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Mother & Baby Mega Giveaway

Another quick update on what’s up for grabs on My Funny Bunny Blog


Mimimyne is an Ethical Junction member offering customers carbon offsets with ClimateCare. ”

We have a detailed environmental policyand source suppliers who are share our beliefs.”

Mimimyne have contributed this lovely Tshirt set for baby & daddy! After all daddies deserve some prizes too!

It’s a Twisted Twee Pine Tree Twinset printed with organic ink on organic cotton. The Dad T shirt features a funky pine tree design and the Baby T shirt features a fir cone, so it’s a perfect Christmas gift!

The Dad size is Large and the Baby size is 6 months, it’s unisex so it’s perfect for a father and son to wear together.

I’ve always been slightly reluctant to combine my personal life with my blog, but have lots of funny happenings that I would love to share. Maybe one day I may be brave enough to go down that path.

Anyway, along my business journey so far I have met (virtually) a lot of amazing people, women in particular who have combined businesses around their families to enable them to keep the independence and financial status of a “working mother”.

These women I feel, should be “named and celebrated” for the greatness of their achievements. First up we have ……………

Samantha Bance from

Brightmums originally started as a small idea 12 months ago whilst still at home on maternity leave with my daughter. Two months later I took redundancy from my previous job in property, and was at home with a 10 month old baby but itching to do something, the fog of baby brain was lifting and I knew I needed to start using my brain again. The prospect of working for myself was totally alien however, and having spent the last 10 years working hard to progress in my career, the logistics of fitting work in around the family seemed impossible.

But the more I thought about it, and talked about it with other mums, the more I realised that perhaps I could turn that small idea into a reality. There seemed to be so many like minded mums out there who had had careers and swapped it to set up their own business, or who just wanted to use their experience or skills to help earn some extra money from home.

One year on and Brightmums has been up and running since the late summer. Our primary role is to give mums somewhere to promote their businesses, talents & skills. And because we wanted to make sure that it was accessible to every mum so that a mum at home, who wanted for example, to take in some ironing or to do some bookkeeping would be hard pressed to find the budget for advertising, we wanted it to be good quality but very inexpensive.

Our aim is to make The Directory a comprehensive listing for all mums. The first place people go for mums in the know! Anyone looking for anything can get a mum to do it.

The Directory provides a summary, logo, e-mail contact form & web link for just £12.99 for 6 months or £24 for a whole year.

In addition we also have a jobs board for mums looking for family friendly job roles and we already have the likes of Yogabugs listed looking for mums. We offer a job alert system for new jobs and we are adding recruiters weekly.

My role therefore is to champion our Bright Mums to get their skills out to the wider community and help each and every mum whether in business or at home.

It’s been a fun, exhausting, scary and inspiring 12 months and I would recommend any mum who has just the smallest idea to give it a go. You will meet some great mums on your journey and who knows what your idea might turn into.

Samantha Bance