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Guest Post – Erica Douglas –

Guest Post – Erica Douglas

I’m Erica. Lisa has agreed to let me do a post on her blog regarding becoming a mumpreneur. This is my own mumpreneur journey. If you’d like to embark on your own journey then scroll to the end for a free e-course to get you started.

In 2009 I was working part time as a waitress, a job I enjoyed but that was physically demanding. Events that year meant I had to resign leaving me with very little personal income (I was earning £100-£200 from my blog).

A few months later I found myself well enough to seek work again, I attended the Job Centre every week only to be disheartened to find that the recession meant that opportunities were limited. With every week that passed and every visit to the job centre I felt more and more depressed and my self-esteem was suffering.

I’d been trying to make a go of things online (making money from selling advertising, eBay etc.) but the small amount of income I was earning via my blog wasn’t really enough. In October 2009 my husband told me to stop looking for a job, just like that, just stop. He promised that he’d make up the difference between my waitressing job and the income I was making online in overtime (about £200-300 per month). I took his advice and well, he never had to do any overtime. My husband is a sensible guy, he figured by taking away the barriers it really put me under (good) pressure to follow my passion and soon as I started taking it seriously I started earning an income. I ‘work’ for around ten hours a week now on various things but predominantly my income comes from training business woman how to use the internet more effectively. I chose that niche as it’s something I’m hugely passionate about but there are a ton of different niches out there.

My target in the first six months of 2010 was to exceed my waitressing income £400-500 per month. My target by the end of this year was to earn more than £1000 per month working just ten hours a week (I’m not lazy, I’m studying full time too!). Last month I exceeded my target, I know it’s not a huge amount (I’m not rich, yet!) but it was a big milestone. This income comes in multiple streams, in 2010 I had ten different streams of income which made up the total.

I believe that there are plenty of online and offline opportunities to make a moderate income (and sometimes a large income) for those willing to work hard.

If you’d like to explore the idea of multiple streams of income and becoming a mumpreneur then sign up to this free e-course.

My partner (Antonia Chitty author of The Mumpreneur Guide) and I wrote this e-course to help stay at home mums or those wishing to become self employed. On this e-course you’ll learn three important concepts in becoming a mumpreneur and 15 ways to start earning your own income.

Whatever goals you decide to pursue in 2011 I hope it is a happy and successful year for you!

Thanks Erica

Lisa x 

I’ve got Knits!

That is of the gorgeous hand-knitted variety not the creepy head crawlers.

Handmade and hand-knitted seem to have had a huge comeback. We’ve come full circle from not wanting anything ‘homemade’ to them being the most desirable gifts in recent times. My Nan was a seamstress and used to make both me and my sister dresses when we were younger, something that we were rather ungrateful about receiving, but what I wouldn’t give for her to make some for my little girl!

Having done many a search for some hand knitted items for the site, I came across some adorable ‘Daisy Cardigan’s’ and the lovely ladies from Seodra Tots made some especially for you. Made to fit age 0 – 6 months.

Here is the Daisy Red Cardigan made from soft machine washable yarn with pretty white daisy buttons.

And made especially for us is the Navy with White trim ‘Daisy Cardigan’.

I’ve kept one of each for my 14 week old daughter for Christmas. She will be wearing the Navy one on Christmas day with her party dress. Photo’s to follow……

Let it Snow….Let it Snow…….Let it Snow

Let it Snow….Let it Snow….Let it Snow

Finally we have snow down here in the South West. It’s by no means the amount that everywhere else seems to have been hit with, but enough to keep the kids happy. My eldest went to school early today so that he could have a snowball fight with his friends on the way.

If you are snowed in, then take advantage of the time by grabbing a cup of tea and doing a spot of online shopping. I was looking for some toys that would keep my eleven week old daughter amused and came across the Lamaze range. The whole range is designed to capture your baby’s imagination with bright colours and fun features. The range of toys are designed to keep your baby amused through touch, sound and vision.

Let it SnowMarina the Mermaid has many features including:

A rattle star, brightly coloured flowing hair, a seahorse teether, a feathery fabric tail and a peek-a-boo mirror

She is also suitable from birth.

This range of toys has been tried and tested by a very particular eleven week old baby and coming out on top is the Activity Knot, which is a quirky looking toy with many features to grab, pull and tug. We’ve also put aside a set of the Gardenbug Wrist Rattle and Footfinder Sets which were developed to encourage baby’s hand-to-eye coordination.

Let it SnowThe best thing about these toys is the handy loop that can be hung from anywhere you like including on a pram and cot which means you have one less thing to worry about losing when you’re out and about with the little one. Click here for our full range of Lamaze Toys.