#blackfriday Offers from Fab Retailers

#blackfriday which originated in America is the day after Thanksgiving and is thought to be the official start of the Christmas Shopping Season due to it being a public holiday for many therefore capturing a bigger audience.

So on the Bandwagon we jump and #Blackfriday is the day that many retailers give fantastic discounts.

Here are some of the great offers that we have happened upon:

Baby & Childrenswear

20% Off Everything across our site including the Festive Feet Inch Blue Shoes Range www.babynotincluded.co.uk – Just add blackfriday in the coupon box.

#Blackfriday offers from Babynotincluded

Sew Domesticated for gorgeous handmade baby clothes and custom made cloth nappies. FREE Postage & Packing on orders over £75.00 from Sew Domesticated as well as a special Christmas Shopping Event on Facebook starting at 8pm

Sew Domesticated

Little Goodey selling gorgeous handmade children’s clothes will be offering all sorts of Special Offers on Friday and for the remainder of the weekend. Head over to their page for more details….

Little Goodey

Toys & Gifts 

The Comfy Geek have some great offers on their Fab Cushion Covers, Stockings, Christmas Decorations and much more. Look at these!!

The Comfy Geek


Truly Madly Baby are having all sorts of offers on their site and facebook page.

Truly Madly Baby #blackfriday offers


Discounts on all sorts of goodies from Stocking Fillers to gorgeous Wooden Toys from The Bear and Miss Rabbit

#blackfriday offers from the Bear and Miss RabbitHomeware

Buy One Get One Free from Smart Creative ready made prints. Just enter coupon code BOGOFXMAS14  at the checkout.

Smart Creative #blackfriday offers

Yum Box are offering 20% Off there range of Lunch Boxes. Just add BLACKFRIDAY at the checkout.

Yum Box #blackfriday offers

Crafty Treasures

20% Off All Defarge Yarns over on their facebook page. I love this multicoloured one if anyone wants to make me a scarf.

Defarge yarns

Health & Beauty

Warwickshire Soaps are offering Shea Sensitivity, hint of Orange, Chocolate Mint and Lavender Dream Soaps for 99p per bar at only £2.80 P&P. Yum….

Warwickshire Soaps

 For Her

Nod & Wink have a Fantastic array of offers on over at their site on Underwear and Nightwear to Sports Bras.

Nod and Wink #Blackfriday offers


If I’ve missed your offer then please feel free to add it to the comments section or pop over to our Facebook Page and hopefully we can right this wrong.



Baby and Children’s Market Exeter

Baby and Children's Market - Exeter

What are you up to this Saturday? If you’re in the Exeter or surrounding area then you should pop along to the Baby and Children’s Market from 09.30am – 12 noon.

St James High School, Summer Lane, EX4 8NN

As well as loads of pre-loved stalls selling anything from baby clothes, toys, prams, cots and much more there will also be a selection of Unique Businesses such as ourselves so you’ll be able to do a spot of Christmas Shopping.

There is FREE Car Parking.
A FREE mini photoshoot
A FREE bouncy castle

And there will be tea, coffee, cold drinks and a selection of rolls, cakes and doughnuts.

It’s always a great way to spend a morning with many leaving with arms full of great stuff. I love the way that many a man traipses behind his wife or girlfriend with the sole purpose of payment and carrying!!

I promise to take some pictures this time so I can show you what you’ve missed out on if you don’t come.

For more details or updates pop over to the Baby and Children’s Market Exeter Facebook page. 

Hope to see you there x


Teething Troubles

Teething can be the pits for both parents and baby.

You may have just established a decent sleep routine and settled into your new role as a parent, and then teething starts. Of course there’s no set time for when your baby will start to teethe. Our son had his first tooth at 4 months without any trouble and sprouted them left right and centre whilst our daughter was teething for months before her first tooth appeared at 8 months old and we had a rough time with cold symptoms,  horrible nappies, temperature,  crying and no sleep at all for what felt like an age.

We tried pretty much everything under the sun so here are our top teething tips:

Of course the teething journey is not complete without a bottle of Calpol or Neurofen for children. I wasn’t keen on giving either of my babies medicine, but needs must for both them and us. I tried to keep them to a minimum and most often used at night when they seem to suffer the most.

There are also teething gels of various brands which contain a small amount of local anaesthetic as well as antiseptic to help numb the area and relieve the pain.

Teething granules and powders – I did have an attempt at these as they were a natural remedy. The powder came in a folded piece of paper and you just had to rub it into the gums. My advice is never to try and administer whist outside on a windy day!

Amber Teething Necklaces – Necklaces to be worn by baby made from amber beads which contain a special healing oil. Once in contact with your baby’s skin the heat causes the beads to release the oil which is absorbed into the skin and relieving the pain. We try these ourselves, but have heard good things. Make sure you buy a good quality necklace so that it contains genuine amber beads. 

Teething Rings – These are a definite godsend. they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be held by your baby. Some are gel or water filled and can be put in the fridge or freezer to help ease the pain further. We now have a lovely selection of teethers which have little bobbles on them for your baby to chow down on.

Elephant Baby Teether


Teething Toys – Baby toys are available with all sorts of sensory features, and many have teething attachments on them which can be the corners of a comforter, specifically made baby toys such as the Lamaze range. Again they have the little bobbles that your baby can bite down on to give them immediate relief from teething pain.

Dummies – A dummy can be a great comfort to a distraught baby whose natural instinct is to suck and chew whilst teething.

Teething biscuits – Such as Bickiepegs (not quite a chocolate digestive). These teething biscuits are hard biscuits which come on a ribbon which can be sucked and chewed by your baby. These are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians.

Carrots – Peel and wash a carrot and cut into baby hand sized chunks. Put it in the fridge for a while and then give to your baby to chew on. The cold will help ease the pain.  This can also be done with cucumber.

Frozen yoghurt and other cold foods – Using cold to alleviate the pain and soothing the gums.  During teething your baby or toddler may go off their food so using age appropriate foods which are cold will help the pain as well as the eating issue.

Teething Necklaces – These are different to the amber teething necklaces. Teething Necklaces (also known as Mummy Necklaces, Baby Bling etc) are necklaces worn by the parent which are made from materials suitable for your baby to chew and suck on. Most common Teething Necklaces are made from non-toxic food grade silicone and can be sterilised. These are also quite nice for mums and dads who quite often give up on jewellery wearing whilst baby is young due to the potential of pulling or putting something in their mouth they could choke on. We just so have a little stash now available on site from Koo-di.

Distraction – This only really works during the day when they are awake and you can pull funny faces and play as a way of keeping their minds off it.

Koo-di teething necklace

So here’s our Top Teething Tips. As well as all of the above you will need patience in abundance. Remember that it’s unfortunately something that all babies endure and each baby will be different in age and how they cope with their teething journey.

If you have any tips of your own then feel free to add them into the comments box and rest assured that you may help the next Mum that reads this post whist possibly tearing their hair out!

Good luck x


Mission Impossible Complete

Ok so being parents our nights out are few and far between but having Isabelle who has only very recently started to sleep through means that going out is a rare treat.


We’ve had some disasters when she’s woken up and the babysitter (my mum) has had to call us back to a hysterical little girl who won’t settle.

Now that the big one is old enough to babysit it’s lovely for us to have an evening out. However, this isn’t without top secret planning.

So this is what we do (I kid you not).

After the kids dinner we have showers and put on our PJ’s because we’re oh so tired. I can get away with doing my hair as it’s been washed so have to sort it out.

The make-up part you would think would be tricky but it’s relatively easy as she’s like a magpie for make-up. I just give her a bit of blusher and a bit of sparkly eyeshadow and she’s none the wiser.

So bedtime as usual with a quick bag switcherooney whilst she’s brushing her teeth. Shoes and jacket already mentally picked out.

And she’s in bed!

This is where it begins. …..quick flinging off of the dressing gown to reveal a partially dressed me.

Another chorus if love yous and see you in the mornings through the door.

Dressed and making a dash for the stairs with shoes and jacket in hand.

Another night night see you in the morning from the bottom of the stairs.

And were ready to go!

Taxi booked and ready to turn up at any moment.

This is the usual routine if we want a night out.

Extreme you might say but if we get caught then we’re going nowhere.  We never go far or for that long but as grown-ups we need some time together on our own.

So as it all went to plan we went for some food (which was ace) and then watched a friend in a play (which was a little bit dark) and then back home where Isabelle had no idea that we’d been anywhere.


What kind of crackpot parenting tricks do you have to do to get a normal life?

Massive WAHM Giveaway

I’d LOVE to be able to say that this was my Baby Giveaway as the prizes are Fantastic, but this is a Birthday Celebration Giveaway for Victoria from Sew Domesticated. Happy Birthday x

We are, however, offering a lovely pair of Inch Blue Shoes from our range to one lucky winner. There are also goodies to be had from the Natural Nursery and Cherub Chews (fellow Exeter businesses).

Don’t miss out as this competition is only running for the next week.

Don’t forget to share with your Mummy and Daddy friends x


a Rafflecopter giveaway



We’re having a SALE at Babynotincluded

Follow my blog with BloglovinSALEPic

We’re having a SALE so do pop over and have a browse at the many items reduced up to 30% OFF.

Brands Include Plum Collections, HooligansKids, BuggySnuggle Bsnug, Soft Touch and Olive & Moss.

As well as our Summer Hats and Rompersuits we have Tights from as little as £2.00 a pair so whether you’re stocking up on bigger sizes or putting things aside for Christmas (sorreeee) come on over and have a look.




WIN a BelleBelly Band with Babynotincluded

Have you been on site yet and discovered BelleBelly Bands?

New on site and the perfect solution to breastfeeding and maternity. I used a belly band throughout my pregnancy as it gave me support and comfort, it also meant that I could continue wearing non-maternity clothes.

BelleBelly helps you back into your own clothes again by adding a layer underneath your normal clothes to keep your tummy, hips and back covered up.  This instantly expands your nursing wardrobe and you can wear your own clothes again.  So there’s no need to make do with the clothes that ‘work’ and no need to feel you have to hideaway from family, friends or strangers when nursing any more.

BelleBelly now available at www.babynotincuded.co.uk

As well as being available now on site, we have a Black Medium (UK size 12 – 14) up for grabs. Just fill out the Rafflecopter below. The competition closes on 30th September and Winner will be announced on 1st October.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
  Of course if you can’t wait to find out if you’re the lucky Winner, you can purchase your own BelleBelly on site now. Available in Black or White.

Win competitions at ThePrizeFinder.com – See more at: http://theprizefinder.com/content/bellebelly-maternity-band#sthash.nS4ll8ij.dpuf

Review – LamaLoLi Kids Fashion

We were very lucky to be asked to review LamaLoLi Kids Fashion.

So with the help of Isabelle (very nearly 4) we looked through the extensive range of clothing including My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, Barbie and not forgetting Disney Princesses.

It was a lot of fun and with much debate we chose a lovely pair of Disney Princess Pyjamas. Clickety Click and it was done and the parcel arrived with quick speed.


Isabelle was very excited to open the parcel, and more so when to our surprise we discovered as well as the pyjamas she was sent a long sleeved Disney Princess Top. Awesome was her exact phrase!

On first inspection the pyjamas were very pretty with little girly shorts and Isabelle was thrilled. I was slightly worried that the printed picture would crack with time and washing, but the quality was good and they fitted perfect. I thought that I would wait to write the post once I’d had the chance to wash and wear the pyjamas a few time to be able to give a true review.


Needless to say, the cotton being lightweight  meant that the pyjamas dried in no time at all with very little ironing needed (bonus for us mums) and the picture remained in perfect condition. This has been the case on all washes, and Isabelle has worn these a fair few times now.

LamaLoLi stocks a wide range from t-shirts and tops to swimwear from baby right through to adult sizes and their prices are fantastic.

The pyjamas and the site gets a BIG Thumbs Up from me and more importantly Isabelle :)

* We were sent the items free of charge for the purpose of review.



Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully shopping on our site will be a smooth experience for you, but we all have questions. Here are a few that we’ve been asked recently.

How long will my order take to deliver?

Wherever possible your order will be dispatched on the day of purchase.
Royal Mail First Class postage takes between 1 – 3 working days from dispatch.
International Signed for provides delivery from 3 – 5 working days within Europe and between 5 – 7 working days for the rest of the world. Please note that some items come directly from the manufacturer in which case we will notify you via email. The International Signed for service offers tracking of your parcel which will be emailed to you once dispatched.

The delivery times for all services are only a guideline but if your item fails to arrive then please let us know either via email to mail@babynotincluded.co.uk or via the Contact Page.

How do I return an item?

If you are not satisfied with your order, goods may be returned  in the original  condition and packaging within three weeks for a full refund (minus postage costs). We recommend that you obtain proof of postage on any returns, which is free from the Post Office. 

What do I do if an item is faulty, wrong or damaged?

We hope that you are happy with the goods you have ordered, but in the event that we have supplied an item that is faulty, wrong or damaged please contact us so that we can resolve the issue via email to mail@babynotincluded.co.uk or via the Contact Page

Do I have to pay for returns? 

Yes, unless the item is faulty in which case we will refund the cost of Royal Mail First Class postage. 

The item I want is out of stock!

Not so much a question, but if you do happen upon something on the site that is out of stock and you desperately want/need it then get in touch and we can let you know that we’re going to get the item back in, and will also let you know when they’re back in stock (we’re nice like that).

Ask us a question and it may well appear here. Email us at mail@babynotincluded.co.uk


Baby & Children’s Market – Exeter

DevonBabyMarket 190714

What are you up to this Saturday?

If you’re in the Exeter or surrounding area then get yourself to The Baby & Children’s Market at St Leonards Primary School between 09.30am – 12 noon to grab yourself some great Baby and Child Bargains.

As you can see from the picture there are going to be 40 stalls, usually a mix of pre-loved baby gear and local businesses (including us).

As well as the bargains there will be a FREE Bouncy Castle, FREE Face Painting, a FREE Mini Photo Shoot and a FREE muffin (for the first 50 through the doors).

It’s always a great atmosphere and there really are some great bargains to be had. We never come home empty handed. At the last market we came home with a dolls pram which my daughter absolutely loves.

Make sure you bring plenty of change with you and maybe a spare pair of arms.

If you do come, make sure you pop over to us to say hi.

Lisa x


Cotton Summer Rompers