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Choosing the right Nursing/Maternity Bra

Nursing bras

We all know breast is best for babies, but did you know just how essential it is to choose a correctly fitting nursing bra? In fact it is probably the most important piece of clothing you`ll ever buy. If this is your first baby, it might surprise you to know that your breasts can fluctuate up to three cup sizes in an hour when you are nursing your child. A poorly fitting bra can result in all sorts of problems by blocking milk ducts, leading to engorgement and possibly even infections such as mastitis. Not only that, but the increased weight of a nursing mothers breasts means that even small-busted women need some extra support whilst feeding their baby. So if you choose to breast feed, you might not need to spend money on bottles, sterilizing equipment or formula, but you should make sure you purchase the best nursing bra you can afford.

When choosing a nursing bra it is essential you get the correct fit. Your breasts will grow at least one bra size during your pregnancy, so don`t go shopping for a bra until a couple of weeks before your due date. By then your breasts should be the size that they will continue to be while you are breastfeeding. However it is not unusual for breasts to become even larger, especially in the first few weeks after the baby arrives, so make sure you choose a bra that has plenty of stretch. Get properly measured by a trained bra-fitter at your local breastfeeding clinic. The lactation experts there will be on hand to help you get the perfect fit and provide you with advice and support on all aspects of breastfeeding. Purchase at least three to five bras, so you`ve always got a couple to wear whilst the others are in the wash.

Gone are the days when nursing bras, or indeed maternity wear, were frumpy, unflattering or old-fashioned. There are some beautiful designs, styles and colours available on the market today. Nursing bra`s have cups that unhook or unclip, dropping away to allow the baby to have full access to the breast. Choose a fastening that is easy to undo (and do up) with one hand, as you`ll have a hungry baby in the other arm! If you are bigger boobed then it`s worthwhile going for a plus sized or fuller bust bra, to make sure those milk-ducts can flow freely and to provide extra support for your back. You may even find that you need to wear a nighttime nursing bra when you are sleeping. These have all the same features as a regular nursing bra, but are lighter in weight and often have a crossover opening so you don`t have to fumble around with clips in the middle of the night. Sports bras can also be beneficial for providing comfort and support, especially in the early days of motherhood when the breasts are at their most engorged and painful, but this soon settles down once your breastfeeding routine is established and you can wear a wider variety of nursing bra styles. Many of these are indistinguishable from non-nursing bras. They look great, which can be invaluable in boosting the confidence of nursing mothers who are returning to work, especially when worn in conjunction with Marks and Spencers maternity workwear. Most importantly, choose a bra that helps you feel positive and attractive. This is a beautiful time in your life and the clothes you wear can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and your changing body. Embrace every moment of it!

This is a guest post by Yummy Mummy Fashion