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Baby Growers Discount Card Launched

We all know how special it is to have a new baby, but the cost of your bundle of joy can often be overwhelming. With times being tough for everyone, more and more people are jumping on the money saving bandwagon and seeking out great deals to save hard earned cash.

And why not………I always do my research before making a purchase these days.

Introducing the Baby Growers Discount Card which we’ve been lucky enough to hop on board with. The card can be used in a range of High Street shops and a great list of online shops, including US. It’s estimated that the cost of a new baby for the first year of its life can cost up to £10000. The card is priced at just £14.99 and is valid for one year giving you access to a plethora of discounts and offers.

Take a peek at the website to take advantage of these great offers, and keep up to date with the goings on, on Facebook.