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The Cosy Shopper

The Cosy ShopperYou know when you go to the supermarket, you get your clean baby out of the car, go to the trolley park only to find that the trolley’s are all wet and grubby. What do you do?

The cosy shopper is designed to fit inside any bucket seat shopping trolley to provide your baby a warm, comfortable and dry place to sit whilst you do your shopping.

The Cosy Shopper comes in a great selection of colours and designs to suit your taste. This comes all neatly packed away in its own PVC drawstring bag for easy carrying.

The Cosy Shopper can also be used in infant car carriers. This is ideal to keep your carseat nice and clean, especially if any unfortunate accidents occur.

The Cosy Shopper is hand made with double lined fleece and is washable at 30 degrees.

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