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Wit Woo Little Lady

I have some great news for all of you. I have just taken delivery of the much anticipated Sophie4Sophie dresses!

We were rudely awoken yesterday morning to the front door being kicked in (or so it sounded) by the local posty making the delivery. Well I was hoping to have a bit of a lie-in, which lasted all of about two seconds knowing what was downstairs. It felt like Christmas!

The dresses are absolutely gorgeous, more so than I’d anticipated. I ordered three designs, Bubble Red Black Dot, Lilac Dotty Blue Star and Green Dot Pink Dot.

I have to say that I think the Bubble Red Black Dot (pictured above) is my favoritest dress. Anyway, a bit about the dresses themselves.

Sophie4Sophie dresses are a new designer label, designed and handmade by two sisters, Natalie and Sophie. The dresses are made to fit from 9 months to three years (yes, she did say 9 months – 3 years). The idea is that the dress starts off as a dress, and as your baby grows the dress can be worn as a swingtop with leggings or trousers.

Thats not all………..

The dress is fully reversible with two gorgeous and different designs on each side making this an absolute must have for any stylish little lady. To have a look at the collection Click Here.


Huggalugs, Leg Warmers, Leggies……………whatever you want to call them.

I was a bit baffled when I first came across Huggalugs. You see, leg warmers for me (blue wool with penguins on) were something that my mum forced me to wear along with my waterproof parka to keep warm. I had a very dodgy dress sense forced upon me as a child (thanks mum).

When my son was little he loved nothing more than crawling around in next to nothing, but not all surfaces are that baby skin friendly. Anyway, to cut to the chase, I came across Huggalugs which are perfect for crawling babies.

Like leg warmers, you just pull them on with just a nappy, under trousers, skirts, dresses or you can even wear them on your arms to funk up an outfit.

One size fits from birth to six years and they come in a variety of styles including Army Chic, Calm Sea and Beanz.

For the full range Click Here

New Networking Site

I thought I would let you all know about a new site that I came across.

Mums Like You is a great new social network for mums-to-be and parents.

Mums Like You can help you develop an invaluable network of ‘mummy friends’ for support, advice or maybe just a chat about the latest film you’ve watched.

You can create your own personal blog and join in the discussions onf the forum boards.

Stay up to date with activies in your area or recommend fun things to do.

Check out the Marketplace to find everything from property to childcare.

I’ve had a quick scan of the boards and there is a dedicated Sales section. For all the latest bargains and deals around, and if you find one yourself you can let others know.

If you are a mumpreneur there are lots of fantastic advertising opportunities.

All you have to do is go through a simple registration process and you’re in. Whats more its completely FREE!

Why not come and join us.