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You can now find us at

You can now find us amongst some fantastic retailers on

So, What is Kiddiebase?

Kiddiebase is one shop, one basket with thousands of products to choose from. Whether you’re buying for babies, children, gifts for pregnancy or even for the grandparents!

You will find a selection of independent retailers under one roof, many of whom make their own products
making Kiddiebase a unique place to shop for toys, gifts, clothes, art, stationary, jewellery, practical products and much much more.

Kiddiebase also offer free downloads and information such as a Hospital Bag List and Holiday Packing

This is where you will find us

Here are a few goodies that I found of interest

A Just Nipping Out set by Ruby and Ginger

A Flexi-bath from Baby Loves Shopping (I have one of these and they’re great)

A Strawberry Hat by Sweetheart Knits

And definitely check out Designer Must Haves for loads of gorgeous stuff

How much are you prepared to pay?

I’m an avid online shopper. I love the fact that I can sit and watch Eastenders The News and be able to buy things at the same time.

However, I’m a real nappy user and am running quite low on nappy liners. So online I get, only to find that the postage costs are in most cases more expensive than the liners! Not impressed at all by this, I set about looking around the bricks and mortar shops in Exeter and was quite surprised that I just couldn’t find them anywhere.

This got me thinking about postage costs in general. Do you visit sites and find things that you love only to click away because the postage hikes the price up too much? Do you purposely find what you’re looking for on a couple of sites and compare prices not only of the item but of the postage and packing? Is a site more appealing if they offer free postage?

To test my theory I’ve decided to scrap Postage and Packing costs for the forseeable future to see what impact this has on sales.

So to cut a long(ish) story short-


Pop along to see us!

Valentines Gifts

Valentines Gifts – All things Pink!

With Christmas over and done with and Valentines Day fast approaching I was thinking about presents. We’ve always bought our son a present on Valentines Day. Just something (usually chocolate) small to open on the day.

Now that we have a little girl in the house, when I think of Valentines Day I think of Pink. So, I thought I would bring together all of my products that are pink…….and here we have……….All Things Pink

What are you going to get your Little Miss for Valentines Day?

Valentines Gifts

Happy Valentines Day


How did you find us?

When you search for something on google it can throw masses of stuff up which can be exactly what you’re looking for, or something completely wacky. I think the strangest search term that has found my site has been ‘Baby shoes made from frog skin’! Aside from the fact that I do not indeed sell any sort of shoes made from frog skin it makes you wonder why somebody would be searching for such a thing. From a business point of view I do check on an almost daily basis to see where you all come from or if indeed from a search engine, what search terms bring you to my site. Here are the top searches that found me in 2010:

1. Newborn Clothes

2. Baby Not Included

3. Funky Newborn Clothes

4. Newborn Baby Clothes

5. Funky Baby Tights

I’m quite pleased with these search terms, so I checked out the top searches so far this year which were:

1. Baby Not Included

2. Newborn Clothes

3. Newborn Baby Clothes

4. Funky Toddler Clothes

5. Baby Clothes

So pretty much hitting the same sort of keywords. I’m quite pleased with these results we sell all of the above at so no problems there then.