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Baby’s First Calendar

Baby’s First Calendar is a great way to mark the many ‘firsts’ during your baby’s first year.

Record memorable events such as:
First smith
First tooth
First crawl
First laugh
First steps
First bath
First say Mummy and Daddy
and much more

The calendar comes with milestone stickers for you to stick on as and when they happen. Baby’s First Calendar features brightly coloured woodland animals making it an attractive addition to your baby’s nursery.

There’s space for you to add your baby’s first picture and first birthday picture. You can also add your baby’s birth details such as your baby’s name, date of birth, place of birth, time of birth and weight of your baby. These are all things that can be looked back on in years to come.

An additional feature to Baby’s First Calendar is the handy thermometer. Making sure that your baby’s room is not too hot or too cold is very important. The calendar also features important safety information to help you remember the vital points about laying your baby to sleep. this advice is from the Foundation for the study of infant deaths (FSID) to keep your baby as safe as possible during sleep.

The calendars were invented by and made here in the UK by a Daddy using environmentally friendly inks. The thermometer is made to British Safety Standards.

The calendar is A1 in size  (59cm x 84cm)

Saving for your childs future

Having recently had baby number two Child Trust Funds options have been of big interest.

I support KidStart!

I’m not quite sure how I stumbled across KidStart (I think twitter) but it’s definitely worth a visit. Saving for your children is something that concerns all parents, but actually putting money away can sometimes be a struggle. We made the decision that we wouldn’t set up a standing order into Isabelle’s account whilst I’m on maternity leave, but would put in as and when we can. We will then reassess the situation after that.

However, with KidStart you can make contributions to your children’s accounts by buying from retailers that are in support of KidStart. This includes Tesco’s, Debenhams, Early Learning Centre and even Ebay. So for any purchases that you make, including your weekly shop can help contribute towards the savings.

Even better, you can get grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends to sign up and they can have the points put into you child’s Trust Fund. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just think it’s a really great idea. Not convinced, then go and have a look for yourself at