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Pregnancy and Baby Fair 2010

Come and meet us at The Pregnancy and Baby Fair on Sunday 6th June 2010, Somerset County Cricket Club.

10.30am – 3.30pm

Come along to buy baby and toddler clothes, gifts and equipment. There will be lots of information on antenatal, postnatal and family services.

Have your little one photographed with professional photography sessions with Firetop Photography, and get involved in a range of taster sessions and talks.

A cafe and mother and baby facilities will be available, and you will be pleased to know that there is a Toddler Play-zone to keep your little ones smiling.

There are some fantastic raffle prizes and goody bags for the first one hundred families through the doors.

What is the NCT (National Childbirth Trust)?

NCT’s network of local branches exists to reach and support all parents and parents-to-be during a time of change in their lives. This network is possible because of the dedication of their volunteers, who along with local members organise a wide range of social activities and events to enable local parents to meet other parents and access valuable support. Local branches also fundraise to train specialist workers and fund projects.

Support Services

The NCT offers a range of support services for parents. They are most known for their antenatal education and breastfeeding counselling, but they also run courses for new parents to help them adjust in their new role as parents.

The services are open to all parents. They charge for services like the antenatal and postnatal courses. This is to cover the cost of organising courses and training our teachers and facilitators to an exceptionally high standard. They do offer discounted rates to parents on low income and advise anyone wishing to access to discuss their situation in confidence with their booking coordinators.

They also run the Pregnancy and Birth Line and the Breastfeeding Line to support parents. They publish the free Bumps & Babies magazine for expectant parents, and there is also the website.

This will be our first show, and we’re really looking forward to it, if not slightly nervous. We hope that the weather is nice and that plenty of families come to see what we have to offer. I have yet to practice at setting up the stand so that we can see that everything fits. Fingers crossed that I’ve remembered everything needed for the fair.

I’ll post some pictures and let you know how we get on. If you’re in the area, don’t forget to come along and see us.

Lisa x

Had a fab time at The Baby Show, NEC, Birmingham

I had a fabulous day yesterday at The Baby Show, NEC, Birmingham.

Although I didn’t have a stand of my own, I was given the opportunity to go along and help out on the MumsClub stand.

We handed out the Business Mums Journal and chatted to women who would like to or are considering starting their own business. It was quite nerve wracking to begin with, but after a few fumbled attempts I got into the swing of things. I met some lovely fellow mumsclubbers who all made me feel very welcome. It was great to meet women that I’ve been chatting to for some time in the flesh.

Especially exciting for me was the fashion show which featured one of our Sophie 4 Sophie reversible dresses, Green Dot Pink Dot. The baby girl looked utterly gorgeous being carried down the catwalk by a yummy mummy. It was such a proud moment seeing the dress being modelled at such a big show. Here are some pics.

If you like the idea of working for yourself or you are an established business mum, I can’t recommend MumsClub enough. I’ve been a member since the beginning (its free by the way!) and it has been a lifeline for me whether it be to find out more information regarding accounts and tax down to the best place to purchase carrier bags.

Thanks again Jane for the great opportunity x

We’re going to The Baby Show

I’m pleased to say that we will be attending The Baby Show, NEC, Birmingham on Sunday 23rd May 2010. Not quite brave enough to face you all on my own, I’ll be attending on the MumsClub stand (H36)

Come along to the MumsClub stand (H36) where you will meet MumsClub founder, Jane Hopkins and a few mums in business. MumsClub is a fantastic website for mums who own their own business or aspire to do so. The website is abundant with information on setting up and running your own business, whether your at the idea stage or an established business. Networking is the fun part of owning your own business, and MumsClub has been a precious lifeline for me since the start. If you can’t attend the show, then check out the website.

Exciting News – See if you can spot one of our gorgeous dresses which will hopefully appear in the fashion show. I’ve picked one of my favorites, The Green Dot Pink Dot reversible dress by designer label Sophie 4 Sophie.

Pop along and join our (Mums) Club!

Taking Care of Yourself in your Pregnancy

Guest Post by Becky Goddard-Hill

Kindness Costs Nothing – Taking care of yourself in your pregnancy

Pampering isn’t essential to a healthy pregnancy; millions of women around the world don’t ever pamper their pregnancies. But living in the West exposes us to ever more sophisticated marketing campaigns and products that you’re made to feel you must buy. Don’t buy into it! Keep your cash to extend your play times with your baby, and instead of buying ‘specially designed for mums-to-be’ products and luxurious lotions and potions, just be very kind to yourself. Do you need to spend £40 on anti-stretch mark oil (it exists I assure you)? What you do need to do is take good care of yourself in simple and in-expensive ways.

  • Relax every day for 20 minutes (whether that’s during a long bath or listening to music)
  • Moisturise well Drink plenty of fluids
  • Eat a varied and  healthy diet
  • Keep active for fitness and flexibility
  • Laugh and sing whenever you can
  • Put your feet up, whenever you get the chance, to rest your legs
  • Get out in the fresh air
  • Have early nights if you need to
  • Talk out your stresses and strains with your nearest and dearest
  • Get a lovely massage from someone close
  • Let someone you love wash or brush your hair for you
  • Place cucumber slices or cold teabags on tired eyes
  • Chill out and take a nap if you have a headache or are just shattered
  • See your doctor if you feel worn out

    No amount of expensive lotions and potions can beat the above for a healthy, glowing pregnancy. Find out what works for you. It can be relaxing just to have your feet rubbed to to stroke your cat, your don’t need to buy ‘stuff’ to bring you peace.

    Taking care of yourself costs more in terms of effort than money but it really can change how you feel – and tell yourself ‘you’re worth it.’

    The above is an extract from How to Afford Time off with Your Baby 101 Ways to Ease the Financial Strain by Becky Goddard-Hill (Vermillion, 2009)

    Becky blogs regularly about all aspects of budgeting with 0 – 5’s at

    You can also buy Becky’s book ‘How to afford time off with your baby” at Amazon, Tesco , Waterstones and lots of other reputable book shops. I’ve just purchased the book and look forward to reading it.With a new addition to the family pending (September) we’re very keen to learn how budget without missing out. I’ll let you know how I get on! Don’t forget to subscribe to Becky’s blog as well!

    Inch Blue Shoes

    Inch Blue Shoes

    Inch Blue Shoes – I fell in love with Inch Blue Shoes as soon as I saw them. Not only are they completely gorgeous, but they’re designed to allow your baby or toddler’s feet to breath and grow naturally.

    Buttons White Lilac Inch Blue Shoes

    Inch Blue shoes have been designed to give total comfort for little growing feet. They are made exclusively from soft natural leather allowing your baby’s feet to breathe.

    And they’re not just for babies, Inch Blue make shoes for toddlers and children aged up to 4 years, which make them ideal for use in nurseries.

    All Inch Blue shoes are hand made in the UK and are endorsed by:
    M.E.A.Ch MCSRx Chiropodist and Reflexologist

    Shoe features

    • Supple non-slip suede soles ideal for tiled and wooden floors.
    • Soft breathable leather that protects and allows feet to grow naturally
    • Elasticated Ankles for ease of fit and ensures shoes really do stay on
    • Recommended for babies as the next best thing to bare feet
    • Loved by toddlers

    Shoe Care

    Inch Blue shoes are recommended for indoor use or travelling in the car or buggy etc.

    They require very little care and will take on that “used leather” look as they mold to your babies foot – this is natural and shows that they are being well used.  If shoes do become dirty simply clean with a damp cloth or with approved leather cleaner.

    Shoe Sizes

    Use our chart to help you decide which size will fit your child.

    Length in CM
    Shoe Size
    Small 0-6 months 10.5 0-2 UK 17-18 EU
    Medium 6-12 months 12 2-3½ UK 19-20 EU
    Large 12-18 months 13.5 3½-5 UK 20-22 EU
    Extra Large 18-24 months 14.5 5-6½ UK 22-23 EU
    Child Small 2-3 years 16 6½-8 UK 24-25 EU
    Child Medium 3-4 years 17 8-10 UK

    Skull Black Silver

    Bank Holiday Offer

    Just a quick note to let you know about our Bank Holiday Offer.

    15% Off Everything until 7pm Monday 3rd May 2010

    Just enter the code in the discount box at the checkout.

    Discount Code: RAINING

    I thought the code was quite appropriate considering that it’s absolutely pouring down here in “Sunny Devon”. Typical Bank Holiday weather!

    Happy Shopping!