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Great Baby Discounts!

We were lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to join forces with fifteen other great businesses resulting in a brochure of fab baby discounts for you. The brochure is packed full of exclusive offers and discounts for a great range from gifts to baby equipment all put together by Sarah from

The brochure is being distributed at major Mother, Baby and Toddler events up and down the country this Autumn, but you can have a sneaky peak right here, giving you full access to the offers

Why not take advantage of these exclusive offers!

Indicare Infant & Child Emergency First Aid Guides

Indicare Infant & Child Emergency First Aid Guides

Would you know what to do if your child or baby was choking or unconscious? It’s not something that we like to think about, but in reality it’s something that can and has happened to many. Be as prepared as you can with one of these small but essential Emergency First Aid Guides by Indicare.

Features of the Indicare Guide:

  • Step by step, clear concise instructions, each accompanied by a simple explanatory illustration
  • Designed for use should you infant or child be choking or unconscious
  • Water resistant with magnetic tabs for quick access
  • Whether you are indoors, outdoors, abroad or at home, Indicare can be taken anywhere and everywhere

The guides are compact in that they are only 5 x 5cm and have a clip so that it can be clipped onto any bag, keyring, zip, pushchair or rucksack.

Sarah Tague – Director on the thought behind the design
“As any new mother I made sure I had all the things I needed to prepare for my baby – thermometer, baby monitor, countless baby grows were just a few…As a first time mum I also experienced my fair share of frightening moments with the usual tumbles and bumps, as well as the countless times I put my ear to her chest to check she was still breathing while she slept. It took one awful choking experience that fortunately had a happy ending to make me realise that had the back slaps not worked I wouldnt have known what to do. It was from here that I realised that it was my responsibility to know what to do in an emergency situation. I looked everywhere for something that would provide me with Baby/Child First Aid information that could be around me at all times, compact, durable, water resistant, that would fit in a small handbag/nappy bag and something that was easy to understand. Realising nothing existed Indicare was born – INDICARE™ has been specifically designed to provide always accessible Emergency First Aid solution for your baby and child. INDICARE™ Child & Baby first aid guides all come in the form of a take anywhere compact (5x5cm), polypropylene, water resistant concertina booklet, with two magnetic tabs allowing it to be opened quickly and closed securely. It also has a clasp which ensures easy removal from any item it is attached to.”

Come on over and get one today!



Read my Mumpreneur Profile on Family Friendly Working

The Family Friendly Working website is packed full of information and resources for parents on ways to work around family life, whether it be running a franchise or setting up your own business.

Take a look for yourself at and whilst you’re there, don’t forget to have a read of my Mumpreneur Profile.

About the creator of Family Friendly Working

Antonia Chitty has been working flexibly since having her daughter Daisy in 2002. She says, “I looked at the skills I had and how I could apply them. A session with life coach Suzy Greaves of The Big Leap as part of an article for She magazine really helped. I’d never thought of running my own business, but Suzy opened my eyes to the fact that people would pay money for my skills.”

Antonia now combines writing non fiction books with running her own PR Agency, ACPR which specialises in PR training for entrepreneurs.

Alongside this, Antonia is mum to D, J and K. She says, “It’s not always easy running your own business and being a mum at the same time. I couldn’t do it without my partner, David. We both find there are never quite enough hours in the day to do everything, and you may find me typing frantically in the train on the way to a meeting, making the most of every moment I get. But I wouldn’t change the way I work. I get to spend time with the kids, choose my own hours, and be there for events at school. I have the flexibility to adapt if one of the children is sick. Work-wise, I get to choose a range of interesting projects, and still love what I do.”

Breastfeeding and worried about your milk supply?

Breastfeeding and worried about your milk supply?

Try a cup of herbal tea!

Breastfeeding can be stressful for the first 3 months or so. Sore nipples and the feeling of not producing enough milk are the two main reasons mothers stop breastfeeding.


Herbal teas, especially for breastfeeding mothers can be very helpful and supportive at this time. They are especially blended to support a healthy lactation and are calming and relaxing for both mother and baby. ‘Nursing teas’ or ‘breastfeeding teas’ have a long history and are common place in Europe. Interestingly the Greek physicians Hippocrates and Dioscorides recommended fennel to increase the flow of milk in nursing mothers. Besides fennel, nursing teas also contain aniseed, caraway, verbena and fenugreek seed to keep things flowing. Ideally they should be organic, caffeine and sugar free. Not only will nursing tea increase the milk supply, it may also reduce colic and wind in the infant as the mother will pass on the positive effects through her milk.

Herbal teas best avoided when breastfeeding include peppermint and sage infusions, because they are known to reduce the milk supply. Peppermint, as well as eucalyptus and spearmint, contains menthol which can effect baby’s digestion and may cause skin irritation. Whatever you chose to drink, try and ensure that it is organic. If you are unsure which herbal tea is right for you then speak to your doctor or a good herbalist.

My family and I recently moved from Austria to the UK. I was astonished when I couldn’t find any organic breastfeeding tea and thus ‘Immergruen’ was born. My company ‘Immergruen’ promotes Neuner’s organic herbal tea range in the UK. I am delighted that Neuner’s organic Nursing teas are able to help so many mothers continue breastfeeding. You can purchase Neuner’s organic Nursing teas online or at health food shops, like Planet Organic, in London. If you have any questions about herbal teas, I would be happy to answer them.

Karin Feldinger
Immergruen, Markyate
01582 840467

With a little one on the way in the next few weeks, I found this post really helpful. I’m going to give the tea a try myself and will let you know how I get on! – Lisa

Kinky Bibs Featured on

I always get a warm feeling when I see my products featured on another site. A bit like when your baby does something new for the first time.

Click on the image to read the full post. Click Here to get your hands on your very own Kinky Bib!