I’d do a little round up of the products that are nearing the end making it your last chance to buy. So here we go…

Zutano Zoo Crew Hat Zutano Zoo Crew Hat 12 – 18 months.

Also in the Zutano Hat range it’s your last chance to buy a Sugar Blossom Hat, Circus Print Hat and the Paisley Hat. I love these Beanie Style Baby Hats with vibrant colours and prints.

Orchid Bugzz Bee Poncho

Orchid Bugzz Bee Poncho 3 – 6 years

Zutano Gum Drops Baby Socks

Zutano Gumdrops Socks 0 – 6 months

Babble Bib Polka Dot Dribble Bib

Polka Dot Red Babble Bib. One Size

As well as the Polka Dot Babble Bib it’s your last chance to buy a Zutano Bugaboo Bib, Zutano Paisley Bib, Zutano Zoo Crew Bib and a gorgous Sophie 4 Sophie Green & Yellow Bib.

Zutano Onesie in Paisley designZutano Paisley Onesie 0 – 6 months

Lamaze Jacques the Peacock

Lamaze Jacques the Peacock

Gumigem teething necklace

Gumigem Teething Necklace – The Van Outen

So don’t delay. Buy before they’re Gone….Gone……Gone!